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"Top Hat" is a 1935 comedy that follows Jerry Travers, a dancer, as he pursues a woman he meets in a hotel. How well do you know their mixed-up adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What did the sign say was required in the club rooms?

The sign said that silence was required in the club rooms. The movie opened with a man accidentally clinking two glasses together and receiving disappointing looks from people in the room for making noise.


Who was going to star in Mr. Hardwick's show?

Jerry Travers was going to star in Mr. Hardwick's show. The clerk behind the desk couldn't believe that the amazing Jerry Travers was in the same building as him.


What did Jerry Travers do to disrupt the club room?

Jerry Travers did a loud tap dance at the door of the club room. He was irritated that people were so angry about the smallest amount of noise, and wanted to disrupt them.


About what did Bates and Mr. Hardwick get into a fight?

Bates and Mr. Hardwick got into a fight about ties. Mr. Hardwick said they weren't speaking because Bates thought that evening clothes should only be worn with square ties, and Mr. Hardwick said he thought they should be worn with butterfly ties.


To where was Madge expecting Mr. Hardwick and Jerry to travel?

Mr. Hardwick wanted Jerry to go with him to Venice. Mr. Hardwick said that Madge was upset she was missing the opening of the show the following night, but she was expecting the two to fly out to Venice. Mr. Hardwick said Madge planned to do some matchmaking.


What happened when Jerry was tap dancing in Mr. Hardwick's hotel room?

Jerry woke up another guest when he started to tap dance in Mr. Hardwick's hotel room. The woman he woke up was upset and called the manager to complain about the noise.


What did the woman Jerry woke up do when the noise wouldn't stop?

The woman that Jerry woke up decided that she'd go upstairs to see for herself what was causing the noise. When she arrived at the door, Jerry became infatuated with her.


What did Jerry do to help the woman fall asleep?

Jerry performed a quieter dance, using sand to help the woman go to sleep. It worked a little too well and made Jerry sleepy as well. He sat on a chair and dozed off.


Who did Jerry tell the flower shop salesman to charge for all of the flowers he bought?

Jerry told the salesman to charge them to Mr. Hardwick in Room 404. He had bought countless flowers for the woman on the floor below. In fact, he cleaned the shop out completely!


Who was Dale's driver?

Dale's driver turned out to be Jerry. She found out that it was him when he started tapping his feet to the beat of the horse's hooves. When she looked up through the roof she saw his face and asked him to stop the horse.


Where did Jerry offer to drive Dale?

Jerry offered to drive the woman to the stables to make up for what he had done the night before. She said it would be fine and they exchanged a few sarcastic comments before she moved on to where she was going.


What did Dale tell Jerry to do after he drove her to the stables?

Dale told Jerry to buy himself a new hat and handed him some money when they arrived at the stables. Jerry had asked if he could get a 'thank you' for his deed.


In what did Dale get caught while riding her horse?

Dale was caught in a thunderstorm while riding her horse. She quickly went to find shelter. Jerry appeared with the horse and carriage and tried to help Dale get out of the rain.


What does Beddini do for a living?

Beddini designs clothes for a living. Dale models the Beddini's clothing in front of her friends to promote the product. Beddini was upset to see that Dale was falling in love with a man Dale called "Adam."


Who did Dale think Jerry was?

Dale thought that Jerry was actually Mr. Hardwick. The man at the reception desk told Dale that Mr. Hardwick was coming down the stairs holding a cane and a briefcase. Dale didn't realize that Jerry was holding Mr. Hardwick's briefcase and cane for him.


What did Dale plan to tell Madge?

Dale planned to tell Madge that her husband had been trying to pursue her. She was upset that Mr. Hardwick (who she thought was Jerry) would do something like that without his wife knowing.


Who did the hotel employee say Dale slapped?

The hotel manager said that Dale slapped Mr. Hardwick. He went to Mr. Hardwick's room to inquire about why Dale would slap him, since she refused to give him any information or explanation about the situation.


What did Jerry find out when he went to Dale's room?

Jerry found out that Dale had left. When he arrived at her room, he found two employees cleaning out all of the flowers that he had bought for her.


What did Jerry want Mr. Hardwick to get while he went to finish his performance?

Jerry wanted Mr. Hardwick to get a plane so they could go to Venice. Mr. Hardwick protested against Jerry's request but Jerry wasn't having it. He told Mr. Hardwick to find a way to get a plane right away.


Why did Jerry change his mind about going to Venice?

Jerry changed his mind about going to Venice because he heard that Dale would be staying in Venice, along with Mr. Hardwick's wife, Madge. He thought this could be his chance to figure out why she had slapped him and make things right with her.


How did Madge react when Dale told her about how Mr. Hardwick treated her?

Madge didn't care very much when Dale told her that Mr. Hardwick had flirted with her and sent her a room full of flowers. Madge said he did this with all attractive women and that it really didn't mean anything.


What did Dale do when she saw Jerry after he arrived in Venice?

After she saw Jerry for the first time since the incident where she slapped him, Dale ran away as quickly as she could. Jerry greeted Madge and then looked for Dale, who was nowhere to be found.


What was the only room available at the hotel?

The bridal suite was the only room available at the hotel. Madge told Jerry that he would be bunking with Mr. Hardwick and that she would be bunking with Dale for the night.


Who answered the phone when Dale called Mr. Hardwick's suite?

Jerry answered the phone when Dale called Mr. Hardwick's suite. She wanted to scare Madge's husband and teach him a lesson in flirting with other women behind his wife's back.


After Dale came down to Jerry and Mr. Hardwick's suite, what did Jerry plan to do?

After Dale came down to Jerry and Mr. Hardwick's hotel suite, Jerry told Mr. Hardwick that he was going to ask Dale to marry him. Mr. Hardwick thought that Dale was setting Jerry up so she could create a scandal.


What did Madge tell Jerry and Dale to do?

Madge told Jerry and Dale to go dance together and have fun. Dale was still under the impression that Jerry was actually Mr. Hardwick, and was less than thrilled about the idea of dancing with him.


What did Dale do when Jerry asked her to marry him?

Dale slapped Jerry when he asked her to marry him. Since she still thought that he was Mr. Hardwick, she couldn't believe that her friend's husband would ever ask her to marry him.


What did Madge do to Horace when she heard that he had proposed to Dale?

Madge hit Horace after she heard about his proposal to Dale. The mix-up was getting worse and worse for Horace since Beddini had threatened him and he was now in hot water with his wife.


Who did Dale agree to marry to get Mr. Hardwick to leave her alone?

Dale agreed to marry Beddini to get rid of Mr. Hardwick. She said that they had to do it right away and they ran off to get married. An employee at the hotel asked Jerry and Horace if they could give the bridal suite to a couple that was getting married, Dale and Beddini.


What did Jerry do when he found out that Dale was mistaking him for Horace?

Jerry went to the room above the bridal suite when he found out for who Dale had been mistaking him. He had a plan to dance and make lots of noise above the room. Beddini ran up to stop him from making noise.


Who did Alberto go to kill?

Alberto went up to kill Mr. Hardwick after Dale said that he was making all of the noise upstairs. When he went into the room, he found the real Mr. Hardwick, but Dale had actually been talking about Jerry.


Where did Jerry take Dale so that he could talk to her?

Jerry asked Dale if she would go with him so that he could explain the entire misunderstanding to her. They went to talk on a gondola, where Alberto wouldn't find them.


What did Bates say he did when Beddini, Madge and Mr. Hardwick went in search of Jerry and Dale?

Bates told Jerry that the gasoline was removed from the boat that Beddini, Madge and Mr. Hardwick were in. This gave Jerry more time to win over Dale as the others were stranded at sea.


Why did Bates start insulting an officer?

Bates insulted an officer because he thought the officer couldn't understand English. The officer played along and let him insult him a few times. When he had finally had enough, the officer charged Bates with insulting an officer and posing as a gondolier.


What did Dale and Beddini find out about their marriage?

Dale and Beddini found out they were never really married. Bates had put on a disguise to pretend that he was a priest so he could marry Dale and Beddini. Dale was happy to find out that she could now marry Jerry.


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