How much do you know about the vampire movie, Nosferatu from 1922?


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Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror was the only film created by the short-lived Prana Film Studio. In 2010, the Online Film and Television Association's Hall of Fame inducted it. How much do you know about Nosferatu? Find out by taking the quiz below.

Which actor portrayed Count Orlok?

Friedrich Gustav Maximilian Schreck (September 6, 1879—October 3, 2004) was an actor known for his portrayal of odd characters. Because of his stellar performance, a fictional movie (Shadow of the Vampire) was made in 2000 about Schreck being a real vampire and killing many of the cast and crewmembers during the production of Nosferatu.


Who wrote the book that provided the source material for Nosferatu?

Abraham "Bram" Stoker (November 8, 1947—April 20, 1912) wrote Dracula, which became the source material for Nosferatu. The production company failed to gain rights to the book and was forced by the courts at the request of Stoker's widow to burn all copies of Nosferatu, but At least one copy survived.


What language was used in the film originally?

Nosferatu was written in German and was originally titled "Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens." This roughly translates as Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror.


In which year was Nosferatu set?

The film was shot between August and October of 1921, but it was set in 1838 in Wisborg, Germany.


Who directed Nosferatu?

F. W. Murnau (December 28, 1889 – March 11, 1931) was born Friederich Wilhelm Plumpe. Nosferatu, despite its copyright issues, was considered a masterpiece. Only 13 of the 21 films he made are available today.


With what animal did Ellen play in the window at the beginning of the movie?

In the opening scene, Ellen played with a cat in the window. She dangled a ball in front of it. In some versions, Ellen was called Mina.


What was the real estate agent's name?

The real estate agent, Knock, was seen reading a letter filled with glyphs. It was this clue that allowed us to know Knock was in league with Orlok.


What was the country of thieves and ghosts?

The line "I am going to travel far away to the country of thieves and ghosts" was plagiarized directly from Dracula. It is used to refer to Transylvania.


How did they create the effect of nighttime?

Color was frequently added to silent films of the era to distinguish between night and day because they shot the film in black-and-white during the daytime. Nosferatu was colored blue or green (when Orlok was on the screen) for the nighttime, and pink for the evening around sunset. Sepia would have been used for the day scenes or for candlelight.


What did the innkeeper say was wandering around the forest by Count Orlok's castle?

The werewolf wandering around outside the inn kept Hutter from leaving. Instead, he stayed the night at the inn and watched the horses getting spooked by the werewolf from his window.


According to the book Hutter reads, Nosferatu lived in places filled with soil from where?

According to the book, Of Vampires, Terrible Ghosts, Magic, and the Seven Deadly Sins, Nosferatu lived in caves, tombs, and coffins filled with dirt from the fields of Black Death. Hutter found the book on his nightstand.


What was on top of the clock that strikes midnight in Nosferatu's castle?

The skeleton stood on top of the clock, which was necessary for measuring time. Prior to this film, vampires disliked sunlight, but it only weakened them. The film, Nosferatu, established that sunlight could kill vampires.


What did Count Orlok do when Hutter cut his finger with a knife?

Count Orlok acted as if crazed by the sight of Hutter's blood and immediately began sucking on Hutter's bloody finger. Hutter, of course, found this extremely odd. Count Orlok regained control of himself when Hutter pulled back.


Where did Hutter wake up after the first night in Count Orlok's castle?

Hutter awoke next to the fireplace his first night but soon moved to a tower room in Count Orlok's castle. The Transylvania scenes were shot at the 700-year old Orava Castle in northern Slovakia.


What did the doctor say Ellen's problem was?

The doctor did not believe Ellen to be that sick and said she only had an unknown disease that was harmless blood congestion. He did not realize her sleeping walking and night fear was because a vampire in a different country influenced her.


How many coffins (including his own) did Nosferatu load onto the horse cart?

While Hutter watched from his bedroom window, he saw Count Orlok load six coffins on a horse-drawn cart. Stop motion animation was used to show the count getting into the top coffin and magically placing the lid on top.


How did Hutter escape the castle?

After Hutter had discovered the Count sleeping in a coffin, he was locked in his tower room. However, Orlok left the castle, and this allowed Hutter time to make a rope from his bed sheets. He fell and injured himself in the process of escaping, which delayed his return home.


What kind of plant did the professor compare to a vampire?

Professor Bulwer used a Venus flytrap and a hydra to explain to his students how a vampire preyed on its victims. He implied that the vampire attacked without a mind just as the plants did.


In the sanitarium room, Knock repeatedly shouted, "Blood is ___________!"

As Nosferatu approached, Knock was placed under the doctor's care for mania. He repeatedly screamed, "Blood is life!" while catching flies to eat and praising spiders.


What surrounded Ellen when she was sitting on a bench at the beach?

Ellen sat on a bench on the beach waiting for Hutter's return. Crosses that were presumably marking the graves of men lost at sea surrounded her.


What did the First Mate do after tossing the last dead crewmember overboard?

After burying all their shipmates at sea, the First Mate took an ax to the coffins in the cargo hold. He blamed them for the plague that befell his friends.


What was the first thing out of the coffins after they were chopped open?

As the First Mate chopped the coffins, rats went pouring out of them. Before he destroyed all of them, Orlok left his coffin, too. Nosferatu the Vampire was a 1979 remake of the movie by Werner Herzog.


How did the first mate die?

When the First Mate saw Orlok rising out of his coffin, he ran and jumped off of the ship. Unfortunately, the Captain had already tied himself to the wheel and could not escape the vampire's attack.


How did Count Orlok arrive in Wisborg?

As the ship pulled into the harbor, Knock said, "The master is close… The master is close..."


Why did Nosferatu bring cursed soil with him?

The coffins filled with cursed soil gave the vampire strength even away from his home. Director Gustav von Wangenheim was Murnau's third choice of directors for the film.


Who carried the coffin to Count Orlok's new house?

Count Orlok was seen carrying his own coffin to his new residence. However, he only carried one of the six he brought. Ironically, although Knock followed the count like a loyal servant, Count Orlok was his own servant—driving the carriage to get Hutter and carrying his coffin.


According to the ship's log, during which month did the ship set sail?

The ship's log placed the second day of the voyage on July 13th and the third day on July 14th. Although they would be sailing from Transylvania to Germany, they were on a primarily south and southwest course to circumvent Europe.


Where were ill people to be taken?

"The mayor announces that ill or plague-stricken people should not be seen on the streets and cannot be taken to the hospital. They must remain in their homes."


What needed to be done to stop the vampire?

The virgin's blood was supposed to entrance the vampire so much that he forgot all time. He would continue drinking until past sunrise and be killed by the rays of dawn.


Who did the town think was the vampire?

Since he strangled his jailer, it was easy for the townspeople to think Knock was the vampire. Also, his odd behavior created more suspicion.


What phrase was Ellen embroidering?

"Ich liebe Dich" means, "I love you" in German. Although the intertitles were translated, this phrase is not translated in most English versions.


What did Ellen see at night?

Count Orlok watched Ellen from the window. The music group Queen created a video for their song "Under Pressure" using clips from Nosferatu and other silent films.


Count Orlok didn't touch Ellen at first with his hands. How did he touch her?

Ellen sent her husband to get Professor Bulwer, but it was too late. She had already decided to sacrifice herself. Count Orlok approached Ellen shortly after Hutter left and turned into a shadow. The shadow attacked Ellen first.


What was the final word Ellen said?

"Hutter!" Ellen speaks it before collapsing in death on the bed. Hutter was also known as Jonathon or Thomas in some English versions, just as Ellen was sometimes called Mina.


The final scene showed what?

A different castle was used for the final shot to show it in a state of decay. The film Nosferatu was banned in Sweden for "extreme horror." Currently, it is illegal to ban films in Sweden, so the ban on Nosferatu has been removed.


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