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Think you're an avid fan of the women of New York? Have you been following along since season 1? Test your knowledge and take this quiz!​

Which women are the OG cast?

Bethenny isn't the only OG still on the show! LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona Singer were originals too as well as Alex McCord and Jil Zarin. Does any​one actually miss Jil or Alex?


Which housewives weren't ​actually housewives when they starred on the show?

Bethenny wasn't married when she starred on the show. Her divorce to Jason Hoppy was finalized in 2016. Dorinda's and Carole's husbands passed away before her time on the show and Sonja is still reeling from her divorce and the financial fallout.


Which housewives started as housewives but are no longer married?

Luann has been divorced since 2009 while Ramona's divorce was finalized in 2015. After the news broke this year that Jule's husband was cheating, it came as no surprise that they have divorced since wrapping season 8. All ladies from season 8 are no longer housewives!


Which star threw her leg across the table?

Aviva Dresher famously threw her prosthetic leg across the table during a during an argument with the girls. Aviva had enough of the girls questioning her asthma claims and threw her leg across the table. She later said that she did it as a plot twist, saying "​I look at being a Housewife as a job to entertain people, and, you know, it was a piece of the entertainment."


Which housewife attended NYU?

It should come as no surprise that the award winning journalist attended NYU


Which two stars attribute their close relationship to having slept together?

Carole and Bethenny famously shared a bed during their girls vacay in season 7.


Which woman recorded a song?

The Countess put out three dance singles “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” “Chic, C’est la Vie,” and “Girl Code”. They were... interesting.


Which woman LOVES martinis?

Dorinda's season 8 tagline is, "“Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, martinis are!"


Which two women's husbands passed away before they joined the show?

On their trip to London, Carole picked up the ashes of her late husband and Dorinda met up with her and her deceased husbands friends.


Which star doesn't have any children?

Carole doesn't have any children but she does have a new puppy.


Which lady hates the Berkshires?

Ramona freaked out while in the Berkshires and her friend fly her to the Hamptons in a helicopter


Which woman's husband got caught cheating during the Ashley Madison hack?

Kristin was only on the show for one season. After the season ended, news broke that her husband was part of the Ashley Madison scandal. She did not return for another season.


Which woman claims she helped Bethenny create Skinny Girl?

Just this season Luann tried to credit for Skinny Girl....again. Soon after she apologized, sort of.


Which woman had a better relationship with Kristen Taekman's husband than she did?

After the Ashley Madison scandal came out, Heather defended Josh Taekeman, claiming he was innocent and signed up for the cheating website as a joke. The two have been friends for a long time and are also business partners.


Which woman slept with a married man during a girls trip?

In season 7 the girls went away to Turks and Caicos. While there, Luann brought a married man back home, breaking girl code. When Heather woke up the next day she saw a naked man sleeping in the bedroom across from her. From there the famous feud between Heather and Luann began. Luann claims she didn't sleep with the married man but just "hung out" with him. Yeah, right...


Which lady had to get plastic surgery after injuring her hooha?

After getting locked out, Jules tried climbing into her home via a window and ended up cutting her coochie coo.


Which 3 ladies have dated the same man?

Luann may be engaged to him now, but Sonja and Thomas D'Agostino Jr were friends with benefits for 10 years. Ramona had gone on a handful of dates with Thomas right before he started dating Luann.


Which woman's dad likes to hit on her friends and say inappropriate things?

Whenever Aviva's dad George was on the show, the ladies knew they were in for some groping and seriously inappropriate jokes.


Fill in the blank, "It's ________ time!"

Ramona loves to get her drink on proudly declare that it's turtle time!


Which woman is afraid of flying?

After finally getting on a plane and flying to St. Barths to be with the girls during season 6, Aviva became enraged at the lack of a welcome she received​ from the ladies.


Which star was friends with a Kennedy?

Lee Radziwell, Carole's mother-in-law, was the sister of Jackie Kennedy. Her son, Lee married Carole in 1994. Unfortunately, he passed away 5 years later from a rare form of cancer. JFK Jr and his wife Carolyn died who died in a plane crash, were Carole's best friends.


Which woman is the creator of Yummy Tummy?

Heather was on the show for 2 seasons. She grew close to Carole during the show and loved to say the "F" word. She quit the show to focus on her fashion brand, Yummy Tummy.


Which woman is kosher?

Jules is very outspoken about the fact that she is Asian and Jewish.


Which star has a tendency to hurt people's feeling with her bluntness and sarcastic​ humor?

Bethenny has a tendency to get under peoples skin. This season she took Luann out during a verbal altercation at Dorinda's​. Later in the season Jules calls Bethenny out for cracking jokes at the expense of others.


Who likes to stir the pot the most?

It's a close tie between Ramona and Dorinda but Ramona has been stirring the pot for far more seasons than Dorinda!


Why lovely lady used to be a wilhelmina Model?

Surprise! Luann was once signed to the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency


Which housewife used to host an Italian​ tv show?

Luann hosted the show even though she didn't know how to speak Italian.


Who has won the most awards?

As a journalist, Carole has won three Emmy awards for her story on landmines in Cambodia, a Peabody Award, a Robert F. Kennedy Humanitarian award, and a GLADD award. Makes you wonder why she joined the show...


Which lovely lady is friends with Kyle Richards?

Bethenny met Kyle Richards when she was a hostess at a restaurant in Beverly Hills called La Scala. Then she ended up working as a personal assistant for Kyle's sister Kathy Hilton.


Which strong woman is outspoken about having an eating disorder?

Jules has been very open about her eating disorder which has alienated some of the girls.


Who is known for her toaster recipes?

Sonja's toaster ovens never became too popular.


What is the reason for Carole and Luann's feud?

Between season 7 and season 8 Luann went on a public tirade against Carole for dating chef Adam. Luann claimed that Adam was an ex-boyfriend of one of her daughter's friends.


Which woman has been accused of having a drinking problem?

In season 8 she decided to give up drinking to prove the girls she is still in control. We're rooting for her!


What on earth does "BL" mean?

Luann has been declaring that whoever her fiance dated or slept with was "BL" (before Lu)and doesn't matter.


Who is having major surgery this season?

Bethenny started bleeding during season 8 and found out she had fibroids in her uterus. After trying additional methods, Bethenny was forced to undergo surgery to have the fibroids removed.


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