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Son in Law was a combination of country mouse meets city mouse and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, with Pauly Shore in the center of it all. How well do you remember Son in Law? Find out by taking this quiz!

What did the principal compare the class of 1993 to in his graduation ceremony speech?

The principal repeatedly states that butterflies come from cocoons. However, butterflies make a chrysalis, which is a hardened shell they secrete, as opposed to a cocoon, which is a woven casing used by moths.


What was the theme of Rebecca's speech?

Rebecca said, "Today, I would like to talk about change. It's all around us."


Who played Rebecca?

Carla Gugino (born August 29, 1971) played Rebecca toward the beginning of her career. A few of her credits include the Spy Kids movies, Night at the Museum, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Spin City (television), and Chicago Hope (television).


Where did Rebecca want to go to college?

"California is a long way off just to go to school. Are you sure you don't want to reconsider State?" For most people, state schools are less expensive, for sure.


How did Rebecca get to California?

When Rebecca went to college, her family drove her in their pick-up truck. When she returned home for break, she flew. Interestingly, the airport sign where her family was waiting to meet her says, "Welcome to Wasco." Although there is a town called Wasco in California, there isn't one by that name in South Dakota.


Why did Rebecca's dad go to the resident advisor's room?

"Nope, nope. I got to find a screwdriver so I can get this trunk open for you." He was being a typical dad.


What was the name of Rebecca's boyfriend?

Dan Gauthier (born December 2, 1963) played Rebecca's boyfriend, Travis. Gauthier was on the track team at San Diego State University and has appeared in television series such as Tour of Duty and Melrose Place, as well as other movies.


Where was Rebecca from originally?

"So, where ya from?" "Uh, South Dakota." Much of the state's revenue comes from ranching and tourism. Mount Rushmore is a top destination.


What made Rebecca want to leave college and return home?

During the Halloween party, Rebecca's horse statue was broken, and she decided to return home. In a scene just prior to this, Brendan Fraser was seen as his character from Encino Man, Link.


What was the name of Pauly Shore's character?

"Oh, you have a daughter. Is she hot? …Don't worry. I'll keep a special eye on her for ya. My name's Crawl." Just what every parent wants to hear.


How many years had Crawl been attending college?

Crawl had attended college for six years and majored in almost everything. Pauly Shore, who played Crawl, began working in stand-up comedy when he was 17 and never applied to college.


Finish the quote: "Does it hurt?" "It's better than __________."

"Does it hurt?" "It's better than a kick in the face with a golf shoe." Well, a lot of things are better than that.


Where was one place Crawl didn't take Rebecca?

Crawl took her mud wrestling, but he did not take her to a comedy club. He also took Rebecca to get new clothes, a new hairstyle, and a tattoo (although he did not necessarily support this change because it was permanent). The tattoo artist was Flea from the group The Red Hot Chili Peppers. His teardrop tattoos are fake in the movie and change from one side of his face to the other between cuts.


Where was Crawl going to go for Thanksgiving?

Crawl told Rebecca that he was nerdy when he was a freshman. As they became friends, she relied on him to help her adjust. He was initially from Vegas and made plans to go back home for Thanksgiving, but those plans fell through.


Finish the quote: "Chickens. You guys have chickens? Oh, I love chickens. __________."

"Chickens. You guys have chickens? Oh, I love chickens. Are they extra crispy or original recipe?" There's also Nashville Hot.


What was the name of Rebecca's brother?

Zack was played by Patrick Renna (born March 3, 1979). Renna started his career with The Sandlot.


What kind of animal was Old Samson?

"Bull." "Aahh! Aahh! Aahh!" "Yah! Back off, Samson." You don't want to mess with Samson, especially if he's feeling frisky.


Who did Crawl think Rebecca's grandpa was?

David Joseph Rufkahr (Bartles) and Dick Maugg (Jaymes) were advertising characters featured in the Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler commercials. The older gentlemen represented the company from 1985-1991.


What did Crawl call Rebecca's brother?

"Relax, Bro. Come on. I'm Becca's friend, dude. Puffy Cheeks, chill." Crawl is nothing if he's not casual.


How did Crawl get his name?

Crawl said he got his nickname because the first year in college he crawled home every night. Pauly Shore's nickname was The Weasel for his alter persona, who was defined by his West Coast surfer attitude and stylized vocabulary.


How did Rebecca respond when Travis asked to marry her in front of everyone?

"I just wanted to say, um, that Travis is too late… Yeah, um, 'cause a couple weeks ago at school, I already asked Bec to marry me." Crawl is nothing if he's not cooperative.


What was the first thing Walter wanted to do when he found out about the engagement?

The first thing Walter suggested to Connie was to ground Rebecca. Lane Smith (April 29, 1936-June 13, 2005) played the role of Walter Warner. He was best known for his work on the 1980s television series V, as well as movies like Red Dawn, The Mighty Ducks, and My Cousin Vinny.


What did Crawl say he was going to do to support Rebecca?

"You hear that, Theo? I think we got ourselves a farmer." Crawl probably isn't cut out for the farming life.


What kind of music did Crawl listen to in the combine?

John Denver (December 31, 1943-October 12, 1997) was one of the best-selling performers of 1974. He composed around 200 songs in his lifetime. His acoustic folk music earned him twelve gold and four platinum albums.


What did Theo call Crawl?

"All right, City, just climb up on this tractor here… Get up there. I want you to fire it up." Calling Crawl "City" probably means Theo doesn't think he will be a great farmer.


What did Crawl write in the corn?

Crawl wrote his name in the corn with the combine. Corn in South Dakota should be harvested by the end of September. It would be highly unusual for a farmer to let his crop go until the end of November when the story supposedly takes place.


Where did Walter and his dad take Crawl?

"Big fishing expedition, huh? …Can I come?" "City" was trying to fit in.


Who was throwing Crawl a bachelor party?

Travis planned the bachelor party, much to Theo's surprise. In addition to playing Travis and some of his other roles, Dan Gauthier was Lieutenant Governor Kevin Buchanan on the soap opera, One Life to Live. He was successful in the role for three years, even winning a Daytime Emmy Award, until the character was given a darker aspect.


What did Theo tell Crawl to get for dinner?

"Ever pick out your own turkey for Thanksgiving?" "Yeah, Stouffers, Swansons, and Butterballs." "This ain't no supermarket, boy." A real farmer in training.


What happened to Crawl and Tracy?

Crawl and Tracy were drugged at the bachelor party thrown by Theo and Travis. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (born January 23, 1974) played Tracy and went on to perform in Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210.


Why did Rebecca break up with Crawl?

Theo sent Rebecca out to the barn to find Crawl and Tracy asleep in a state of undress. Rebecca assumed Crawl was cheating on her—even though they were not actually engaged.


What did Tracy have to do when she got in her car?

"I found these in my car. Now, you said you saw me drive off with Crawl last night, but when I got in my car this morning, the seat was so far back I couldn't even reach the pedals."


Which song was not played in the movie?

Although Billy Ray Cyrus was on a poster in Rebecca's room toward the end of the movie and Crawl mentioned him while driving the combine, none of his songs made it into the movie. "Some Gave All" only reached #52 on the charts in 1992. Son in Law was released in 1993.


How many semesters did Crawl major in Karate?

"Hey, you can't talk to me like that." "No, but I can… Majored in karate for two semesters." Let's see.... biochemistry? Law school? How about karate?


Who directed Son in Law?

Steve Rash was nominated for an Oscar for directing Gary Busey in The Buddy Holly Story (1978), which was one of his first works. He is also known for the Bring It On series that included Band Camp (2005).


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