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Alice's Restaurant is a film based on the song, Alice's Restaurant Massacree. The song, as well as the movie, recounts a true incident when the singer was arrested for littering. How well do you remember Alice's Restaurant? Find out by taking this quiz!

Who wrote the song on which the movie was based?

Alice's Restaurant Massacree was the first song for which Arlo Guthrie became famous. He was born July 10, 1947. Guthrie first met Alice as a librarian of the Stockbridge boarding school where he attended and received his high school diploma.


What was originally listed on Arlo's military application as his birthday?

"For date of birth, you put down 'Scorpio…' I want the specific date."


What was Arlo supposed to be playing on the piano in college instead of his own music?

When the music teacher looked over at Arlo, sheet music displaying "Brahms" was in front of him, but Arlo was not playing it or even paying attention to it. The college Arlo attended in real life was Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. Although he dropped out before receiving a degree, he has since received honorary degrees from two other universities.


Why did Arlo get put on probation at the school?

"American education, Mr. Guthrie, has always dedicated itself to the encouragement of an individual's freedom of thought and expression, but is punching the window of a local business establishment an expression…" "Someone, Sir, pushed me out that window."


What song did the tent church sing when the boy was healed?

"Amazing Grace" was heard twice during the movie. The first time was at the tent revival as Guthrie was leaving school and the second was right before the Thanksgiving meal.


After quitting college, who did Arlo visit first?

The events in Alice's restaurant took place when Arlo was 18 years old. His father was alive during that time but struggling with his illness. After visiting his parents, Arlo went up to see Alice and her husband, Ray.


In which kind of building did Alice and Ray live?

"Seen Ray and Alice? … What are they up to?" "Buying a church."


What did Ray have the kids print on yellow T-shirts?

Ray used the red triangles to symbolism the former Trinity Church where they lived and used the T-shirt design to support his motorcycle racing club. On a historic note, unrelated to the film, Nazis used a red triangle in World War II concentration camps to point out political prisoners.


What city did Arlo want to live in, to be close to Woody?

"I'd like to Alice, but I've got to get back to New York. Play some music; see Woody some."


What was printed on the bricks outside the hospital?

"Do not sound horn" was printed on the bricks outside the hospital. In most states, it is illegal to sound your horn for any reason other than warning other drivers.


What did Arlo want instead of the free sweets he was offered after playing in a nightclub?

"What about a cheeseburger?" "Sure, if you want to pay for it. This you get free."


Who played Woody Guthrie in the movie?

Woody Guthrie (July 14, 1912 - October 3, 1967), died of Huntington's disease when Arlo was 20. Joseph Boley played the part of Woody in the movie.


What kind of vehicle did Arlo buy?

"I played out my two weeks. Took a pair of hand-tooled boots and four square suits my mother gave me. Traded them for an amplifier, which I amplified some, and put down as a down payment on a Red VW microbus."


What song did Pete Seeger and Arlo sing for Woody?

In addition to "Riding in My Car," Woody Guthrie wrote several other children's songs. He was probably most famous for "This Land Is Your Land."


What was the name of the police chief?

"Hey, Obie! Hey, would you like some coffee? Anne, would you get the Chief some coffee please?"


Shelly was addicted to what?

Although hippies were open about doing marijuana, heroin was only predominate in the inner city. Ironically, only 4% of a surveyed population said they had tried marijuana (with 8% not answering) in October of 1969; 43% admitted trying it in 2016 (with 1% not answering).


What did Arlo do so he could get free meals at Alice's Restaurant?

"Shame I'm not heavy on a hammer and saw." "Maybe you could write us a singing commercial."


For which holiday was Alice convinced to cook?

At the time of the Thanksgiving when the events took place in real life, Guthrie was still in college and only home on Thanksgiving break. He did eventually quit college, as depicted in the movie, but that occurred after the littering incident. He was upset that Billings got a bad reputation as a result of the movie, since the townspeople were nice. The movie depiction was a dramatic embellishment.


What was wrong with Arlo's dad?

"What is it? Like cancer?" "Huntington's Chorea… It's not that kind of chorea. It's Huntington's disease. It attacks the nervous system. There's no cure for it."


What present did Arlo bring Ray and Alice for the holiday?

When Arlo pulled up to the gas station and asked for water on his way to Alice's, the attendant informed Arlo he didn't need it because the Volkswagen engines were air-cooled. In actuality, he wanted the water for the donkey he was bringing to Alice.


Where did Alice stay the night in New York?

"I looked everywhere for you. Now you're here at Arlo's borrowing his pad."


Who took the trash to the town dump?

In the movie, Arlo and Roger took the trash to the dump and were arrested for littering. In reality, Ricky (Richard) Rhodes was the friend imprisoned and on trial with Arlo for the crime.


How did Officer Obie track the trash to Arlo?

"Kid, we found your name on an envelope at the bottom of a half a ton of garbage. Just wanted to know if you had any information about it?"


When Arlo was at the draft center, what did he need to give them more of?

Arlo could not fill the cup up full enough at the draft center. When told he needed to give more, he went into the restroom and asked if anyone else had extra urine they could let him have.


Which town was the scene of the crime?

"I wanna tell you about the town of Stockridge, Massachusetts, where this was happening here. They got three stop signs, two police officers, and one police car. But when we got to the scene of the crime there was five police officers and three police cars, it being the biggest crime of the last 50 years…"


Which person did James Broderick play?

James Broderick (March 7, 1927 - November 1, 1982) notably portrayed Ray Brock early in his acting career. He went on to play the father, Doug Lawrence, in the television show Family. He is the father of Matthew Broderick, of Ferris Bueller fame.


How many photographs did the police take?

"And they took twenty-seven 8 x 10 color glossy photographs with circles, arrows, and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was, to be used as evidence against us." That's a lot of evidence for a little crime.


Who played Alice Brock?

Although the real Alice Brock appeared as an extra in the film, Patricia Quinn played the role of Alice. In later years, the real Alice did not like the way the film portrayed her.


What did Arlo and Roger have to give Obie before going in the jail cell?

"I can understand you wanting my wallet, so I don't have any money to spend in the cell, but what do you want our belts for?" "…Kid, we don't want any hangings."


How did they plea?

Arlo and his partner in crime both pleaded guilty. The judge in the film was the real judge who tried the case, Judge James Hannon. He truly was blind. His guide dog, Susie, also appeared in the movie.


What did Obie remove from the cell before letting the two criminals stay in it?

"He took out the toilet seat so we couldn't hit ourselves over the head and drown, and he took out the toilet paper so we couldn't bend the bars, roll the toilet paper out the window, slide down the roll, and have an escape."


Where did they dump the trash after they picked it up from the littering site?

They took the trash all the way to New York and dumped it on a garbage barge. In addition to cleaning up the trash, they each received a $25 fine (about $175 in 2016).


What image was on Shelly's coffin?

The shots of the coffin show a centaur (Sagittarius) on it. Today, only a few "natural burial ground" cemeteries allow people to be buried in a simple pine box casket without a vault.


The final image in the film was which character, standing on the porch of the church, looking off in the distance?

The closing shot was Alice, looking past the camera, into the distance, in her wedding gown. Alice sold the church after the movie was made. She stated that she did not like all the sightseers who visited afterward. Alice and Ray divorced in 1968.


Who directed Alice's Restaurant?

Arthur Hiller Penn (September 27, 1922 - September 28, 2010) was a popular director during the 1960s, with critically acclaimed films such as Alice's Restaurant, The Chase, and Bonnie and Clyde. In the 1990s, he focused more on television. He was an executive producer for Law and Order.


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