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Patrick Jane and his friends in the CBI set out on a mission to find a serial killer called Red John. Take this quiz and test your knowledge on their journey throughout the years!

Who killed Patrick Jane's family?

After Patrick Jane mocks Red John on television, Red John murders Jane's wife and daughter. Looking for revenge, Jane joins the California Bureau of Investigation to track down his family's killer.


Who runs the Serious Crime Unit for the CBI?

Teresa Lisbon runs the Serious Crime Unit where she is often required to deal with Patrick Jane's absurd behavior. She is a courageous and well-liked leader.


What does Red John leave at the scene of a crime?

Red John's signature is a smiley face that is painted from the victim's blood. Patrick Jane knows Red John so well that he can often tell if Red John actually left the smiley face behind or if it was an imposter.


What did Patrick Jane do before his wife and daughter were killed?

Jane worked as a psychic leading up to the death of his wife and daughter. Jane eventually goes on television and mocks the serial killer Red John, but this turns out to be a poor decision on Jane's part.


Who was Patrick Jane's wife that was killed by Red John?

Angela Ruskin Jane grew up in the carnival life just like Patrick Jane. They left the carnival and started a life together, but Jane refused to quit his job as a psychic even though his wife wanted him to.


Who is not a member of the California Bureau of Investigation?

Kristina Frye is a psychic that appears in multiple episodes throughout the show. She often gets into confrontations with Patrick Jane, who constantly tries to prove that psychics are frauds.


How did Teresa Lisbon's mother die?

At the age of twelve, Teresa Lisbon suffered through the death of her mother, who died after being hit by a drunk driver. This is one of the reasons that Lisbon became a parent-like figure to her brothers.


How many brothers does Teresa Lisbon have?

Teresa Lisbon has a strained relationship with her three brothers; Tommy, Jimmy, and Stan. However, they still respect her for taking care of them.


Who does Wayne Rigsby marry?

Wayne Rigsby is attracted to Grace Van Pelt throughout the series. In season six, they finally get married and leave law enforcement at the end of the season.


What was Kimball Cho's nickname when he was in a gang?

When Kimball Cho was young, he was part of a street gang called the Avon Park Playboys. He later quit the gang and became a member of law enforcement.


What is Patrick Jane's job at the CBI?

Patrick Jane joins the CBI as a consultant on cases, but he often gets into trouble within the bureau because of the tricks he plays to solve cases.


What family member of his does Robert Kirkland believe Red John killed?

Similar to Patrick Jane, Robert Kirkland sets out on a mission to find Red John because he believes Red John killed his brother, Michael. However, Red John has Kirkland killed before he can get his revenge.


How does J.J. LaRoche die?

J.J. LaRoche takes over as the head of Internal Affairs for the CBI after Madeleine Hightower. In the sixth season, he is searching a warehouse for an investigation and comes across a booby trap that kills him.


Where does Kimball Cho go work after the CBI?

Kimball Cho leaves the CBI in season six to join the FBI. He is later promoted to Supervising Special Agent after his boss leaves for another job.


What is the first name of Patrick Jane's daughter?

Patrick Jane's daughter Charlotte Anne Jane is killed by Red John along with her mother, which causes Jane to have a severe mental breakdown. The breakdown is something Patrick Jane is not proud of.


Who frames Madeleine Hightower?

Madeleine Hightower is framed for the murder of Todd Johnson and is forced to go on the run. Knowing she is innocent, Patrick Jane helps her clear her name.


What is the name of Grace Van Pelt and Wayne Rigsby's daughter?

After Grace Van Pelt and Wayne Rigsby finally decide to get married, they have a baby girl and name her Madeline "Maddy" Rigsby.


What is the name of Patrick Jane's former psychiatrist?

Patrick Jane has a severe mental breakdown after the death of his wife and daughter, and he is admitted to a psychiatric ward with a locked room, which is something Jane is not proud of.


Who does Erica Flynn murder?

Erica Flynn murdered her husband, John Flynn, so that she could take control of his matchmaking business, which he wanted to sell. This is revealed, and she is convicted and incarcerated for the murder.


What was Bret Stiles' job?

Before his death, Bret Stiles led the self-realization church, Visualize. He is also one of the prime suspects in the Red John case, but it is discovered that he is not Red John.


What was the name of Red John's organization?

Red John founded the Blake Association, which consisted of members that were part of different government agencies, both in California and nationally.


What poem does Red John quote?

When Jane is captured by Red John imposters, he is saved by Red John who quotes a poem by William Blake called "The Tyger."


Who does Patrick Jane kill because he thinks the man is Red John?

Timothy Carter taunts Patrick Jane, saying that he is Red John and killed Jane's family. Unable to remain calm, Jane shoots him in a mall, but Jane is found innocent of murder because he was being threatened by Carter who had a gun.


How did Sam Bosco die?

Sam Bosco was assigned the Red John case, which put him into conflict with Patrick Jane who wanted the case for himself. After Bosco and his team were shot, Patrick Jane makes amends with Bosco before he dies from his injuries.


What is Tommy Lisbon's job?

Tommy Lisbon is the brother of Teresa Lisbon. He works as a bounty hunter and has a daughter that he brings along with him.


Who was David Seung?

David Seung reached out to Kimball Cho for help before he was murdered. Regretting that he failed to help his old friend, Cho tracks down David's killer and arrests him.


Who was involved in shooting Craig O'Laughlin?

Grace Van Pelt is forced to kill her fiance, Craig O'Laughlin, after he shoots Teresa Lisbon and threatens to shoot Grace. It turns out that he was working for Red John.


Who was Teresa Lisbon supposed to marry at the end of season six?

Teresa Lisbon was set to move to Washington D.C. and marry Marcus Pike, but Patrick Jane finally confessed his love for her before she left on the plane.


Who was Michelle Vega?

Michelle Vega worked with the same team as Patrick Jane, Kimball Cho, and Teresa Lisbon at the FBI, but she was shot and killed by a robber when confronting him.


Who was not one of Patrick Jane's final Red John suspects?

Patrick Jane narrows his suspect list for the Red John case to five people and gathers them in his house, but before he can figure out which one is Red John, his house explodes.


Which agent finds Patrick Jane after his house explodes?

Patrick Jane is severely wounded and unconscious when Teresa Lisbon finds him in his house after the explosion. Luckily, she gets him to the hospital in time and he survives.


What does Teresa Lisbon do after the CBI is dismantled?

After Patrick Jane kills Red John and the CBI is dismantled, Teresa Lisbon moves to Washington state and becomes the police chief in Cannon River.


Who is Red John?

After years of searching, Patrick Jane finally knows that Thomas McAllister is Red John. After shooting McAllister, Jane chases him outside and strangles McAllister to death.


What does Patrick Jane ask Red John before he kills him?

Patrick Jane knew he was going to kill Red John when he found him, but Jane wanted to know two things. First, was he sorry he killed Jane's wife and daughter? Second, was he afraid to die?


Where does Patrick Jane go after he kills Red John?

Knowing he will be arrested for murder, Patrick Jane travels to Mexico after killing Red John. Eventually, he is persuaded to come back to the United States and join the FBI.


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