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"Teen Titans Go!" is an American animated television series which has been airing on Cartoon Network since 2013. It is based on a superhero team created by DC Comics and it was a spin-off from the previous animated series which also aired on Cartoon Network from 2003 - 2006. Now into its 4th season and passing the 200 episode mark, the series is set to release a feature movie in July of 2018. 

The series follows a group of young superheroes (Teen Titans), who live in the fictional town of Jump City in a tower with no adult supervision. The group is made up of five members, Robin, the leader and only one without superpowers, Starfire, an optimistic and silly alien princess, Cyborg, a half-human, half-machine hybrid, Beastboy, who has the ability to turn into any animal at will and Raven, the telepathic daughter of a demon. 

How much do you actually know about this popular television series? Did you follow this series while it was still a comic book, or are you only learning about it today? The only way to test your knowledge is to take this quiz! You never know, you may just end up watching reruns of the show by the end of this quiz!

How many female members do theTeen Titans have?

Raven and Starfire round out the total of five members. Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg are the three male members.


What is the name of the Titans' nemesis group?

The H.I.V.E. stands for Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination which evolved after the defeat of the H.I.V.E Academy for young villains.


Which Justice League character often makes appearances due to his close connection with the Titans' leader?

Batman is often in the background doing random activities with Commissioner Gordon. He is usually not involved in the crime fighting.


Raven is wrapped in a purple hooded cloak, wears a mask, and can fly. What other attribute does she possess?

Raven tries to stay covered, but every once in a while she exposes some of her secrets. Raven is actually a great dancer in some of the episodes.


Who is the leader of the H.I.V.E. Academy?

Brother Blood dominates with his keen intelligence. He is also skilled in martial arts and mind control.


What is the name of the place the Titans live in?

The city is based off of San Francisco, where the Teen Titans were in the comics. The city is where most of the villains commit their crimes.


What is one of Beast Boy's food staples?

Beast Boy is a vegetarian because he can transform into animals. Meat is off the table for him, but he loves to eat!


What is unusual about the home of the Teen Titans?

Titans Tower is often shown in the episodes in the distance on a hill, with something different in the foreground each time.


What exclamation is often made by Cyborg?

Cyborg uses this phrase often and uses it several contexts. He says it as an "in your face" taunt and sometimes as an excited rally cry.


Many episodes revolve around food. Which game is played where the Titans only say one food word for everything, and it helps defeat the villain?

Beast Boy and Cyborg sing a song about waffles and vow to only say that word. It saves them from Brother Blood when he becomes annoyed with them when they all start saying it.


Starfire is an alien from another planet and she often inserts which word awkwardly into sentences?

Starfire comments on things like ""I am going to my room to partake of the mustard," or ""Oh, this will be the most delicious pot of the chili!"


Which member of the H.I.V.E. does Cyborg have a crush on?

Jinx is the leader of the H.I.V.E. She and Cyborg appear in many episodes where they are dating. They try to hide their relationship, but are unsuccessful.


In one episode, the Titans are unable to see a movie from a series that is rated M 45+. What movie series is it?

Beast Boy changes into an adult to chaperone the Titans for the movie. He later decides not change back immediately.


What food does Robin pride himself on being able to make?

Robin does not cook well and the others cringe when he makes potatoes; they prefer pizza and burritos.


What image does Raven have on her coffee cup?

Raven represents an image of darkness most of the time and hides her soft side. She actually enjoys playing with Pretty Pretty Pegasus toys.


What does Cyborg believe will "keep your brain from rotting"?

Cyborg enjoys old VHS tapes of 1980's television shows, particularly "The A-Team." He tries to watch it in one episode but cannot find the remote.


Who is "Mega Legasus"?

Raven realizes she has powerful legs when she is not wearing her cloak and decides to temporarily leave the Titans to become "Mega Legasus".


Which character is half demon?

Her father is the hideous demon Trigon, who continually tries to nurture Raven's evil side. Most of the time they are at odds with each other.


There is another faction of the Titan group. Who is NOT a member of Titan East?

Jayna is a former member of the Teen Titans and part of the duo The Wonder Twins. She needs her twin, Zan, to transform.


Which is NOT a villain who has gone up against the Titans?

Birdarang was created by Robin and Cyborg when they crossed a microchip and one of Robin's birdarangs. It uses slang when it talks and flits around.


Who is Sticky Joe?

Sticky Joe appears in several episodes, often helping the Titans. He rarely speaks except to say, "Howdy."


Raven attends the Demon Prom. Who does she take as a date?

Raven brings her friends along to the Demon Prom against her father's wishes. She hopes to win the Prom Queen competition so she can obtain power.


What weapon does Robin rely on?

In one episode, the other Titans break the staff so they can each have a piece of it. Robin often takes the staff into battles and is skillful with it.


What does Beast Boy persuade Mother Nature to do?

Beast Boy is distressed at the lack of conveniences in nature and Mother Nature concedes by adding apartments and food destinations.


When Cyborg and Beast Boy get a hold of Raven's spell book, what do they create?

Beast Boy and Cyborg create multiples of themselves so they can avoid work and remain hidden, playing video games and eating pizza.


What does Mad Mod transform all of the Titans, except Raven, into?

It's Raven's secret desire to have Mad Mod turn the Titans into old people because she thinks they are cute. She later regrets it when they die.


Which is NOT true about Robin?

Robin has an ongoing crush on Starfire but she constantly rejects him. He also displays his magic skills to best Raven in the underworld. One episode includes Robin using the other Titans in a puppet show.


What do Mother Mae-Eye's pies contain that seem to make them delicious?

The Titans cannot resist the pies and when Robin, Raven, and Starfire are baked into them, Cyborg and Beast Boy have to rescue them before people eat them.


When is "Azarath...Metrion...Zinthos" stated and who says it regularly?

Azarath is where Raven's father resides and where Raven was born. The other two words are unknown in origin.


In emergencies, the Titans assemble the Titan Robot. What part does Cyborg operate?

The robot is assembled to fight the Twin Destroyers. They are turned into monsters when Starfire showers them with love.


What was the first animal that Beast Boy turned himself into?

The 1st episode of Season 1 "Legendary Sandwich" shows Beast Boy as a pig. Raven ironically scolds the others for eating "like pigs" and tells them of a "legendary sandwich" to get them out of the tower.


What nickname do the Titans tease Robin with?

Robin gets a "do-over" in the episode "Baby Hands" when the Titans have their memories erased by Brother Blood and he can train them to respect him.


What is exclaimed when the Titans leave for a mission and who says it?

Robin is the group's leader who yells this as they leave the Titan Tower to go fight crime. Strangely, he is the only one who doesn't have powers.


What sends Trigon (Raven's father) on a rampage to destroy the world?

Starfire melts Trigon's heart with a drawing as a gift. Raven becomes jealous when Trigon and Starfire grow closer.


What comment is typical of Raven?

Raven seems depressed and sullen most of the time. Her indifference is voiced through her regular comment of "whatever," even though she often does care.


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