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"Strangers on a Train" is not Alfred Hitchcock's most beloved film, but it is a good example of the director's skills in handling a psychological thriller. Do you remember the details?

How does Bruno first notice Guy on the train?

When they sit across from each other, Guy accidentally bumps Bruno's foot with his own, causing Bruno to look up. It's at that point that Bruno recognizes him and initiates a conversation.


Where does Bruno have his name monogrammed?

After Bruno introduces himself, he pulls open his jacket to show Guy that he has his name embroidered on his tie. He says his mother likes it.


Why can't Bruno go to Guy's tennis match?

Guy is heading to New York to play a tennis match and although Bruno says he would like to go, he says he is going on to Washington. He also notes that he lives in Arlington.


What is engraved on Guy's cigarette lighter?

Bruno remarks on Guy's lighter and asks if the initials "A to G" mean it was given to him by Anne Morton. It is at this point that Guy begins to realize that Bruno knows a lot about his personal life.


Guy is making a stop in his hometown before going on to New York. What is the name of the town?

Guy mentions that he is not going straight to New York for his tennis match, but is first stopping in his hometown of Metcalf. This prompts Bruno to question him about the state of his failed marriage, again making Guy uneasy.


Why does Guy eat lunch with Bruno in his compartment?

When Bruno asks Guy to join him for lunch, Guy says he is going to the dining car. However, when he asks the porter, he is informed that there won't be space for another 20 minutes or so. He has little choice but to join Bruno in his compartment.


Why does Bruno dislike his father?

Bruno tells Guy that he hates his father. His dad has money but also has the notion that his son should work for what he gets. He even confesses that he sometimes wants to kill his father.


What does Bruno mean by "criss cross?"

As their conversation gets more bizarre, Bruno tells Guy about an idea he has for a perfect murder scenario. If two people each want someone dead, both of them commit the other's murder, thus throwing suspicion off of themselves. As an example, he cites Guy's wife and his father.


Why does Bruno think Guy might want his wife dead?

Bruno is aware that Guy's wife, Miriam, has cheated on him and that he is involved with Anne Morton. Although Guy has expressed no such feelings, Bruno assumes that his life would be less complicated if Miriam were dead.


Where does Miriam work?

Guy goes to see Miriam at the music store where she works. He thinks they have an appointment to see an attorney about a divorce, but she has other ideas.


When he meets with Miriam, she delivers some bad news. What is it?

Guy is stunned when Miriam reveals that she has changed her mind and will not give him a divorce, even though it was originally her idea. She is pregnant with another man's baby, but she plans to join him in Washington and pretend the baby is his.


What does Anne's father do for a living?

Anne Morton's father is a U. S. Senator. This makes him one of the most powerful men in Washington, with many influential friends.


Bruno's mother tells him she is worried about a plan he has discussed. What is it?

Bruno's mother coddles him, but she does express concern about his talk of blowing up the White House. He laughs it off and leads her to believe he was just kidding.


When Bruno's mother shows him her latest painting, what does he do?

Bruno takes one look at his mother's latest painting and begins laughing uncontrollably. He says she has captured his father perfectly, even though she says she was going for St. Francis and the portrait actually resembles nothing human.


When Bruno follows Miriam to the amusement park, who is she with?

Bruno goes to Miriam's house and sees her board a bus with two men. She is laughing and flirting with both of them.


What song is playing on the carousel when Miriam and Bruno ride it?

As Miriam, her dates, and Bruno take a ride on the park's carousel, the music is loud and raucous. Miriam sings along to "The Band Played On."


When Guy arrives at his home in Washington, Bruno is waiting for him with the news that he has killed Miriam. What does he give Guy?

As proof of what he has done, Bruno gives Guy Miriam's glasses. The lens is shattered from the damage they sustained when he strangled her.


How does Bruno want Guy to kill his father?

Bruno has devised a detailed plan for Guy to shoot and kill his father. Later he provides Guy with a gun and a hand-drawn map of the house.


At the time of the murder, Guy was riding the train with Professor Collins of Delaware Tech. Why can't Professor Collins give him an alibi?

Guy is not worried about an alibi because he had a long conversation with a Professor Collins on the train. He is even more relieved when he sees the professor at the police station, but his hopes are dashed when Collins was so drunk that he does not remember meeting Guy at all.


Who is Barbara?

Ann has a sister named Barbara (played in the film by Hitchcock's daughter) who lives with Anne and her father. Barbara is as vivacious as Anne is demure, and she can hardly wait for her sister to marry Guy.


When Guy refuses to take his calls, how does Bruno get in touch with him?

Bruno is determined to reach Guy despite the latter's refusal to accept his calls. One day, Guy finds a note slipped under his door, saying that they need to get together because Bruno's father will be going away soon.


When Bruno tracks down Guy and Anne at a museum, who does Guy say he is?

As they are having a relaxing day together, Guy is dismayed when Bruno appears and calls him by name. After speaking with him for a moment and telling him to get lost, he tells Anne that he doesn't know the man. He is simply a fan.


Why does Guy not plan to become a professional tennis player?

Although he is a talented and popular amateur tennis player, Guy has no intentions of going pro. Instead, he plans to follow his future father-in-law into politics.


Why is Bruno so disturbed when he meets Barbara?

When he meets Barbara at the club, and again when he crashes Senator Morton's party and sees her there, Bruno is clearly disturbed and rendered speechless. Because she wears glasses, she reminds him of Miriam and he flashes back to strangling her.


Who is Hennessey?

Although he is a suspect in Miriam's murder, the police don't have enough evidence to charge him. They want to watch him though, so they assign an officer named Hennessey to run surveillance on him and go wherever he goes.


After crashing his party, Bruno tells Senator Morton he'd like to have lunch with him to discuss something. What is it?

Bruno bends the Senator's ear about his idea for harnassing the life force. He says he has already developed the ability to see millions of miles ahead and smell flowers growing on Mars, among other things.


What does Bruno do at the party that draws everyone's attention?

Bruno is in rare form when he crashes the Senator's party. He begins talking with two elderly women about how everyone wants to murder someone. After getting them to suggest ways they might kill their husbands, he says choking is a better method and begins to demonstrate on one of the women. The situation takes a dire turn when he sees Barbara, zones out, and begins choking the woman viciously.


Why does Guy go to Bruno's house?

Guy tells Bruno that he has decided to follow through and kill his father, and he uses the key Bruno gave him to enter the house. When he gets to Mr. Antony's bedroom, he finds that it is Bruno in the bed instead. Oops.


What does Guy ask Bruno to do?

When his plan backfires, Guy tells Bruno that he is disturbed and needs help. Not surprisingly, Bruno disagrees and threatens Guy with a gun, although he assures him he has something worse than shooting him in mind.


What does Anne do to try to help Guy's cause?

In a desperate attempt to help Guy, Anne goes to Bruno's house to see his mother. She tries to convince her that Bruno is disturbed and dangerous, but his mother thinks he is just misguided and harmless.


Why does Guy go ahead with his tennis match instead of going straight to the amusement park to stop Bruno from planting his lighter at the murder scene?

Guy and Anne have devised a plan for slipping away from his police detail, but he is afraid if it is announced that he is dropping out of the match, it will alert the police and he'll have no chance to get away. He also knows Bruno plans to wait until dark to plant the lighter, so he thinks he has plenty of time to beat him to the island.


What delays Bruno's arrival at the amusement park?

Bruno is about the enter the park when he lets the lighter slip out of his hand. It falls into a storm sewer and when no one will remove the grate for him, he takes several minutes to feel around through the grate until he is able to find it and retrieve it.


How does Guy get away from his police detail?

When his match finally ends, Guy slips out of the tennis club while Barbara creates a diversion to distract the officer who is following him. The officer sees him and follows, but Guy has gotten a head start. Later the police decide to let him go, assuming he is heading to the amusement park, and turn the matter over to the local police.


Why does the carousel go wild as Guy and Bruno are fighting on it?

As the two men struggle on the carousel, a policeman shoots at Guy but misses and hits the operator instead, causing him to fall onto the controls. The carousel speeds up and begins running wild until another employee crawls under the ride and stops it.


How does Guy finally prove his innocence?

Bruno is fatally injured when the carousel breaks apart, but he still maintains that Guy killed Miriam. However, as he dies, his hand unclenches, revealing the lighter and proving that he was on his way to plant it at the murder scene to frame Guy.


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