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Bond, James Bond. Shaken, not stirred. The Bond memories are endless. In fact, the Bond movies keep going on and on too. So, how much you remember about one of the most popular Bond movies of all time?

The role of James Bond in "Skyfall" is portrayed by which actor?

Daniel Craig is a British actor who portrayed James Bond in the movie, "Skyfall." This film is Craig's third performance as James Bond.


Who sang and performed the theme song to "Skyfall?"

Adele sang and recorded the opening theme song to "Skyfall," composed by Tomas Newman. "Skyfall" won Best Original Song at the 85th Academy Awards


The term "Skyfall" is a reference to what?

"Skyfall" is the name of the Bond family estate. It includes a large house on a sizable amount of land in Scotland.


Why are Bond and Eve chasing Patrice?

Patrice has a hard drive that was stolen from an MI6 operative. The hard drive contains sensitive information.


Bond and Eve chased Patrice through which city?

Patrice had stolen the drive from a fellow MI6 agent stationed in Istanbul, Turkey. When Bond discovered this, he and Eve chased Patrice through the streets by car, then a motorcycle on the rooftops, and eventually on top of a train.


How does the fight between Bond and Patrice end?

As Bond and Patrice fight each other on the moving train, Eve sets up a position on a hillside with a long-range rifle. Although she doesn't have a clear shot, she was given the order to shoot Patrice. However, she accidentally hits Bond, and he falls from the train and into the river.


What information is on the stolen hard drive?

The hard drive contains information about NATO agents who are operating undercover. If the information were released, the agents' covers would be exposed.


Bill Tanner discovers M's computer is being used for what?

On the way back to MI6, M's assistant, Bill Tanner, discovers someone is remotely hacking into the MI6 database. Tracing the signal reveals the attack is coming from M's computer.


What does Bond see that inspires him to return to service?

After Bond's accident, he faked his death to enjoy "retirement." However, seeing the bombing of MI6 inspires him to come out of hiding and return to service.


What must Bond do in order to rejoin the service as a Double-O agent?

In order for Bond to return to service as a field agent, he must pass a series of tests to prove he is capable of handling the job. He is subjected to physical and mental tests. However, Bond is in poor physical shape due to his injury and time off.


Where is MI6's temporary headquarters located?

With the explosion at the MI6 headquarters rendering the building compromised, MI6 temporarily moved the headquarters underground. The shelter was said to be Winston Churchill's underground bunker during World War II.


What unique object survived the MI6 explosion?

One object survived the explosion that originated from M's office in the MI6 building. It was a white china bulldog desk ornament with a Union Jack flag painted on its back. Bond doesn't care much for the piece and was surprised it was the only object to survive.


The new Quartermaster, also known as "Q," provides Bond with what?

Q gives Bond a radio locator and a new Walther PPK pistol. The pistol has a hand print sensor so that only Bond can fire it. Bond was not impressed with the "basic" equipment, but Q explains they don't make "exploding pens" anymore.


After the analysis was concluded on the piece of shrapnel from Bond's shoulder, what was found to help find Patrice?

A piece of shrapnel was lodged in Bond's shoulder from the confrontation with Patrice. Bond removed it himself and sent it for analysis. The analysis concluded that the shrapnel contained a specialized form of depleted uranium that was only used by a few known operatives in the world, including Patrice.


In what city does Bond track down Patrice?

Shanghai is a coastal city in China. Bond tracks Patrice in the city, where Patrice was hired as a hitman. He confronts Patrice in a tall building, intending to interrogate him, but Patrice falls from a higher floor before Bond obtains any information.


What does Bond find among Patrice's equipment?

Bond finds a large casino chip in Patrice's equipment. The chip is from the Floating Dragon Casino in Macau.


Who does Bond meet at the casino?

Bond meets Severine at the casino. Bond had recognized her, as she was also present in Patrice's murder victim's room. She was very nervous, and seemed to be controlled by her bodyguards.


When fighting with Severine's bodyguards, Bond falls into the lair of what dangerous animal?

The Komodo dragon is a large lizard from the Indonesian islands. It can hunt and attack large prey, including humans. But don't worry, the Komodo dragon isn't really a dragon, nor can it fly or spit fire.


What is the name of the villain behind the MI6 hacking and explosion?

Raoul Silva is the villain behind the hacking and explosion of MI6. Silva seeks revenge on M for betraying him and allowing him to be imprisoned and tortured.


Where does Silva publicly post the names of the undercover agents?

As M continues to investigate the situation, her computer is hacked again. A popup appears as a slot machine, with a link that directs her to the YouTube clip with the first five names of undercover agents.


How does Bond escape from Silva?

The small radio transmitter Q gave Bond came in handy. On cue, three helicopters arrive at the island to rescue Bond and capture Silva.


Which of Silva's personal items was further inspected by Q and Bond for additional evidence?

Silva has proven himself to be a computer genius. His laptop computer is likely to have more information about his intentions.


What is the keyword that unlocks Silva's computer?

Silva's computer is encrypted under fail-safe protocols that very few people could program. However, Bond was able to spot a pattern and break the code using the word "Granborough," the name of an abandoned subway station.


How does Silva escape from MI6?

Once Q breaks the security code on Silva's computer, a map of subterranean London appears on the screen. However, the code also unlocks MI6's security system, and all of the doors start to open. Silva escapes when his cell door opens.


What does Silva disguise himself as to hide from Bond?

As Silva makes his escape through the subway tunnels, two of his henchmen hand him a package. In the package is the police officer disguise.


When Bond finally catches up, Silva detonates a hole in the tunnel with the plan to kill Bond how?

Bond catches up to Silva as he is descending a ladder to escape. He fires his pistol, but misses. Silva detonates an explosive charge in the ceiling of the tunnel. Bond thought the explosion missed the target, but to his surprise, a train comes crashing through the ceiling directly at him.


Why is M asked to appear at a hearing with a British member of Parliament?

M must attend a public hearing with British Member of Parliament (MP) Dowar, Mallory, and others. She is questioned about how sensitive information fell into the wrong hands, and why the Double-O agent program is still relative.


Who steps in front of a bullet in order to save M's life when Silva attacks during the hearing?

When Silva bursts into the courtroom, he and his men kill many of the guards present. M finds herself defenseless. Silva finds M among the chaos, and fires a shot; however Mallory takes the hit in his shoulder to save M.


Bond tries to keep M safe by taking her where?

Bond needs to keep M safe, but also needs to draw Silva from hiding. He chooses to head to the Bond family estate, known as "Skyfall." With limited technology available, it would be difficult for Silva to chase after them, allowing more time for them to prepare for him when he does arrive.


Which famous Bond vehicle is used to make the trip to Skyfall?

Bond switches M's car with his own Aston Martin DB5 to make the trip to Skyfall. The DB5 was also featured in seven other Bond movies.


Who is Kincade?

When Bond and M arrive at Skyfall, they meet Kincade, the estate gamekeeper. Kincade was startled at first, because there aren't many visitors at the estate.


What item does Kincade give Bond that belonged to Bond's father?

Bond's idea to keep M safe included using the family's collection of rifles and guns. Much to his dismay, Kincade tells Bond that the collection has been sold. However, there is one gun left: his father's hunting rifle.


Which of the following traps were NOT used against Silva and his men?

Without the firepower that Bond was counting on, the only way to beat Silva's men is to create a series of booby traps. They made some traps using some of the shotgun shells. In addition, Bond used the hidden machine gun on the Aston Martin DB5 to shoot Silva's men when they approached the door.


What secret feature is unique to the house on the Skyfall estate?

The underground tunnel provides a passageway from the house to the nearby chapel.


How does Silva arrive at the Skyfall estate?

Silva arrives at the Skyfall estate by a helicopter equipped with a high powered machine gun and loudspeaker. Bond sets the house on fire as he, M, and Kincade escape through the tunnel. Silva follows them to the chapel, but Bond is able to kill Silva. However, M eventually dies as she succumbs to her earlier injuries.


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