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Peter Pan is a classic Disney movie that takes viewers on the journey of Wendy Darling and her two brothers on their trip to Neverland. Do you remember the details of their trip from the 1953 movie? Take the quiz to find out!

What city does Peter Pan take place in?

Peter Pan takes place in London, England. The Darling's house where Peter Pan visits is located in Bloomsbury. The family lives here with their dog, Nana.


Why did Peter Pan choose the Darling's house to visit?

The narrator says that Peter Pan chose the Darling's house because they believed in him. The only person in the household who didn't believe in Peter Pan was Mr. Darling. He also visited the house because he had lost his shadow there.


Why did George move Wendy out of the nursery?

George moved Wendy out of the nursery because he decided that it was time for her to grow up. After becoming angry with her for filling the other children's heads with "made-up stories", he told her that it would be her last night spent in the nursery.


Where did George put Nana after he got frustrated with her?

George tied Nana outside after getting frustrated with her. Nana was taking care of the kids but found herself in George's way. He finally got angry and tied her outside. He told her that the kids were not her pups and that they would have to grow up someday.


What did Wendy find that belongs to Peter Pan?

Wendy found Peter Pan's shadow. When her mother was putting the kids to bed, Wendy asked her not to lock the window. She wanted to make sure that Peter Pan could get in so that she could tell him that she had found his shadow.


Where did Peter Pan find his shadow?

Peter Pan found his shadow in a drawer in the nursery. Tinker Bell noticed the drawer shaking and pointed Peter Pan to inspect it. The shadow got out and Peter Pan had to chase it around the room.


Why did Peter Pan come to the window of the nursery at night?

Peter Pan came to the window of the nursery to listen to Wendy's stories. He says he likes her stories because they're all about him. He also tells Wendy that he tells them to the Lost Boys.


What did Tinker Bell do to Wendy when she went to give Peter Pan a kiss?

Tinker Bell pulled Wendy's hair when she went to give Peter Pan a kiss. Peter Pan didn't know what a kiss was but Tinker Bell did. This angered her and she flew out of the drawer and pulled Wendy back by her hair.


What did Wendy, John and Michael have to do so that they could fly?

Peter Pan said that in order to fly you have to think of a wonderful thought. Each of the kids thought of something wonderful and then tried to fly. It worked for a few seconds, but Peter Pan then remembered that they also needed some pixie dust.


What animal almost ate Tinker Bell?

A fish almost ate Tinker Bell. While the kids and Peter Pan were flying to Neverland, Tinker Bell flew down to the water to ruin Wendy's reflection. Fish then started jumping up attempting to eat her because they thought that she was food.


Who was Captain Hook trying to find?

Captain Hook was trying to find Peter Pan. Captain Hook is first seen on his ship staring at a map and thinking about where he might find Peter Pan. He decides that Princess Tiger Lily will know where he can find Peter Pan.


Why was Captain Hook after Peter Pan?

Captain Hook is after Peter Pan for feeding his hand to a crocodile. Peter Pan had cut off Captain Hook's hand and Tick Tock the crocodile ate it. This caused Captain Hook to have to go on wearing a hook in place of his hand. Mr. Smee called it a childish prank.


What did Mr. Smee shave by accident?

When shaving Captain Hook, Mr. Smee shaved a bird by accident. The bird landed on Captain Hook's towel that was on his face and Mr. Smee shaved it without realizing. When the bird took off, Mr. Smee thought that he had shaved too close and cut Captain Hook's head off.


What does Tinker Bell tell the Lost Boys to do to Wendy?

Tinker Bell tells the Lost Boys that Peter Pan ordered them to shoot Wendy. When taking the kids to the island, Tinker Bell sped off despite Wendy asking her to slow down a bit. She didn't listen and told the Lost Boys that Peter Pan had ordered them to shoot Wendy.


What did the aboriginal people of Neverland disguise themselves as when trying to capture the kids and the Lost Boys?

The aboriginal people of Neverland disguised themselves as trees when trying to capture the kids and the Lost Boys. When following the group, an axe flew by Michael and hit a tree. The aboriginal people surrounded the group and captured them.


Who did Peter Pan take Wendy to meet?

Peter Pan took Wendy to meet the mermaids. The mermaids were jealous that Peter Pan had brought a girl and started to tease her. When Wendy got angry, Peter Pan said that the mermaids were just joking. One mermaid said that she was trying to drown her.


What did Captain Hook say he would do for Tiger Lily if she told him where Peter Pan was?

Captain Hook said that he would set Tiger Lily free if she told him where Peter Pan was. Captain Hook tied Tiger Lily to an anchor and said that if she didn't tell him where Peter Pan was then she would be left to drown.


Who did Peter Pan pretend to be to trick Mr. Smee in Skull Rock?

Peter Pan pretended to be Captain Hook to trick Mr. Smee. He ordered Mr. Smee to release Tiger Lily and take her back. On the way out of the cave, Captain Hook saw them and made Mr. Smee take her back inside.


Who did Mr. Smee accidentally shoot at when trying to shoot Peter Pan?

Mr. Smee accidentally shot Captain Hook. When Mr. Smee fired, Captain Hook fell which made Peter Pan think that he had died. Captain Hook had survived and snuck back up to finish off Peter Pan. He was outed by Mr. Smee who called out his name just in time!


What did Mr. Smee hit Captain Hook with when he had a cold?

Mr. Smee hit Captain Hook with a hammer when he was sick. Mr. Smee was nailing a sign onto Captain Hook's door when another pirate came and made a lot of noise. Mr. Smee told him to keep it down when Captain Hook came out and Mr. Smee swung his hand behind him and struck the captain.


Who told Captain Hook where Peter Pan lived?

Tinker Bell told Captain Hook where Peter Pan lived. Captain Hook manipulated Tinker Bell into telling him where Peter Pan lived by talking to her about Wendy. He made up a story about getting rid of Wendy if he knew where Peter Pan lived. Tinker Bell's jealously had her reveal his home.


What did Captain Hook say that you get free if you sign up to be a pirate?

Captain Hook told the kids and the Lost Boys that if they sign up to be a pirate they will get a free tattoo. If they don't, then they will have to walk the plank. He also says that his offer is for one day only!


What did Captain Hook drop into Peter Pan's house?

Captain Hook dropped a present into Peter Pan's house. Captain Hook's present was signed from Wendy and advised Peter Pan to only open it at 6 o'clock. Captain Hook said that the present contained something that would blast Peter Pan out of Neverland forever.


Who walked the plank first?

Wendy walked the plank first. When she walked off, the pirates were amazed that there was no splash. Peter Pan had caught her when she fell and they hid beside the ship where they couldn't be seen. Peter Pan took Wendy to safety and fought Captain Hook.


How did Wendy and the kids get back home?

Wendy and the kids got home by taking Captain Hook's ship. Peter Pan took over the ship and had Tinker Bell sprinkle her pixie dust all over the ship to make it fly. He flew the ship back to Wendy's house.


Who warms up to the idea of Peter Pan being real by the end of the movie?

At the end of the movie, George warms up to the idea of Peter Pan being real. He decides that maybe Wendy really isn't ready to grow up just yet and lets her stay in the nursery. The Darlings notice a cloudy ship floating by and George says that he has a strange feeling that he has seen it before when he was a kid.


Where is Neverland?

Neverland is in the sky. It is described in the movie as "the second star to the right and straight on til the morning." Neverland is an island with many areas like Skull Rock and Mermaid Lagoon.


What does the tattoo on Mr. Smee's chest say?

The tattoo on Mr. Smee's chest says mother. He showed it off when Wendy was talking about her mother and what mothers are meant to do. His tattoo had a red heart around the word "mother."


What did Peter Pan charge Tinker Bell with?

Peter Pan charged Tinker Bell with high treason for trying to shoot Wendy. Peter Pan was going to banish Tinker Bell forever until Wendy protested. He then decided to only banish her for a week.


What species of stuffed animal does Michael bring with him throughout the movie?

Michael carries a stuffed bear around with him throughout the movie. In one scene, Michael, John and the Lost Boys pass a bear sleeping on a rock. The bear plans to attack until it is surprised by Michael's stuffed bear.


What did Captain Hook lock Tinker Bell in?

Captain Hook locked Tinker Bell in a lantern. When Tinker Bell heard what Captain Hook was doing to Peter Pan, she gathered up all of her strength and busted out of the lantern to stop it.


What happened to Captain Hook after he was chased by the crocodile from Skull Rock?

Captain Hook caught a cold after he was chased by the crocodile from Skull Rock. While the crocodile waits outside the ship for the Captain, he is seen trying to warm up inside of his room while sneezing. This is when he comes up with the plan to capture Tinker Bell.


Why did Tinker Bell hate Wendy?

Tinker Bell hated Wendy because of the attention she received from Peter Pan. Tinker Bell would try to get rid of Wendy any way that she could. She was never able to successfully get rid of her until she left Neverland to go back home.


What is Peter Pan known as?

Peter Pan is known as the boy who never grew up. Peter Pan stayed in Neverland so that he would never have to grow up. He was happy that way and at first thought that Wendy, Michael and John should live the same way as well.


What does Peter Pan introduce Wendy as to many of the characters in Neverland?

Peter Pan introduces Wendy as a mother to the characters in Neverland. Wendy mentioned her mother and Peter Pan didn't understand what a mother was. He told Wendy that she could be Peter Pan and the Lost Boys mother.


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