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Who wrote the books?

Diana Gabaldon wrote the novels and is an expert on the set of the shows.


How many books are there?

Outlander, Dragonfly​ in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, An Echo in the Bone, and Written in My Own Heart's Blood.


What are the names of the two main characters?

Their full names are Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser & James "Jamie" Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser


What year does the story begin in?

After serving as a nurse in WWII, Claire leaves Scotland in 1945.


What year does she travel to?

Dressed not for the times, Claire finds herself at Craigh na Dun in the 18th century.


What castle is she taken to upon her arrival?

Claire is taken to Castle Leoch and watch very closely.


Who is Claire's husband??

At the start of season 1, Claire is visiting Scottland with her husband, Frank. Though they were separated during the war, it is obvious that there is love between them. Unfortunately, they are separated as Claire travels back in time and meets​ Jamie.


In Season 1, Episode 2, the Scotts of Leoch believe that Claire may be...

When Claire meets​ the laird of Leoch, Colum MacKenzie believes she may be a spy.


How does Claire try to win the trust of the Mackenzie's?

Claire demonstrates her medical skills in the hopes of gaining her freedom and their trust ​but instead makes herself more valuable to clan.


What season 1 episode intrudes us to the Jacobites?

In Episode 5, "Rent" Claire first sees the scars on Jamies back and how Dougal uses them to collect funds for the Jacobite army.


Who is Jack Black Randall?

Captain Black Jack Randal is an English knight who continues to plague Jamie and Claire throughout season 1 and season 2.


Why do Claire and Jamie marry?

Claire and Jamie are married to protect her from Randal. They spent the fist few hours of marriage getting to know each other. Eventually, they consummate their marriage and​ Claire and Jamie quickly realize there are deep feelings between them.


Who is Laoghaire?

Jamie rescues Laoghaire from a public beating and she becomes infatuated with him. Angry that Claire has married Jamie, she places a charm under her pillow. Unfortunately, this is the only first time she tries to sabotage​ Claire.


When Claire finally tells Jamie where she came from in episode 11 does he believe her?

He believes her and takes her to the stones where he wishes her luck on her return to her own time. However, Claire changes her mind and returns to him.


Who is Jenny?

Jamie's sister Jenny is just as stubborn as he is!


What prison do Claire, Murtagh, and Dougal try to rescue Jamie from?

Jamie is imprisoned at Wentworth awaiting execution and the unfortunate arrival​ of Jack Randall.


What happens with Claire infiltratres the prison?

Claire leaves the prison and all seems lost. However, Murtagh has come up wth a plan to rescue​ to Jamie...


What was Murtagh's plan to rescue Jamie?

Murtagh brings a herd of cattle past the gates! They storm through, pinning Frank underneath the mess, and rescue​ Jamie.


Does Geillis Duncan survive season 1?

Geilis is allowed to have her child before being burnt at the stake. When Dougal comes to take the baby, she threatens to kill him unless she is given her freedom. Geilis is given her freedom and Dougal takes her to France where she can start a new life.


Where did Geilis come from?

In season 2 we find out that Geilis Duncan is an avid Jacobite fan living in 1968 before she murders her then husband and crosses threw the stones.


What year does Claire return to Frank?

Claire suddenly reappears in 1948.


Where does the first part of season 2 take place?

In 1744, Claire and Jamie were​ living in Paris, attempting to stop the Jacobite rebellion before it ends in bloodshed.


Did Black Jack Randal survive season 1?

In Season 2, episode 2, Claire learns that Jack is alive. She isn't sure if she should tell Jamie or not.


What is the name of the hospital that Claire works at?

Living in a "man's​" world Claire volunteers her time at the L'Hôpital des Anges, a charity hospital run by Mother Hildegarde.


In Season 2, Episode 5, Claire and another woman are attacked. Who is the other woman?

In this episode Claire and Mary are on their way to a very important party when they are attacked. Murtagh fortunately saves them in the end but Mary is raped by one of their attackers.


Does Claire and Jamie's first child survive?

After finding Jamie dueling Jack Randall, Claire collapses and begins bleeding. She then gives birth to a stillborn daughter​ and is on the verge of death herself.


Why did Jamie break his promise to Claire and duel Jack Randall?

Jamie caught the captain raping Fergus and lost his mind, challenging the statistics​ Randall to a duel despite his promise to Claire.


Who is Fergus?

Jamie watches as a young pickpocket makes the round a local saloon. He catches him and makes him an offer. Fergus accepts and helps Jamie with the Jacobite rebellion. He becomes a sort of adopted son to Jamie and Claire.


Who plays Charles Stuart?

Andrew Gower plays an excellent Charles Stuart!


What is Claire's profession in 1968 England?

In 1968 England, Claire is now an accomplished surgeon.


What is the first thing the French king makes Claire do in exchange for Jamie's freedom?

Claire assumes that the king will make her sleep with him in exchange but he asks for something else. She must give a poison to Master Raymond and St. Germain. If their hearts are pure they will survive if not they will become sick. Although Claire gives them both a poison that will only make them sick, Raymond manage to poison St. Germain anyway.


What is the second thing the French king makes Claire do in exchange for Jamie's freedom?

Claire would do anything for Jamie even if it meant sleeping with a king.


What is the last thing Claire and Jamie do in England before returning to Scotland?

Claire and Jamie visit their daughters grave before leaving Paris.


Are Claire and Jamie successful in stopping the Jacobite rebellion?

Unfortunately, the rebellion continues, ​and Jamie is forced to support James Stuart.


Why does Claire go back through the stones?

Knowing that Claire is pregnant again, Jamie forces Claire to go back through the stones. After their first daughter was born a stillborn, Jamie knows Claire will be safer having their child in her own time.


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