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By: Kennita Leon
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Makeup is nothing like what it used to be just a few short decades ago. Gone are the pencil thin brows, the bright pink blush and the severely-lined lips. Now, we have things like highlighting, contouring and strobing. Because of these techniques, doing makeup has become a booming industry, especially on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Beauty influencers, as they are called, get paid lots of money to tell us about products we may not even need. But could you be paid to teach people about makeup? How much do you really know? 

Can you tell us the difference between regular false lashes and magnetic lashes? Can you name the points on the face that need to be highlighted and those that need to be contoured? And can you tell us the difference between a matte, luster or frosted lipstick? 

Remember, not many people can pass, far less ace, this quiz. So if you think you could be one of the few who can name these makeup techniques, methods and products, let's get started on this quiz. Will you be the next Jackie Aina, Nikkie Tutorials or Amrezy? Or will you be sent to sign up for makeup classes online? 

The term "baking" often used interchangeably with the term "cooking" by makeup artists worldwide, refers to the application of excessive amounts of powder on the high points of the face. No cookies involved.

An easier alternative to contouring, strobing employs the use of a highlighter to make the focal facial features more apparent. Ready for the disco?

As the name would suggest, the cut crease technique is used to "cut" or outline the crease by applying different eyeshadow colors.

The primer in makeup works similarly to what is used in painting. It is a cream used to smoothe the face and increase the longevity of the foundation.

Stippling is done with a special brush, made with thick fibers and lighter, thinner fibers toward the ends. Stippling gives an airbrushed look.

Considered crazy to some, the art of tightlining is a simple technique. Eyeliner is applied to the inside of the lash line, along the waterline.

A CC cream or color correcting cream does just that. It is used to blend and create even tones on the face.

All the rave in recent years, contouring alters the structural appearance of the face by using shades lighter and darker than the skin tone. Sculpt your face!

Foundation is perhaps the oldest makeup. It is available as a skin-toned powder or liquid and is used to create a uniform color.

Bronzer is a type of liquid foundation applied to the face to enhance a tan, add warmth to the face and give a glow.

Also referred to as rouge, blush is used to redden the cheeks in an attempt to rejuvenate the face and accentuate the cheekbones.

Eyelash curlers are metal devices used to curl the upper eyelashes. They can even be heated, using a hairdryer.

Concealers, like foundations and color correctors, are used to hide imperfections and blemishes. They are applied after the foundation.

Highlighting goes hand in hand with contouring. It is a cosmetic technique used to draw light to more prominent facial features, such as the forehead, nose and cheekbones.

Waterlines are the areas of the eyelids along which eyelashes grow. Applying eyeliner here makes the eyes appear wider.

Eyelash glue is an adhesive used in cosmetology to attach fake lashes to eyelids. Due to possible skin reactions, it is advised that the glue be patch-tested beforehand.

The finishing touch and final step of makeup application, a spray or powder is used to "set" the makeup. It extends the lasting period of the makeup.

Serving a purpose similar to that of hair gel, the eyebrow gel holds the eyebrow in place. It is colorless.

Available as a cream, cake or liquid, mascara enhances eyelashes by adding volume, increasing length and darkening. It is applied with a special brush, sometimes curved.

Short for blemish balm, BB cream is used to hydrate, moisturize and protect skin from sun rays. It is ideally both a skincare and makeup product.

So-named for its original stick form, lipsticks have since evolved. They are now available as glossy and matte solid or liquid products that come in a wide range of colors.

It is a common belief that a dry, clean face is necessary for the application of makeup. False. Face moisturizers should be used before makeup application to maintain skincare.

Eyebrows may be shaped by makeup, shaving, threading or tweezing. During tweezing, small clips called tweezers are used to individually pluck hairs.

Eyeshadows are a collection of light (in weight) powders which are applied on the eyelids. They are available in a variety of colors.

An ombre lip is created using two differently colored lipsticks. The darker color is used to outline the lip while the lighter is used on the inner lip.

Essentially eyelash extensions, false lashes are attached to real lashes to increase fullness and enhance appearance. They are available as strips and individual strands.

Used to add shine and subtle color to the lips, lip glosses are transparent, fruity- scented liquids. They can be applied with lipstick or on the bare lip.

Makeup wipes are made of polypropylene, water, moisturizing agents and makeup removers. They were designed to make makeup removal easier.

Often colorless, translucent powder, like setting powder and spray, is used to set makeup. It absorbs any excess oils to give a matte finish.

Also known as the cat eye, winged eyeliner is a popular makeup look. Many believe it to be a difficult technique, but according to professionals, the trick is understanding your eye shape.

Lip liner or lip pencil is used to outline the lips. It prevents the lipstick from spreading beyond the lip line and improves the lasting time.

A tool used for attaining the perfect brow, eyebrow pomade is a cream-based product. It gives a concentrated color and defines brows.

Once an unwanted feature, freckles have become a new makeup trend. They are applied simply by flicking brown shadow onto the face, using a small brush.

A teardrop-shaped sponge, a beauty blender is ideal for blending in makeup. The beauty blender has to be kept damp during makeup application.

The spoolie brush is ideal for eyebrow makeup. It strongly resembles the mascara brush, with a tapered head and soft bristles.

Magnetic lashes are applied in pairs, sandwiched above and below the top eyelash. They're held in place with magnets.

Making use of cinnamon or methanol, lip plumpers irritate the skin, causing it to swell temporarily. This results in a plumper lip.

Often mistaken for highlighters, luminizers come as solid sticks or liquids. They are shimmery and give the skin a soft glow.

A popular eye makeup technique, the smokey eye is created using dark eyeshadows and eyeliners. The shadow is often blurred.

Owing its name to its traditional use in Japan, the Kabuki brush is a large, round brush used to blend foundation into polished, air-brushed perfection.

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