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Greendale always gets itself into trouble. From paintball fights to downright crazy shenanigans, there is always something interesting happening. Test your knowledge on this unconventional school and it's "hardworking" students.

In what class did the study group meet?

The study group, consisting of Jeff, Britta, Annie, Troy, Abed, Shirley, and Pierce, all met in Senor Ben Chang's Spanish class. Originally, Jeff had planned for the group to consist of only himself and Britta as a way to flirt, but Abed found out and invited the others.


In what city did Britta used to live in (a fact she believes makes her cool and hip and worldly)?

Britta lived in New York for an unspecified amount of time, a fact she mentions often. Despite having lived in what is arguably the bagel capital of the world, she is incapable of correctly pronouncing the word, calling them "baggles".


What is the name of Troy's pet monkey?

Annie's Boobs is Troy's pet monkey who lives in the vents of the study room and steals Annie's pen, among other belongings.


What sport does the Greendale Student Body play every year?

The Paintball Assassin game has taken on a variety of themes over the seasons, including action movies, spy movies, westerns, and 1920s mob movies.


What tv show do Troy and Abed watch fanatically?

Troy and Abed watch and often reenact scenes from the show Inspector Spacetime, which is an obvious homage to the British sci-fi classic, Doctor Who.


Which was not one of Annie's nicknames in high school?

Annie's addiction to Adderall caused a nervous breakdown in high school, leading her to get the nicknames Psycho and Annie Adderall. Other Annie was a separate character introduced at Greendale.


What 90s band is oft quoted by Greendale's Asscrack Bandit?

Jeff is the one who catches the DMB reference in one of the ACB's letters. He defends his love of the band by saying, "Oh, excuse me for being alive in the 90’s and having two ears attached to a heart!”


What Police song does the study group sing during the creation of the different timelines?

In every timeline, the group is stopped from singing by Jeff, except in the timeline where Jeff collects the pizzas.


What does Abed believe the group should wear in order to merge with The Darkest Timeline?

Abed believes the group wearing black felt berets will help the timelines converge.


Where do Troy and Abed spend most of their time?

The Dreamatorium was "the most important room" in Troy and Abed's apartment and where they went to "de-whimsify" before Shirley's wedding to prevent themselves from embarrassing her.


What sport do Jeff and Shirley bond over?

In attempting to humiliate the loud and obnoxious German exhange students, Jeff and Shirley initially bond over their childhood love of foosball, only to discover that they had met and played as children with Shirley/Big Cheddar bullied Jeff/Tinkletown. They eventually make peace and crush the Germans.


After being fired as Subway and given his identity back, what brand does Rick come back to promote?

Rick/Subway initially enrolled at Greendale through "a groundbreaking but surprisingly legal process known as corpo-humanization". When fired, he ultimately returned to be with Britta until his guerrilla marketing for Honda led to him being escorted from campus.


What celebrity does Troy eventually leave to sail around the world with?

Sometime after their journey started it was reported that LeVar Burton (of Star Trek The Next Generation and Reading Rainbow) and his "non-celebrity companion" were captured by pirates off the Gulf of Mexico.


What is Shirley's catchphrase?

Always seeking for the good in situations, Shirley would often reply with "oh, that's nice!"


What does Pierce give to Troy as a housewarming gift after moving in with Abed?

Pierce had planned to give the doll to Troy, knowing how much the doll terrified him. In the Prime Timeline, he decided to be nice and throw the doll away instead.


Who was not potentially the father of Shirley's baby?

Pierce was never a contender to be the father of Shirley's son. The father turned out to be her twice-ex-husband Andre, but to honor Chang (the other potential), they decided to name the baby Ben.


What is Star-Burns' real name?

Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne was played by Dino Stamatopoulos, a consulting producer on Community.


Which minor character was known to have a popular YouTube channel for product reviews?

One of Leonard's review videos was for Lets Potato Chips, in which he remarked "Let's see. Mmmm, crispy... salty... not too greasy. Ha, ha, ha, that one's shaped like a duck..."


Which character played Hector the Well-Endowed in the study group's game of Dungeons and Dragons?

Abed initially created the character of Hector the Well-Endowed for Troy, but it ended up being randomly given to Annie in both of the group's D&D campaigns.


What song did drag queen Urbana Champaign write about Hawthorne Wipes?

While Pierce was initially his normal homophobic self, he quickly realized the song and video promoting his company's moist towelettes as a gay icon would bring in money. Despite his father's objections, he organized a gala to promote the video and named it "The Gay Bash".


What does the Air Conditioner Repair School believe Troy to be?

Through a public duel in The Sun Chamber, Troy is revealed to be The Truest Repairman, the one who is "capable of not only fixing air conditioners but also the men who fix air conditioners". He fixed them by convincing them to turn a murderer in to the police and running the annex like a normal school.


What was the name of Abed's digital girlfriend in the 8-bit video game, Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne?

After the game is over, Abed downloaded the character from the mainframe, telling her "Hilda my love, I told you I'd come back for you".


What did Britta call the Sadie Hawkins dance?

In a refusal to back down to Jeff's teasing, Britta doubles down and sets up a Sophie B. Hawkins dance. Sophie shows up as a favor to Pierce.


Which was not a crucial part of the Pillows and Blankets battle?

Pierce created his w.m.d. Pillow Man, which he and the forces of Pillowtown released onto the forces of Blanketsburg.


Who is revealed to be the only sane, non-potential homicidal maniac?

The results initially showed that one member of the group was a potential homicidal maniac. When the group tried to figured out who the maniac was, Annie realized Britta had fed the answer sheets into the machine backwards and that only one of the group was *not* a potential murderer.


Which Law & Order alum made a guest appearance in Basic Lupine Urology?

Leslie Hendrix, better know as medical examiner Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, made a cameo appearance as the school botanist, who confirms that the yam had been blooming.


Which famous actor caused Abed to have an existential meltdown in film class?

Trying to figure out whether Nicolas Cage is good or bad caused Abed to go into a downward spiral and led to the declaration that "I looked inside Nicolas Cage and I found a secret: people are random and pointless."


Which actor appeared in the revamped tv commercial for Greendale?

Luis Guzman showed up to partake in the revamped enrollment ad for Greendale, declaring that he "loved my time at Greendale! I got laid like crazy!"


What Inspector Spacetime villain does Jeff resemble?

In a rare gesture of niceness to the study group at the InspecTiCon (Inspector Spacetime Convention), Jeff leaps on stage, rips open his shirt, and yells his doppleganger's catchphrase, "Bow before Thoraxis!"


Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata,%0DThe class is Mammalia:

This line is from the Anthropology Rap, which was mashed-up with Toto's Africa when performed by Troy, Abed, and Dr. June Bauer (guest star Betty White)


Which is not a variation of the "Troy and Abed in the Morning" song?

Troy and Abed have carried their morning tv show song into a video game, an evil timeline, a stop-motion Christmas special, and once had it performed (without their permission or approval) by Annie trying to make an appearance on "Troy and Abed and Annie in the morning".


In end tags recreating their favorite movie, Kickpuncher, which character cosplays as Kickpuncher?

Troy always portrays Kickpuncher, a RoboCop parody whose punches have the power of kicks. Abed portrays his nemesis, Punchkicker.


What is the motto of Greendale?

The study group jokingly submitted a design for the school flag that resembled a human anus and it was chosen.


Who is Greendale's rival school?

City College shows up often in their attempts to torment Greendale. From the debate competition to stealing the space shuttle to interference in multiple games of Paintball Assassin, Dean Spreck, and City College tried but always failed to take down Greendale.


For what breed of dog is Dean Pelton shown to have a fetish?

Dean Pelton has a fetish for Dalmatians. It began when he watched a video of a male model/dancer in Dalmatian body paint, and saying "This better not awaken anything in me."


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