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Gravity Falls is a unique cartoon show that originally aired from 2012 to 2016. Do you remember the twins, their Grunkle, the gnomes, and the unicorns? Do you know where rainbows come from? Show off your knowledge by taking this Gravity Falls quiz!

What is Dipper's symbol on the wheel that is supposed to defeat Bill?

His symbol is the pine tree. This refers back to Episode One when his Grunkle Stan said that he and his sister could pick out any item in the store. He chose a cap with a pine tree on it.


What is Grunkle Stan's real name?

When Great Uncle Ford came back from the alternate dimension, he talked to Grunkle Stan and revealed Stan's real name.


What is Mabel's pet pig's name?

In an episode, Mabel guessed the weight of a pig. She was correct in her estimation so she won the pig and called it Waddles!


What type of monster pretended to be the author of the three journals?

After the shape shifter met Dipper, he temporarily became an image (man in goggles) from a can of beans, which Dipper mistook for the author.


Which journal did Dipper find first?

Dipper was forced to put up signs on forest trees. When he found a metal tree, he pulled a lever that revealed an underground hatch with the #3 journal in it.


What is the first type of monster that Dipper and Mabel saw?

A few gnomes put on a coat and pretended to be Mabel's boyfriend when they were looking for a new queen. Gravity Falls features a lot of gnomes.


What is the symbol on Robbie's zippered hooded sweatshirt?

The symbol on Robbie's hoodie is a stitched heart. Robbie has dark hair, pale skin, a pink nose, and piercings.


When Dipper attempts to make himself smarter, who actually becomes smarter?

During the night, Dipper applies a potion to his head to make himself smarter. However, Waddles eats it from Dipper's head when Dipper is asleep, resulting in Waddles becoming the smart one.


What item does Mabel pick out from Gruncle Stan's mystery shack?

When Mabel and Dipper had the choice to pick out an item from Grunkle Stan's shack, Dipper chose the pine tree hat and Mabel chose the grappling hook. Grappling hooks are handy tools for climbers.


What type of camp did Wendy attend last summer?

Her father is a lumberjack so she learned how to cut wood with a hatchet at an early age. She's a lumberjack and she's okay....


What type of monster turns people into stone?

In Weirdmaggdon, Bill has an army of eye-bats, in order to turn the population of the town into stone.


What type of monster does Dipper accidentally summon during a karaoke party?

During a karaoke party, Dipper tries to show FBI agents that something strange is occurring in his town. He summons the zombies as evidence for the agents.


What is the futuristic time traveler's name?

This character is male and bald. He is from the future and fixes time anomalies.


What is the origin of Dipper's name?

Dipper has a birthmark of the constellation Little Dipper on his forehead, so his parents thought Dipper was appropriate.


Does Dipper own any pets?

He doesn't have a certain fondness for pets. Dipper is voiced by Jason Ritter.


What type of bear does Dipper meet?

Dipper is trying to become a man, so the buffalo tell him that he has to try to kill the Multi-Bear (three headed bear). Alfred Molina voiced Multi-Bear. He has voiced a number of characters in Robot Chicken, as well.


Do Dipper and Mabel see their father in any of the episodes?

Their parents sent them to visit their Gruncle for the summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon. The story only mentions their parents; they are never seen in any of the episodes.


What's Soos's wheel symbol that is supposed to defeat Bill?

When Soos was little, he started working at the mystery shack, where Grunkle Stan gave him a shirt with a question mark on it. He has worn this shirt every day since then!


Who does Soos live with in Gravity Falls?

Soos's dad lives in New Orleans. His mom is never mentioned, his grandfather has passed away, and his grandmother has taken the responsibility of caring for him.


What color hair does Wendy have?

Her brother and father have red hair, too.


What network is Gravity Falls mainly broadcasted on?

Gravity Falls is on Disney XD (re-runs play). Maybe XD means "extra Disney."


Who is McGucket?

He is called "hillbilly" because he lives on a dumpsite. He also invents computers. His behavior can be a bit erratic at times.


Why does the unicorn refuse to give Mabel her hair?

The unicorns do not like giving away their hair, so they tell humans that they are "not pure of heart" enough to receive the unicorn hair. Unicorns' tears and blood are liquid rainbows!


What do Dipper and Mabel call Grunkle Stan's brother?

When Stanford comes back from the alternate dimension, Dipper and Mabel decide that it would be too confusing to have two Grunkle Stans. They decide to call him Great Uncle Ford.


Are Dipper and Mabel twins?

They look alike and the show mentioned that they are twins. Mabel is voiced by Kristen Schaal.


Who is the creator of Gravity Falls?

Alex Hirsch created the series. He also helped create a show called Fish Hooks.


What is the catch-phrase of one of Mabel's favorite tv shows?

Grunkle Stan has a fear of ladders. Mabel just finished watching her favorite show and she uses the catchphrase from her show to talk to Grunkle Stan.


How many fingers does the journal author have on one hand?

Great Uncle Ford was born with an extra finger on each hand, making a total of 12 fingers. J.K. Simmons is the voice of this many-fingered fellow.


What is Alex Hirsch's favorite show?

He likes The Simpsons because it has layers of references that he didn't understand when he first watched. The show doesn't limit itself to one age group for its target audience.


What characters does the creator of Gravity Falls provide voices for?

The characters are based loosely on his Grandpa Stan and his college buddy, Jesus. Creator Alex Hirsch was born in 1985.


How many friends does Wendy have?

She is very friendly. She made many friends in the summer.


What are the main genres?

This show has several genres, making it very comical, thought-provoking and entertaining. Gravity Falls first aired in 2012.


When McGucket attacks the society of the Blind Eye, he gets shot by the memory eraser. What does he say after he gets shot?

He was shot while protecting Dipper and his friends from getting shot by the memory eraser. Bad news, if his mind has been gone for 30 years already.


How many concepts were thrown out per episode?

Hirsch said that some of the concepts were too silly, not silly enough, or upset Disney standards by being too hilarious. The series ended in 2016, so maybe he can resurrect some of those rejected concepts elsewhere.


What is the name of the barfing gnome in Episode One?

He is seen throwing up a rainbow during the credits of Episode One. Schmebulock, along with the other gnomes, was called Norman, because they were pretending to be human. The gnomes answered "normal man" when Mabel asked them what their name was, as they hid in the coat. She mistook "normal man" for Norman.


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