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Nowadays, if you want to eat meat, you can head on down to the supermarket and fill up at the freezer cabinet or meat counter, but this has only been the case for a relatively small portion of human history. Prior to that, if you wanted meat, you had to either raise it or hunt it. Fortunately, archery, spear-throwing, and trapping ceased to be necessary around the same time that guns got accurate enough to make almost anybody deadly.  Meanwhile, certain animals that are hard to rear in captivity became known as game animals: the ones you could hunt for food but not keep on the farm. 

Most game is hunted during a specific season and in a specific manner that ensures the animal lives a free and healthy life and then dies a clean and swift death with minimal pain. Additionally, it is considered bad form by most hunters to kill anything that you or another person don't intend to eat: this is why in hunting communities it's OK to shoot more pheasants than you can personally eat, as the rest go to a butcher for sale, whereas bagging a rare and special species such as a leopard for a trophy will get a person uninvited from the best hunts.

The pinnacle of bird hunting is driven grouse, as it's very difficult, and it's almost impossible to guarantee grouse numbers as you can partridge, making it expensive. Other species that can be hunted for food at your own risk include wild boar, which are notable for the fact that if a bullet hits their armor-like hide at the wrong angle, it can bounce right off. From these to other fabulous facts about the world of game, let's see how ready you are to join the hunt!

Where are alligators found?

Alligators live in water, where they feed on prey that comes to the water to drink. They will eat any animal, though small mammals typically make up their diet.


Which is NOT a predator of rabbits?

If rabbits are faced with fight or flight, they usually choose flight. Rabbits will flee predators by running for a nearby hole.


What do geese have?

A male goose is larger than a female goose. The male is called a gander, and the female is called a hen.


How do hares defend themselves?

Hares can run up to 45 mph. They use this speed to defend themselves against predators.


What's a pack of lions called?

Though multiple male lions may run in a pride, one male usually dominates the group as the apex male. This lion often has first rights to food and female lions.


What's a male deer called?

Deer have excellent running and jumping abilities. This makes these animals hard to track over long distances.


What do elk mainly eat?

Elk are herbivores, which means they eat plants. They often live and graze in open areas close to meadows and forests​ for water and protection.


What DON'T polar bears eat?

Polar bears hunt both on land and in the water. Seals are the most common food they eat, which are readily available in the North Pole.


What do deer have?

Antlers are bones that grow on the head of a deer. They are often used for defense against predators and other deer.


What do turkeys NOT eat?

When turkeys lay eggs, they lay about one egg a day for ten days. The eggs take about 30 days to hatch.


What's a flock of geese called?

Geese are known for living in the Northern Hemisphere. They typically can be found in fresh water.


What do wild boars have?

Male boars have two set of tusks. The top ones are used for sharpening the bottom ones.


How tall do polar bears get?

Polar bears are the largest land predators in the world. Males can weigh up to 1,400 pounds while females have been known to reach up to 650 pounds.


What are male turkeys called?

Male turkeys don't make a gobbling sound for no reason. They use this sound to present themselves to females.


What's the biggest deer species?

The antler spread on a moose can reach as wide as six feet. They use these antlers to fight one another, particularly during mating season, which is usually between September and October.


How long do elephants live?

Elephants can live to be 70 years old before dying of natural causes. There are only three species of elephants; the African forest elephant, the African bush elephant and the Asian elephant.


How fast can a moose run?

Moose are not only fast, but they are also excellent swimmers. Moose have been seen both paddling and diving under water.


How long does an elephant pregnancy last?

An elephant pregnancy can take up to twenty-two months before the baby is born. This is longer than any other known animal.


Where do most domestic ducks descend from?

Mallards are one of the most abundant ducks in the Northern Hemisphere. In North America, they spread as far as southern Mexico.


What are male ducks called?

Male ducks are called drakes while female ducks are known as hens. When hens lay eggs, the eggs are smooth-shelled, not rough-shelled.


When do boars usually hunt?

Wild boars rest during the day and are active at night, making them nocturnal animals. They will sleep as much as 12 hours during the day.


What do woodcocks primarily eat?

Woodcocks are known for nesting near the bottom of a tree. There, they are hard to see because of their close resemblance​ to the fallen leaves.


How many rabbits live together?

Rabbits live together in colonies. These colonies are often divided into hierarchies with some rabbits reigning over others.


How long do wild boars usually live?

Facing predators and infighting, wild boars live a brutal life, and many of them don't make it past infancy. Those held in captivity, however, can live up to 25 years.


What is a young hare called?

A hare is called a leveret until it is at least a year old. When hares are together, they are called a drove.


How long can American alligators get?

The American alligator is the largest species of alligator. However, there are only two species, with the Chinese alligator being the other.


What is a male hare called?

A male hare is known as a Jack, while a female hare is called a Jill. Hares might live in pairs if they don't live alone.


What are hares born with?

Hares are typically larger than rabbits, though they look similar. Hares can grow up to 70 cm in length.


How fast can impalas run?

Impalas are herd animals, which is a method of protection against predators. Thanks to their amazing speed, they can also outrun most predators.


Where do ring-necked pheasants come from?

Ring-necked pheasants are the most common hunted pheasant, particularly in North America. These birds are typically raised in captivity before being released back into the wild.


How do elks live?

Elk in North America have few predators. This is partly because they live in large herds which makes defense a community effort.


When is mating season for wild boars?

Male boars live by themselves most of the year. However, they come around and compete with one another during mating season.


How long do geese live in the wild?

Geese live in nests, where they hatch their young. Ganders are often left in charge of defending the nest, while hens keep the eggs warm.


How long do lions live in the wild?

Lions may be kings of the safari, but life is still brutal for these beasts. The lions that do reach old age often succumb to starvation as years of injuries finally add up.


What is a turkey's beard made out of?

Male turkeys have beards that extend down their stomach. These beards can reach several inches long.


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