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Are you a "Family Guy" fan? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about the show.

"Family Guy" is an animated television show created, developed, and starring the talents of Seth MacFarlane. The show is about Peter Griffith, bumbling dad, and clueless husband; Lois Griffith, born rich and talented; Meg Griffith, put-upon daughter; Chris Griffith, a carbon copy of his father, and Stewie Griffith, murderous youngest child. Included as a member of the family is Brian, the anthropomorphic dog. Supporting characters include Cleveland, Quagmire, and Joe. In addition to MacFarlane who voices the characters of Peter, Brian, and Stewie, the voice cast includes Alex Bornstein, the voice of Lois; Seth Green, the voice of Chris; Mila Kunis (of "That '70s Show" fame), the voice of Meg.

"Family Guy" has been on the air for more than 16 years and has produced more than 300 episodes. The show's irreverent humor has resulted in numerous awards including several Emmy awards, People's Choice Awards, Teen Choice awards, and was even nominated for a Grammy award in 2012 for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television. The song was "Christmastime is Killing Us," and it was written by MacFarlane, Ron Jones, and Danny Smith. That MacFarlane is one talented guy.

Find out if you can ace this "Family Guy" quiz.

What does Quagmire do for a living?

In episode Airport '07, Quagmire losts his license to fly. He is only inspired to earn it back after Hugh Hefner told him that John Holmes thought Quagmire was the greatest pilot ever.


Which of the following is not one of Peter's neighbors?

The neighbors of Peter and his family have been just as important to the show as the Griffin family, with episodes focused around each of their characters.


Who is Lois' father?

Carter often ridicules Peter throughout the show, but when Carter loses all his money, Peter is the one who comes to his aid.


What handicap does Joe Swanson have?

Joe says he was paralyzed when he stopped the Grinch from stealing Christmas at an orphanage, but this is revealed to be a lie. Joe was actually shot by Bobby Briggs.


What was the name of Peter's boat?

After Peter's boss choked to death on a dinner role, Peter became a fisherman for a living.


Who founded Quahog?

Quahog was founded after Griffin Peterson was exiled from England and forced to go America. There, he married Lady Redbush.


Which character moved away to start a new spin-off show?

When The Cleveland Show started, the creators of Family Guy had his fictional character move away from Quahog. There were often crossover episodes between the two shows. When The Cleveland Show was canceled, Cleveland and his family moved back to Quahog.


Who is the Mayor of Quahog?

Adam West is a dimwitted Mayor with good intentions but horrible execution. He once sent the Quahog police force out to find the fictional character Elaine Wilder.


What does Peter constantly get in random fights with?

The rivalry between Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken started when Ernie gave Peter a bad coupon, resulting in a fist fight.


Who is Stewie's rival?

Stewie and Bertram have been fighting each other since they were sperm cells. While Stewie was born to Lois Griffin, Bertram was the result of artificial insemination.


Who is Brian in love with?

It is obvious that Brian is in love with Lois, but his best friend is her husband Peter. Although when Peter supposedly dies, Brian steps up for the family and marries Lois. Of course, Peter comes back, and Lois remarries him.


Who was never a news anchor on the Quahog 5 News?

Diane Simmons is the news anchor opposite Tom Tucker until going on a killing spree before meeting her own demise. Afterwards, she was replaced by Joyce Kinney.


Who builds a time machine?

Stewie invents a time machine to go forward in time so he can skip he's teething phase.


Who's father has a sex change?

When Glen ask his father if he is gay, his father tells him no but says that he is a woman trapped in a man's body. Glen replies, "Oh come on, just be gay."


In the show, which celebrity's beard has a fist under it?

Peter Griffin says Chuck Norris has no chin but another fist instead. When Brian calls that theory ridiculous, Chuck Norris comes in and punches him with his third fist under his beard.


Who steals Peter Griffin's identity?

After Peter and Brain trap James Woods and send him to a warehouse, he comes back and steals Peter's identity. They are forced to trap him again using Reese's Pieces.


Who is the fat guy strangler?

Due to a childhood trauma where Patrick saw his mother having an affair with Jackie Gleason, he starts killing fat people because he believes being fat is immoral.


Why does Stewie kill New Brian?

After New Brian tells Stewie that he humped Rupert, Stewie is seen throwing his dead body in a garbage can. No one messes with Rupert.


On what street do the Griffins live?

The residents of Spooner Street won an award for their float in a community float competition.


What is the name of John Herbert's dog?

Jesse is old and crippled. He also resembles his owner, Herbert, in appearance and voice.


Who lived in Chris's bedroom closet?

Chris was the only one who ever saw the evil monkey for the longest, and the rest of the family didn't believe Chris when he complained about the evil monkey. Chris finally captured the evil monkey to prove its existence.


Who must take over for Death when he sprains his ankle?

When Peter puts deceased on a medical bill, Death shows up to take Peter's life. Death sprains his ankle trying to catch Peter though, and Peter is forced to take his place.


Who was Peter's biological father?

Although Peter was raised to believe that Francis Griffin was his father, Peter learns after Francis' death that his real father is an Irish man named Mickey McFinnigan.


Who is Brian Griffin's child?

Brian sought out his old flame Tracy and learned he had a son, who he was then forced to raise. Once Dylan came to accept his father and himself, he moved back in with his mother because she needed him, but at first, Dylan was such a bad kid that Brian regretted looking for his old lover.


What professional football team does Peter join?

After Peter meets Tom Brady, he embarrasses himself and runs to the bathroom. Brady sees how Peter runs through the crowd forcing people out of his way and ask him to join the New England Patriots.


Which Griffin family member becomes the Mayor of Quahog?

Once Lois is mayor, she follows the lead of other politicians, accepting money for political favors. Of course, it all starts with good intentions.


Which famous painter is Stewie's ancestor?

Stewie goes back in the past to stop Bertram from killing his ancestor, which means Stewie would have never been born. In the past, Stewie discovers that Leonardo da Vinci is his ancestor.


What does Quagmire try to do to get out of his marriage with a prostitute?

Quagmire accidentally marries a prostitute one night when he is drunk, but she refuses to get a divorce from him after. He then has to pretend to be gay to get the divorce.


What character does Stewie play in the Star Wars crossover?

When the power goes off at the Griffin house, Peter passes the time by telling the story of Star Wars, and in the story, Stewie takes on the role of Darth Vader.


What sport does Lois take up professionally?

Lois finds success as a boxer because she pictures all her opponents as Peter. That's a way to take your frustration towards your husband out.


What show does Peter dedicate his church to?

The Church of the Fonz takes lessons from the show Happy Days and teaches them to the congregation.


Who is shown to be in love with Meg?

The two of them kissed once which ended up on television. Neil threatened suicide when Meg said she regretted the kiss.


What is Cleveland's son's name?

Cleveland Jr. went from being a hyper, fast talking kid on Family Guy to a chubby, slow talking teenager when the Cleveland Show started.


Why do the Griffins move to Texas?

Stewie accidentally drinks communion wine and throws it up. When the congregation at Church sees this, they believe he is possessed by the Devil.


What drug does Brian get addicted to when he becomes a police dog?

Brian accidentally got a sniff of cocaine when tracking down a package for the police department. It only took that one sniff for him to get hooked.


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