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Dumb & Dumber follows two unintelligent friends to Aspen pursuing a woman and delivering a briefcase. How well do you know the adventure of Lloyd and Harry on their way to Aspen? Take the quiz to find out!

What is Lloyd's last name?

Lloyd's last name is Christmas. Lloyd is one of the main characters in the movie along with his friend Harry Dunne. They are from Providence, Rhode Island.


What are Lloyd and Harry saving up for?

Lloyd and Harry are saving up their money to open their own pet shop. Lloyd tells his passenger Mary that being a limo driver isn't his real job on their way to the airport.


What do Lloyd and Harry plan to specialize in with their pet shop?

Lloyd and Harry are planning to specialize in selling worm farms. He tells Mary that the name of their shop will be "I Got Worms" which makes her somewhat uneasy about her limo ride with Lloyd.


What did Harry spend his life savings on?

Harry spent his life savings on turning his van into a dog. Harry turned his van into a dog because he worked as a mobile dog grooming service called "Mutt Cutts." Lloyd calls it the "shaggin' wagon."


What does Mary leave behind at the airport?

Mary leaves her briefcase behind at the airport. Lloyd noticed that she had left it on the ground and ran in to bring it to her before she left for Aspen without it. Unfortunately, he didn't make it in time.


What happened to both Harry and Lloyd on the first day that the movie takes place?

On the day that the movie started, both Harry and Lloyd lost their jobs. Lloyd lost his because of the accidents that he caused and Harry lost his because he brought the dogs back to his client late and messy.


When two people showed up at their door who did Lloyd and Harry believe they were?

Lloyd and Harry believed that the two people at their door were bill collectors. Lloyd asked Harry if he had paid the gas bill and when Harry said that he hadn't, they jumped out the window and ran.


Who did Lloyd get robbed by?

Lloyd was robbed by an elderly woman. Lloyd needed change for a dollar and asked the woman if she had change. When she said no, he asked if she would be willing to watch his stuff while he went to get change. When he returned, he figured out that the woman had robbed him!


What does Harry believe that his parakeet died from?

Harry believed that his parakeet died from his head falling off. He didn't know that the two people that they were running from had broke in and killed his parakeet to let them know that they meant business.


Where do Lloyd and Harry go on trip to?

Lloyd and Harry go on a trip to Aspen. After having a fight over Lloyd's intentions for wanting to go there, Harry gave in and drove Lloyd to Aspen to find Mary and the possibility of a better life.


What did Lloyd sell to a child who is visually impaired?

Lloyd sold Harry's dead bird to a child who is visually impaired. When Harry found out that Lloyd had an extra $25 to spend, he started to question where he got the money. Lloyd told him that he had sold his dead bird and Harry was appalled.


What did Harry do while eating at a diner on the way to Aspen?

Harry threw salt at the man behind him in the diner. Harry had spilled the salt and Lloyd said that it was bad luck. Lloyd made Harry throw the salt over his shoulder and it hit the man behind him causing an altercation between the two.


Why did Lloyd almost crash into a transport truck?

Lloyd almost crashed the van into a transport truck because he was dreaming. He was dreaming about what would happen after he delivered the briefcase to Mary. He dreamt that they would fall in love and live happily ever after.


Who is the hitchhiker that Harry and Lloyd pickup?

The hitchhiker that Harry and Lloyd pickup is Mental who works for the kidnapper of Mary's husband. He was after Harry and Lloyd because they had money that belongs to the kidnapper in Mary's briefcase. He was trying to retrieve the money for his boss.


What did Harry and Lloyd do to Mental in the restaurant?

Harry and Lloyd poisoned Mental in the restaurant. Mental had plans of slipping rat poison into Harry and Lloyd's drinks but when they returned they had foiled his plans. They put an atomic pepper in his burger without knowing that he had an ulcer. Instead of giving him his pills, they accidentally fed him the rat poison.


What part of Harry's body catches on fire in the gas station parking lot?

Harry's leg catches on fire in the gas station parking lot. While pumping gas, Harry started talking to a woman in the car next to him. Since he was distracted, he started pumping gas onto himself without noticing. His leg later caught on fire and he put it out by stepping in a toilet.


What did Lloyd pick Harry up on after he decided to walk home?

After Lloyd drove the wrong way and ran out of money, he decided to go into town and trade the van for a moped. Harry had already decided to walk home until Lloyd drove in and picked him up off the side of the road.


What does Harry say that he's going to throw into the pond?

Harry says that he is going to throw Mary's briefcase into the pond. Harry was fed up with the trip and Lloyd and said he wanted to get rid of the "curse." Lloyd was able to stop him and talk some sense into him before he could throw it in.


Which of the following did Harry and Lloyd buy with the money from the briefcase?

Harry and Lloyd bought a hotel room with the money from Mary's briefcase. Before using the money, they said that they would make an "I.O.U" and pay back all of the money that they borrowed. They also spent the money on a car and suits.


Where do Harry and Lloyd go to find Mary?

Harry and Lloyd went to find Mary at an Annual Meeting of the International Preservation Society. They used the money from the briefcase to clean themselves up and buy suits for the event. Harry went in a blue suit and Lloyd went in an orange one.


What does Mary's stepmother ask Harry to do?

Mary's stepmother asks Harry to go skiing with her. Harry felt uneasy about the situation because he had originally went to talk to Mary about Lloyd. Harry panicked and agreed to go skiing with Mary.


What happened to Harry on the ski lift?

Harry stuck his tongue on the cold pole of the ski lift while riding up the hill with Mary. After Mary had skied down the hill, Harry's tongue was still stuck so she helped him pull it off of the pole.


What did Harry tell Lloyd he had to do at 10 o'clock?

Harry told Lloyd that he had to go on a date with Mary at 10 o'clock. Lloyd was ecstatic but quickly felt rejected and hurt when Mary didn't show up. He had no idea that she was actually out skiing with Harry.


What did Lloyd witness when he went to Mary's house?

Lloyd witnessed Harry dropping Mary off at her house. After being stood up, Lloyd found out where Mary lived from the bartender. He went to her house just in time to see Mary get out of Harry's car. Lloyd was very upset.


What does Lloyd put into Harry's drink to get back at him?

Lloyd puts Turbo Lax into Harry's drink to get back at him for lying about his date with Mary. Lloyd was upset and knew that Harry was going to see Mary again. He got him back just in time for his next date with her.


Who shows up at Mary's doorstep just before her date with Harry?

Lloyd shows up at Mary's doorstep just before her date with Harry. Lloyd says that he was the guy who drove her to the airport where she left her briefcase. He asked if she wanted to go pick it up at his hotel room and she agreed.


What happens when Lloyd and Mary go back to the hotel room?

When Lloyd and Mary get back to the hotel room they are held hostage by Nicholas. He was looking for his briefcase which Lloyd allowed him to open up and find all of the I.O.Us for the money he and Harry had spent. Nicholas later ends up getting arrested.


What occupation does the girl that Lloyd met at the bar have?

The girl named Beth that Lloyd met at the bar is an officer. Lloyd later found out when she barged into the room while they were being held hostage. She gave Harry a bulletproof vest and a gun before he entered the room.


What do the girls on the bikini tour tell Harry and Lloyd they are looking for?

The girls on the bikini tour tell Harry and Lloyd that they are looking for two oil boys. Harry tells them that they should check out the town ahead of them to find someone. Realizing what Harry had done, Lloyd runs after the bus and lets the girls know that they had actually passed the town.


What did Lloyd imagine he was going to do to Mary's husband?

Lloyd imagined that he was killing Mary's husband. Mary snapped him out of it but he was still visibly angry that she was married. He roughly shook his hand while he thanked him for helping Mary.


What were Harry and Lloyd pulled over by a police officer for?

Harry and Lloyd were pulled over for speeding. When the officer tried to stop them he drove up to the window and said "pull over." Harry replied "No, it's a cardigan but thanks for noticing!"


How does Lloyd accidentally kill a snow owl?

At the meeting, Lloyd accidentally killed a snow owl with a cork. He popped it off the bottle only to have it fly across the room and kill one of the birds. Everyone gasped and was astounded at what had happened.


Where did Harry and Lloyd find their first clue about where they could find Mary?

Harry and Lloyd found their first clue on where they could find Mary in the newspaper. There was an article about the preservation party in the newspaper that caught the eye of the pair. They figured that this was their way to get closer to her.


Why did Lloyd say that he wasn't hungry when Harry asked if he wanted to get some food?

Lloyd wasn't hungry because he said that he had eaten a june bug on the way to Aspen on the moped. Harry thought it was very understandable that he wasn't hungry after that and they carried on with their search.


What did Harry forget about Mary when they arrived in Aspen?

Lloyd forgot Mary's last name. The only thing that Lloyd could remember about Mary's last name was that it started with an "s." After looking at the briefcase, Lloyd concluded that her last name must be Samsonite. He was wrong, it was Swanson!


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