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Who is the main dance teacher featured in Dance Moms?

Abby Lee Miller is known as the tough teacher who gets results from her award-winning competitive dancers.


Which dancer has been featured in several music videos and live performances with Sia?

Maddie Ziegler has been on Dance Moms from the first episode but as of 2016, has left the show to pursue other opportunities.


What is the name of the competition group originally featured in Dance Moms?

The Junior Elite Competition Team is a small group that typically competes with around six dancers.


Abby Lee now has a studio location in Los Angeles, but in what city is her other location?

Technically, Abby’s other studio location is in Penn Hills, PA, but the show refers to the area as Pittsburgh.


What Ohio-based studio is a rival of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC)?

Candy Apple’s Dance Center out of Canton, Ohio was one of the first rival studios to be featured on Dance Moms.


Who owns rival studio Candy Apple’s Dance Center?

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein is the owner of Candy Apple’s Dance Center in Canton, Ohio. She and her daughter Vivi-Anne Stein were short-lived customers of Abby’s studio.


Another rival studio owned by Jeanette Cota was also featured on Dance Moms. What is the name of this studio?

Broadway Dance Center is located in Fenton, MI and is owned by Jeanette Cota. Jeanette and her daughter Ava have been featured numerous times on Dance Moms.


In Season 6, Abby Lee debuted a new team of younger dancers. What is the name of this team?

Abby Lee’s new team in the L.A. location is The Mini Team. They are comprised of dancers ages 10 and under.


How old was Abby Lee when she formed the Abby Lee Dance Company?

Abby Lee formed the Abby Lee Dance Company at the age of 14, following in her mother’s footsteps. Her mother was also a dance instructor.


What year did Dance Moms premiere?

Dance Moms premiered on Lifetime in 2011 and as of 2016, is still on the air.


In the early seasons of Dance Moms, two sets of sisters were featured in the Junior Elite Competition Team. Maddie and Mackenzie were one set of sisters. What were the names of the other sisters?

Brook and Paige Hyland were two sisters that were featured on early seasons of Dance Moms. After some conflict on the show, they and their mom left the team.


For most competitions in the early seasons of the show, what mode of transportation did the team use?

In early seasons of the show, the team traveled together on a tour bus to their weekly competitions.


What style of dance is Abby Lee best known for choreographing?

Abby Lee choreographs many different styles of dance, but she is best known for her lyrical choreography.


Fill in the blank from one of Abby’s famous quotes, “____ is the first to lose.”

Abby always wants her students to win. One of her famous sayings is, “Second is the first to lose.”


In early seasons, which girl on the team most often competed against Maddie?

Chloe Lukasiak was most often pitted against Maddie at competitions. She is an excellent dancer and has worked on many projects since leaving Dance Moms.


Which dancer’s mom is known as Dr. Holly?

Nia’s mother Holly has a Doctorate in Education and is therefore known as Dr. Holly.


As of January 2016, which of these team members has not recorded and released a song?

Nia, Kendall, and Mackenzie have all released singles and shot music videos. However, there are rumors that Maddie may also be doing this sometime in 2016.


Who is the daughter of dance mom, Kira Girard?

Kalani Hilliker is one of the later students to join Abby’s Junior Elite Competition Team. She is known for her extension and beauty.


Maddie had to kiss which male dancer during one of her routines?

To go along with the storyline of the routine, Maddie and Gino kissed in a routine per Abby Lee’s instructions.


What is the name of Abby’s weekly ceremony that ranks the dancers based on their performance in the previous weekend’s competition?

Abby’s Pyramid ceremony features the girls’ headshots taped on the mirror with a piece of paper covering each photo. One by one, Abby reveals who is at the bottom and top of the pyramid based on how well they danced and sometimes, how their mothers behaved at the previous weekend’s competition.


Fill in the blank to one of Abby’s sayings, “Everyone’s _____.”

Abby is often heard saying “everyone’s replaceable” when parents or students threaten to leave the competition team.


What is the name of the move for which Nia is famous?

In many of Nia’s fast-paced routines in early seasons, she performed a dramatic move near the end of her routines called a Death Drop.


Fill in the blank to one of Abby’s sayings, “Save your ___ for the pillow.”

When a student breaks down in tears, Abby can often be heard saying, “save your tears for the pillow.” She’s been known to say the same to parents as well.


Which dancer has appeared in television shows like Pretty Little Liars, Drop Dead Diva, and Austin & Ally?

Maddie has appeared on several television shows and music videos, and one of her more recent projects includes the So You Think You Can Dance edition for kids.


Which dancer has starred in the film, Center Stage: On Pointe?

Since leaving Dance Moms, Chloe has had several opportunities. One such opportunity is to star in the film, Center Stage: On Pointe. This is one of the follow-up films to the immensely successful film, Center Stage.


In early seasons, we see a dancer named Payton in some of the routines. Who is her mother?

Leslie is Payton’s mother and was often portrayed as being upset with Abby and the lack of times Payton was asked to dance with the group.


Which dancer’s hat fell off onstage during a routine in season three, prompting Abby to become very upset?

In a routine in season three, Chloe’s hat fell off during a routine and Abby was very upset.


Which little firecracker dancer briefly danced with the ALDC before she and her mother Kristi Ray departed before Nationals?

Asia Monet Ray is primarily a jazz/acro dancer as well as a singer. She appeared on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and briefly danced with the Junior Elite Competition Team on Dance Moms.


Who owns Murrieta Dance Project in California?

Erin Babbs is the owner of Murrieta Dance Project, a studio that often competes against Abby’s L.A. dancers and was featured several times in season five.


In season four, Abby spent a lot of time forming a rival team within her own studio to force her Junior Elite Competition Team to work harder. What was the name of this team?

The Select Team is the name of the rival team Abby created within her own studio to enhance the competitive drive of her Junior Elite Competition Team.


What is Nia’s stage name as a singer?

Nia Sioux is the stage name of Nia Frazier, who is carving out her piece of the music world with singles like “Star In Your Own Life.”


Jessalynn is the mother of which little dancer?

Jessalynn and JoJo were not original members of the ALDC’s Junior Elite Competition Team, but JoJo’s larger-than-life personality has made her a standout in many routines.


What role does Gianna Martello have on Dance Moms?

Gianna is Abby’s Assistant Choreographer and has choreographed many of the routines seen on Dance Moms. She grew up as a dance student under Abby Lee Miller and won numerous competition awards.


What is the name of Abby’s cherished dog?

Broadway Baby was the name of Abby’s little white dog. In one of the later seasons, an episode depicted Broadway Baby’s passing and effect it had on Abby.


What was Abby’s mother’s name?

Maryen Lorrain Miller was Abby Lee Miller’s mother and also taught dance when she was younger. Melissa, Madde, and Mackenzie are depicted as also having had a close relationship with Abby’s mother.


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