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Walter White is an ordinary man with a normal job until he gets some bad news about his health. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about his decision to break bad!

What was Walter's job at the start of the series?

Walter went to graduate school to be a chemist. Despite this high level of education, he settled for teaching high school students.

What kind of cancer did Walter have?

Walter was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer, which was inoperable. After discovering this, he decided to quit teaching and started selling drugs.

What kind of drugs did Walter manufacture?

Walter put his college degree to use when he started making meth. He quickly became one of the best meth manufacturers in the United States, thanks to the purity of his product.

Who was Walter's original partner in the meth business?

Jesse used to be Walter's student. Despite being smart, Walter always criticized Jesse for never applying himself.

What was Walter's second job before he quit to produce meth?

Walter first discovered he had lung cancer after passing out in front of the car wash. He was rushed to the hospital and given the bad news.

What was Jesse's meth dealing name before joining with Walter?

Before hooking up with Walter, Jesse made his own brand of meth. He called it Chili P Meth because he used chili powder in it.

Who was Walter's brother-in-law?

Hank took Walter along on a drug bust when the D.E.A. tried to catch Captain Cook. During this raid, Walter discovered that Jesse was a meth dealer.

What was Walter's meth called?

After entering the meth trade, Walter discovered that most meth lacked purity. To counteract this, he created a pure meth that was blue.

Who set up a website to take donations for Walter's illness?

Wanting to help his father, Walt Jr. set up a website to accept donations for treatment. However, Walter ended up using the website to donate money he earned selling drugs so people wouldn't know how he actually made the money.

Who was Walter's wife?

Skyler met Walter while working at a restaurant close to a lab where he worked. She was a writer and worked odd jobs at the beginning of the series.

What was Saul Goodman's job?

Saul Goodman was a lawyer known for taking criminal cases. He often helped Walter and Jesse as they tried to navigate the drug world.

Who was the first person Walter killed?

Walter struggled with the idea of killing someone and thought about setting Krazy-8 loose. However, once Walter discovered that Krazy-8 was hiding a piece of a broken plate to kill Walter with, he strangled Krazy-8 to death.

Who did Jesse start a relationship with after moving in next door to her?

Jane was reluctant to allow Jesse to move into the place next door to her, which she owned. However, Jesse convinced her because she was sympathetic​ to his charm and desire to do better for himself.

How did Jane die?

Jane was a recovering heroin addict before meeting Jesse. However, after going on a binge, she overdosed before she could run away with Jesse.

Who did Saul hire to clean Jesse's apartment after Jane overdosed?

Mike hated Jesse after first meeting him because he thought Jesse was just another addict. However, Mike eventually took Jesse under his wing and taught him about protecting himself.

What was Mike's old job?

Mike was a corrupt police officer for years. After the death of his son, he decided to leave the police force and take care of his granddaughter.

Who did Mike work under?

Mike handled his business in a calm and cool manner. This helped him climb the ranks in the drug world, eventually becoming Gus's right-hand​ man.

Who was Mike's granddaughter?

After the death of his son, Mike regretted his choices in life. He decided the only thing of value that he could do was provide for his granddaughter.

What was the name of Gus's restaurant chain?

Los Pollos Hermanos was a fast food chain that served mainly chicken. It was located across the southwestern United States.

Where was Gus from?

Not much was known about Gus's past. However, there were several references to him having a violent history in Chile.

Who was Gus's partner in the fast food business?

Max was also an excellent chemist. He and Gus partnered together to manufacture drugs.

Who did Tuco beat to death?

Tuco was known for his violent temper. When he accidentally beat his friend to death, he tried to get Walter to bring him back to life, but it was too late.

Who killed Tuco?

Tuco confronted Hank with an assault rifle, thinking that Hank was Jesse. Hank returned fire and shot Tuco in the head.

For whom did Tuco work?

After Hank killed Tuco, he discovered that Tuco was a major player in the Cartel. Walter was stricken with fear after hearing about this because he had tried to poison Tuco before his death.

How did Gus die?

Gus went to a nursing home to confront Hector, another Cartel member who talked to the D.E.A. However, Hector set Gus up by allowing Walter to place a bomb under his wheelchair to kill both himself and Gus because Gus had murdered his grandson.

Who killed Combo?

Combo was a friend of Jesse's who sold drugs for him. However, rival street dealers got Tomas, a 10-year-old, to kill Combo in the middle​ of the street.

What was Walter's nickname?

The name came from a German physicist named Werner Heisenberg. Walter used this name to create a separate identity for himself who was able to commit crimes regular Walter couldn't.

Who did Skyler send her kids to live with after finding out Walter was a drug manufacturer​?

Skyler feared for the life of her children after discovering Walter was in the drug business. After sending her kids away, she set herself against Walter, even cheating on him before bringing the family back together.

Who did Walter partner with after Jesse and Mike left?

A young boy saw Todd, Jesse, and Walter stealing methylamine from a train. Without even hesitating, Todd shot the boy, so he wouldn't pass on the information.

Who killed Mike?

Walter asked Mike for the names of informants in prison who were being paid to keep quiet. When Mike refused, Walter shot him. Mike died sitting on a rock beside Walter.

Which book did Hank discover that incriminated Walter?

Hank finds 'Leaves of Grass' inside Walter's bathroom with the initials G.B. and W.W. The G.B. referred to Gale Boetticher, who was a drug chemist for Gus. The W.W. referred to Walter White.

Who turned against Walter by going to the cops?

Jesse slowly broke down after Mike's death and discovering that Walter had poisoned a little boy. He decided Walter had to be stopped and went to Hank to confess their crimes.

Who killed Hank?

Jack was Todd's uncle. After Walter called him for help, he showed up to discover that Hank was arresting Walter. Rather than turning around, Jack and his men killed Hank and his partner, Steven Gomez.

Where did Walter go after leaving New Mexico?

Walter was forced to flee his home after Hank was killed. He was sent to live by himself in a cabin while his cancer got significantly worse.

Who trapped and tortured Jesse?

Walter saved Jesse from Jack and his men by killing all of them. He then tried to get Jesse to kill him, but Jesse refused, saying Walter could do it himself.

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