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Wealth, corruption, and influence fuel this hit Showtime series. How much do you know about the U.S. Government vs. a Financial King? Test your knowledge about the show that had critics and viewers applauding from episode one.

Bobby "Axe" Axelrod is one of his firm's survivors of the __________.

On the day of 9/11 Axe was in his lawyer's office. His partners were in the process of firing him.


At the start of the series, Chuck Rhoades has never lost an insider trading case as he's ____________.

Chuck chooses the cases he prosecutes with care. He only goes after those he knows he can convict.


Axe is a _________ manager.

A hedge fund is a partnership of investors that go high-risk to grab significant capital gains. A hedge-fund manager is the one who manages the fund.


Chuck Rhoades is a U.S. Attorney based in _________.

Rhodes is in charge of the Southern District. The Southern District is made up the following counties: of Bronx, Dutchess, New York, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, and Westchester.


Rhoades' office prosecutes __________ crime.

Financial crime is a white-collar crime. Offenses committed under the financial umbrella can include credit card fraud, insurance fraud, tax evasion, bribery, and scams.


Spyros, the man who brought Axe to Rhoades' attention, works for the __________.

The SEC is an independent U.S. government agency. The SEC is responsible for enforcing the federal security laws, constructing security rules, and keeping an eye on the stock market and securities exchange.


Chuck's wife works for Axe as a _____________.

As a coach, Wendy is not supposed to give advice or share her personal stories. She is a performance coach who helps the development and action planning of a client so that he or she can facilitate change in his or her life.


Who plays the cunning Bobby Axelrod?

Damian Lewis is an English actor who can pull off a perfect American dialect. Damian played Richard D. Winters in the hit TV Mini-Series 'Band of Brothers.' He was also in 'Homeland' as Nicholas Brody.


What is the catalyst that causes Rhoades to open a case file on Axe?

The beach house is initially offered at $83 million. Rhoades tells his colleagues that if Axe walks away from the house, then he is an honest man If he buys the house. It would be like a dare saying, "Come and get me." Axe buys the house for a cool $63 million.


What is the one thing Axe is afraid of?

Axe is afraid of guys in windbreakers walking into his office and saying, "Step away from the computer." It's his lawyer's job to make sure it never happens.


Who does Axe have thrown under the bus to take the focus off of him?

In season one, Axe has Birch thrown under the bus to divert attention away from him and his beach house purchase. Birch ends up settling with the U.S. Attorney's office instead of going to trial and risking 11 years of prison time.


Who is Axe's first mole in Chuck's office?

Axe's fixer pulls Tara in to working for Axe by blackmail. There is a video of her sleeping with a woman whose hair would test positive for cocaine.


Who tries to publish a "tell-all" book?

Goose Quill is publishing her memoirs on how she got through 9/11. It's called "9 - 12: The Day After." Lara is hell-bent on stopping it as chapter 10 is a problem.


What musical group do Axe and his friends jump on a private jet to go see?

Meticalla is a heavy metal band from the U.S. They were formed in 1981 in California when James Hetfield answered an ad placed by Lars Ulrich.


Chuck needs to help his father after the SEC confronts him about his father propping up ________ trucking stock.

Cross-co truck company is the shipper for YumTime. YumTime is a family bakery that Axe makes a play to get to Chuck through an indirect connection.


What movie does Axe need to see on the big screen?

'Citizen Kane' was made in 1941 and starred Orson Wells. It has been considered one of the world's greatest films based on its music, narrative structure, and cinematography.


Who does Chuck have the FBI arrest for insider trading and securities fraud?

'Dollar' Bill Stearn is played by Kelly AuCoin. Kelly started his career in 1993 as the voice of Daniel in 'Animated Stories from the Bible.' He can be seen as Agent Ted Cacioppi in 'The Wizard of Lies.'


Chuck recuses himself from the case against Axe because of _______.

His wife, Wendy, works for Axe and hears the innermost feelings and thoughts from Axe and his employees. She has worked for Axe for 15 years and is loyal to him. Chuck going after Axe was putting a crimp in their marriage.


Thinking that her sons will not know how to function in the world if she and Axe lost their lavish lifestyle, Lara takes them out to find clams and then sends the boys to _________.

The boys are beside themselves with the thought of having to sleep outdoors in a tent. After eating franks and beans, they have had enough and call dad. While Lara sleeps, Axe goes to the camp and gets the kids in the middle of the night.


Who plays the sexy Wendy Rhoades?

Maggie Siff started her career in 1998 by playing Mother in 'Sunset Beach.' She became a fan favorite playing the tough-as-nails Dr. Tara Knowles on 'Sons of Anarchy .'


Who does Chuck hand the Axlerod case off to after he recuses himself?

Toby Leonard Moore plays Bryan Connerty. His first role was as the voice of Wuhan in the 2005 movie "The Promise." Toby can also be seen in 'Bull.'


What happens to the discarded chapter 10 of June's book?

A member of Chuck's team gets her hands on the discarded chapter. The original manuscript is handed off to reporter Micheal Dimonda who then turns it into an article with the headline, "BLOOD MONEY: How Axelrod Made A Fortune While Towers Burned."


Who is the U.S. Attorney's mole in Axe's office?

Unknown to Chuck, Donnie is actually a mole planted by Axe into the U.S. Attorney's office. Donnie and Axe meet in the middle of nowhere to discuss the timing on Kemlot.


________ is Axe's right-hand man.

Mike "Wags" Wagner will do anything for Axe. Wags is developing a bad habit of excess every day. Eventually, Axe makes Wags talk to Wendy.


Chuck sometimes likes to consult his old law buddy _________ about his career and cases.

Adam is a Harvard graduate who once clerked for Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg. Adam is an Attorney General and now a federal judge.


Who plays the street-savvy Lara Axelrod?

Malin started her onscreen career in 1997 by playing Avatar in 'Earth: Final Conflict.' Before 'Billions' Malin could be seen as Lucy on 'Easy.'


After the article breaks on Axe, what happens to Lara's business?

Her restaurant where her sister is the head chef and employs many people is sabotaged by the fire department. Her brother was a firefighter who died in 9/11 and the firefighters are mad at Lara for being married to Axe.


Who is Chuck's meddling father?

Rhoades, Sr. is played by Jeffrey DeMunn. Jeffrey played Dale Horvath on the hit series 'The Walking Dead.' He can currently be seen as The Vet in the short film 'Cat Killer.'


The corrupt federal Judge__________ is a racist and a profiteer.

Judge Wilcox sends anyone who is not white to jail with long sentences so that he can build his business from the bench. He is invested in the private Baldinger Prison Systems.


What kills Donnie?

Axe needed Donnie to be sick and die sooner rather than later so that he would be able to feed Chuck information and before he could go on the witness stand. Donnie's family gets $40 million from Axe after Donnie's death.


"You know the only enemy more dangerous than a man with unlimited resources?"

"And that is what you are looking at right here," says Chuck. On the last episode of season one, Axe and Chuck have a verbal showdown after they both lose Wendy because of their ongoing feud


Who comes sniffing around the office of the U.S. Attorney?

In the season two opener, Dake shows up for what he thinks is a surprise visit from the Office of Professional Responsibility. He's there to look into the recent conduct of the office. Chuck quickly shows him that he knew the OPR was on the way there.


Who plays the "above reproach" Chuck Rhoades?

Paul started his onscreen career in 1990 as Heckler #2 in 'She'll Take Romance.' He can currently be seen as Samuel Goudsmit in 'The Catcher Was a Spy.'


Who does Dake thinks made the call that turns the Office of Professional Responsibility onto Chuck?

Dake corners Connerty and says that he knows the cell that called the OPR pinged from a tower in Yonkers. Connerty was in Yonkers at that time at the pizzeria with Axe. Bryan doesn't confirm -- nor does he deny -- the allegation.


What country has the factory that is putting on a show that it's open for business?

The name of the company is Anata-Tek and it's a company with no tech. Axe's hedge fund nemesis, Todd Krakow, is watching this factory.


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