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An adoring fan named Eve Harrington finds her way to her idol, theater actress Margo Channing. Their friendship blooms into an opportunity for Eve's ambition to flower.

The opening scene shows a formal event. What is it?

Eve Harrington is receiving the "highest honor" theater knows. Other characters who are attending are introduced.


Who is the initial narrator?

Addison gets to know and understand Eve as he sets up the backstory which is then told by Karen Richards.


About how much time passes since the time Eve is introduced to Margo Channing?

Karen Richards narrates, explaining they met Eve In June and the present time is October.


What is the name of the play Margo Channing stars in when Eve gets to meet her?

The title appropriately addresses one of the issues Margo faces; she is an aging actress playing younger roles. This comes in to question when Eve shows up.


Who introduces Eve to Margo Channing?

Karen finds Eve hanging around the theater after the performance. Since Karen is a friend of Margo's and is the playwright's wife, she brings Eve to Margo's dressing room.


What does Eve tell Margo about her background?

Eve has everyone riveted by her forlorn past that includes loss and heartbreak. Her adoration especially tugs at Margo's heartstrings.


What does Margo's love interest do for a living?

Bill Simpson is very involved in Margo's career and personal life. Bill is going to Hollywood early in the movie.


Margo has some hang-ups about the age difference between herself and Bill. What is the age difference?

The age difference seems important to Margo, but not to Bill. Margo feels threatened by younger women, especially Eve.


Which nickname is not used for Eve?

Most of the names are used by Bill Simpson. It reminds Margo that she is an aging actress.


What touch does Eve add to Margo's dressing room?

Eve goes above and beyond to make Margo comfortable and without a care. She appears to be the ultimate assistant.


What is odd about Margo's 3 a.m. phone call?

Margo starts to think it strange that Eve takes charge of her personal life. She is grateful, but suspicious.


In the 3 a.m. phone call between Bill and Margo, what does Bill want to hear?

Bill has been informed that Eve is planning his birthday party, which is news to Margo.


Just prior to Bill's party, what does Margo say about it?

Margo had a vibe that something bad would occur. This is her reflecting back on the evening where she was drunk and behaved badly.


What drink does Margo order, which Eve also orders?

It is becoming obvious that Eve is trying to become more and more like Margo. Bill says Eve is "studying" her.


At Bill's party, Max Fabian (producer) needs some bicarbonate. What does Margo ask of him in return?

Margo wants Eve out of her life, as she is infringing too much. Max actually offers Eve an audition.


What is the title of Lloyd's new play?

Lloyd wrote the play for a female lead of twenty-something. Margo seems too old for the part.


Marilyn Monroe plays Miss Caswell. Who is she?

Monroe plays an attractive "wannabe" who attends Bill's party with Addison DeWitt. She hopes to do some networking and lands an audition.


What does Eve say is "Like waves of love wrapping you up"?

Eve gets very sentimental when she talks of the theater. Her passion for it is obvious.


Why doesn't anyone remember Miss Caswell's reading at the audition?

Eve does the reading instead of Margo, who had the times mixed up. Much to Margo's irritation, Eve is brilliant.


A phrase used to describe Eve's passion when acting.

Margo sarcastically calls Eve "Princess Fire and Music," because that's how others described her audition. Margo feels overshadowed.


Bill visits Eve in her dressing room after her performance and she "makes moves" on him. How does he respond?

Bill is very clear that he is not interested in Eve. Not only has Eve encroached upon Margo's career, she wants her man too.


Who overhears Eve's attempts to seduce Bill?

Addison later uses this knowledge to his advantage with Eve when her career takes off. She is unaware of it until he discloses it to her.


What advice does Addison DeWitt give Eve?

DeWitt sees potential in Eve and wants a part of her success. He courts her from a public relations standpoint to grab some of the limelight.


What kind of fur coat does a Hollywood star wear to Bill's party that the women make a big deal of?

Sable seemed to be an impressive type of fur. While stars were wearing "sable," everyone else was wearing mink.


Who admits early on that he/she does not like Eve?

Birdie is an assistant to Margo Channing. She has a sharp wit and sarcastic delivery.


DeWitt wants to write a column on Eve. Where does he want to begin in her life?

Eve says she went to San Francisco to meet her husband after the war, but he was killed. She remained there and saw a play starring Margo Channing.


At a restaurant, why does Eve insist on meeting Karen in the ladies' room?

Eve wants a part in Karen's husband's new play. She threatens to tell Margo that Karen orchestrated Margo's failure to show up at the reading that allowed Eve to stand in.


What causes Karen to burst out in continuous laughter at dinner with Margo, Bill, and Lloyd?

Eve's plan to call out Karen depended on Karen getting her the role in the new play. Without Margo, there was no need for Karen to worry.


What is Eve's real name?

DeWitt has researched her and knows her real identity. He knows what is true and what is not.


What bombshell does Eve drop on Addison while they are in New Haven?

Eve tells Addison that Lloyd is leaving Karen and they will announce their marriage. Addison calls Eve "a killer."


Why does DeWitt slap Eve?

Eve thinks she can control things with Addison. That changes very quickly after he slaps her.


Why did Eve leave the brewery where she once worked?

DeWitt knows she was having an affair with her boss. The scandal drove her out of town.


What detail of Eve's backstory tripped her up for DeWitt?

DeWitt seems quite certain that anyone who knows the theater would know there is no Shubert Theater in San Francisco.


After receiving her theater award, Eve goes back to the hotel. What does she discover there?

A young woman named Phoebe explains that she is a fan of Eve's. She starts to do favors for Eve just as Eve did for Margo when they first met.


What is the last shot of the film?

There is irony in Eve being stalked just as she stalked Margo. Eve seems frustrated by what she has achieved; she does not even attend the party in her honor.


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