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In 1952, Ben Hogan came up with the idea of hosting a Masters Dinner to welcome the newest champion into the exclusive club known as the Masters Club. The most recent winner got to create the menu, and everything from Australian Wagyu beef to Arctic char has been served. Tiger has won five Masters and hosted four dinners so far. Do you know what he served at his first dinner? Do you know what he served at his last? How well do you know Tiger Woods?

He sits beside Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan as one of the most recognizable athletes of all time. He's one of the highest-earning athletes of all time and one of the richest African-Americans in the country. By the age of 2 he was nationally known, by the age of 3 he shot 50 through nine, by the age of 12 he broke 70. He went from the definition of perfection to the definition of failure and back again all in the public's eye and he's still playing. There isn't a golfer alive who hasn't been influenced by his play, and there are very few alive who haven't heard of his name. He might be the most public private athlete of all time. How much do you know about Tiger Woods?

The oldest person to win on the PGA Tour was Sam Snead at age 52. When was Tiger Woods born?

Tiger was born on December 30, 1975 and was swinging a golf club around the house before his first birthday. He's an only child but has two older half-brothers and an older half-sister from his father's first marriage.


Tiger Woods has earned more than $1 billion in his career. Who is his biggest sponsor?

Tiger signed a Nike contract as soon as he turned pro and has signed at least four contracts with them in his career. His first was for $40 million and his latest was for at least $200 million. Nike also stuck by his side when he was facing difficulties.


How many golfers have won more majors than Tiger Woods?

As of 2019, Tiger Woods has won 15 major championships on the PGA Tour. There is only one person who has more than him - Jack Nicklaus with 18. Nicklaus retired when he was 65. Tiger is 43 and needs just three more wins to catch him.


Tiger left college his sophomore year to focus on golf professionally. Where did he go to college?

Tiger enrolled in Stanford in 1994. He won his first collegiate tournament. Then he defended his U.S. Amateur title and became Stanford's Male Freshman of the Year. After his second year at Stanford, he left to focus on golf professionally.


Byron Nelson holds the record for most consecutive PGA Tour wins. How many tournaments in a row has Tiger won?

Tiger has won four, five, six and seven PGA tournaments in a row. He is the only modern golfer to win four major championships in a row. The longest PGA winning streak happened in 1945 when Byron Nelson won 11 in a row.


In 2019, Tiger's children finally got to see him win a PGA major championship. How many children does he have?

Tiger and Elin have two children together: one girl named Sam Alexis Woods (born in 2007) and one boy named Charlie Axel Woods (born in 2009). Both Sam and Charlie were at Augusta in 2019 to see their dad win a major for the first time.


There are three primary colors in the world of color. What color does Tiger wear on championship Sunday?

Tiger has worn red on Sundays since he turned pro because his mother says it's his power color. Nike even tells its other sponsored golfers that they aren't allowed to wear red in the final round of PGA tournaments with Tiger.


Tiger's love life has been under a microscope for decades. How many times has he been married?

Tiger has been married once. Tiger and Elin Nordegren got married in 2004 after being engaged for a year and dating since 2001. After seven years of marriage, the two divorced after Elin learned about Tiger's infidelity.


What was Tiger's largest margin of victory in a PGA tournament?

Tiger won his first major by 12 strokes, but his largest margin of victory came in 2000 at The U.S. Open when he won by 15 strokes. No golfer had done that in 50 years. He's won by eight or more strokes a total of 10 times.


Sam Snead holds the record for most career PGA Tour wins. How many PGA tournaments has Tiger won?

Tiger Woods has 81 PGA tour wins and 15 of them are majors. Sam Snead has the most PGA tournament wins with 82 and he retired in 1987. Phil Mickelson is the closest active golfer with 43 PGA tournament wins.


Tiger has been playing professionally for almost 25 years. Which major has he won the most times?

Tiger has at least three of every major, but he has five Masters' titles and four PGA Championship titles. His first Masters victory came in 1997, where he won by 12 strokes, and his most recent came in 2019, where he won by one stroke.


Tiger Woods owns a $20 million yacht named "Privacy," but where does he live?

Tiger lives in a $40 million mansion in Jupiter Island, Florida that he purchased in 2006 and moved into in 2010. The house has a gym, theater, elevator, oxygen therapy room, wine cellar, game room and practice golf holes.


Tiger has been vocal about his goals of catching Jack Nicklaus. Who has been Tiger's biggest rival on the tour?

Tiger's biggest rival on the tour over his career has been Phil Mickelson. Mickelson finished runner-up to Tiger four times, and Tiger finished runner-up to Phil on five occasions. Tiger has bested him in major championships 15 - 5.


Eldrick has been known by his nickname "Tiger" his entire life. How did he get his nickname?

Eldrick got the nickname Tiger from his father, and it's based on his father's friend, Col. Vuong Dang Phong, who he met in the Vietnam War. Tiger has gone by the nickname since childhood but never legally changed his name.


Which of these athletes has made more money than Tiger Woods?

According to Forbes, Michael Jordan has made $1.85 billion, which bests Tiger by a few hundred million. Tiger is the highest-paid golfer in the world, and the highest-paid athlete ever was a chariot racer from the Roman Empire named Gaius Appuleius Diocles, according to classical studies professor Peter Struck.


Tiger credits his calm demeanor to spiritual teachings he learned when young. What religion did he practice when growing up?

After Tiger's infidelity scandal, he claimed to have strayed away from Buddhism, which is the religion his mother taught him at a young age and he practiced since childhood. He has stated that he was raised Buddhist multiple times.


What car was Tiger driving when Elin smashed its window with a golf club?

Tiger was driving a Cadillac SUV when Elin smashed the back window with a golf club. It was first reported that Tiger got into a crash and Elin broke the window to pull him out, but then it was learned that she caught him cheating and chased him out of the house with a golf club.


By 2019 Tiger Woods had won 15 majors. When did he win his first major?

When Tiger was 19 and still in college, he played in The Masters and was the only amateur to make the cut. Two years later--April 13, 1997--he won his first major, The Masters. He shot 18 under par and won by 12 strokes.


Eldrick was nicknamed Tiger as a child. What was his nickname in college?

Tiger attended Stanford on a golf scholarship and chose to major in economics. His golf teammate, Notah Begay III, gave him the nickname Urkel for his time at school. The nickname didn't last long and everybody knows him by Tiger.


At the age of 20, Tiger decided he was ready to turn pro. When did he win his 10th major?

In July of 2005 Tiger won the Open Championship (aka the British Open) at the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland to win his 10th PGA major. He also completed his second career grand slam. He was 29 years old.


Only seven golfers have won 50 PGA tournaments. How old was Tiger when he won his 50th PGA tournament?

Tiger got his 50th PGA win in 2006 at the age of 30. He became just the seventh PGA player to win 50 PGA tournaments and the youngest to do it. Jack Nicklaus held the previous record when he achieved the feat at age 33.


For about 10 years, Tiger made headlines for all the wrong reasons. How many times has he been arrested?

Tiger Woods has been arrested once, when he got pulled over for DUI in May of 2017. In an infamous dash-cam video and mugshot, the world saw what it looked like to be under the influence of five different drugs.


Only five golfers have won all four majors. How long did it take Tiger to win all four majors?

A Grand Slam in golf is when a player wins all four major championships in the same year. Nobody has done it in the modern era, but in 2000 Tiger Woods won three majors and then won The Masters in 2001, making him, at 24, the youngest golfer to achieve a career grand slam.


In which major championship was Tiger the only golfer to shoot under par?

In 2000, Tiger Woods won his first U.S. Open by a record 15 strokes at Pebble Beach Golf Links in California. Not only did win by 15 strokes, he was the only player under par at -12. Ernie Els was runner-up at +3.


In 2004, Tiger bought a 155-foot yacht for $20 million. What did he name the yacht?

Tiger's $20 million yacht is nicknamed "Privacy" and is loaded with a decompression chamber, Jacuzzi, elevator and nine cabins that sleep 19. The longest yacht in the world is "Azzam" at almost 600-feet long. It is owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan.


Tiger shot a 48 through nine holes when he was just 3 years old. What's his lowest round on the PGA tour?

Tiger shot 61 four times on the PGA tour. His first was in 1999 at the Byron Nelson Invitational, which was played on a par 70 course. He also shot 62 five times. His lowest round in a major was at the 2007 PGA Championship when he shot seven under in the second round.


Golfers Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus have both earned more than $1 billion in their careers. How much is Tiger Woods worth?

According to Forbes, Tiger has earned more than $1.5 billion since turning pro in 1996 and as of 2018 is worth $800 million. He has earned $116 million in PGA tour earnings alone, which is well ahead of the next highest-earning golfer.


Tiger was known around the country for winning tournaments as an amateur. How old was he when he turned pro?

Tiger left college before his junior year and turned pro in 1996 at the age of 20. The first tournament he won was a playoff against Davis Love III at the Las Vegas Invitational. He was the talk of the sports world the entire year.


At the age of 18 Tiger won his first U.S. Amateur title. How old was he when he first broke 80?

The first time Tiger broke 80 was when he was 8 years old. He broke 70 when he was 12 and when he was just 3 years old he shot 48 over nine holes. At 13, he played in his first major tournament and lost to John Daly by just one stroke.


Every week the World Golf Rankings ranks all PGA golfers. How many weeks has Tiger been ranked No.1 in the world?

Tiger Woods has been ranked the No.1 golfer in the world by the Official World Golf Ranking for a total of 683 weeks, and 281 weeks were in a row. Only three players have held the No.1 position for an entire year, and Tiger has done it eight times.


How old was Tiger when he first played golf?

At 18 months old Tiger and his dad went to the driving range where Tiger emptied a bucket of balls. He then played a 440-yard par 4 hole where he shot an 11. Six months later, he was winning golf contests.


What did Tiger Woods serve at his first Master's Dinner?

Tiger Woods won his first Masters in 1998, and when it was his turn to create the menu for the Masters Champions Dinner, he chose cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, french fries, milkshakes and strawberry shortcake.


Tiger's fall from grace was well-documented in the media. How long did he go without winning a PGA tournament?

Tiger didn't win a PGA tournament for six years from August of 2013 to September of 2018. In that time he had four back surgeries, several missed cuts, a plethora of health issues and one infamous dash-cam video and mugshot.


Tiger Woods is one of the most famous names on Earth, but what is his birth name?

Tiger's birthname is Eldrick Tont Woods. Tont is a traditional Thai name (his mother is from Thailand) and his mother chose the name Eldrick because it started with "E" for Earl, his father, and ended with "K" for Kultida, her name.


Tiger has played golf with almost every living president. He is a registered member of what political party?

Tiger is a registered Independent and has ties to every president and has played golf with every living president except for Jimmy Carter, who doesn't play golf. He has distanced himself as far away from politics as possible during his career.


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