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This Tarantino movie featured an all-star cast and a story set in Nazi-occupied WWII France. Revisit the alternate-history romp by testing your memory with our quiz!

Why is "bastards" spelled "basterds"?

Though Tarantino hasn't said as much, differentiating his film from Castellari's was probably part of the motivation -- particularly in the age of search engines.


In what country does "Inglourious Basterds" begin?

The film opens in Nazi-occupied France.


Who played SS Officer Hans Landa?

Tarantino worried that the role of Landa was "unplayable" until Waltz auditioned.


Landa rejects a glass of wine in favor of what drink?

Landa, still doing his nice-guy act, praises the LaPerdites' millk.


What is the name of the family the LaPerdites are sheltering?

The name might be a homage to Julie Dreyfus, who is in "Basterds" and had a role in "Kill Bill."


Where are the Dreyfuses hiding?

The Nazis brutally shoot through the floor when Landa finds out.


What kind of blood does Lt. Aldo Raine claim to have?

Raine says that Apache tactics shape his military strategy.


How many scalps does each Basterd owe Raine?

"And I want my scalps!" he thunders at his troops.


What is Sgt. Donny Donowitz's nickname?

In contrast, poor Utivich's nickname is "the Little Man."


What is Sgt. Donowitz's favorite weapon?

His murder of a German officer resembles DeNiro's famous recreation of the St. Valentine's Massacre in "The Untouchables."


How does Shosanna get her new identity as Emanuelle Mimieux?

Shosanna is a survivor; it's no surprise she lands on her feet.


Who plays Francesca Mondino, Goebbels' French translator?

Kinksi was sought for the role of Bridget von Hammersmark, but declined.


What does Landa order for Shosanna in the restaurant?

Landa gets espresso for himself, but milk for Shosanna, making us worry he's recognized her from the dairy farm.


What is unusual about Shosanna's projectionist, Marcel?

Marcel is also revealed to be Shosanna's lover.


What do Shosanna and Marcel plan to use to start the fire?

350 nitrate film is highly flammable, the narrator tells us.


How do the Basterds find out about Shosanna's plan?

Technically, you could say they learn about it when her face appears on screen -- but that's a little late to join forces.


Who plays the British officer, Archie Hicox?

Fassbender is a versatile actor, appearing as "Magneto" in the "X-men" films and a sex addict in "Shame."


What irritates Raine about the meeting place von Hammersmark chose?

Hicox points out that von Hammersmark is an actress, not a military strategist.


Who plays the British officer who briefs Hicox?

Myers wanted to be in the film, partly because of his parents' military service in England.


Why is there a group of Nazis celebrating in the basement bar?

Bridget von Hammersmark couldn't have known -- the bar is usually just patronized by the French.


What gives Hicox away as non-German?

Germans hold up a thumb and two fingers to signify "three," not the index/middle/ring finger trio Hicox does.


How does Landa know that Bridget was at the basement bar?

The new father, Wilhelm, asked her to sign a napkin for his son.


What is the name of the film about Frederick Zoller's exploits?

The German title would be Stolz der Nation.


Why does Shosanna make her own film?

The very short film is a separate reel added to "Nation's Pride."


At the premiere, how does Bridget explain away her leg injury?

Landa doesn't buy it, but then, he already knows she was at the basement bar.


How many languages does Landa speak (that we know of)?

We hear Landa speaking English, French, Italian, and of course, German.


Why does Zoller leave the auditorium and go to the projection booth?

Though he's not a sympathetic character, we do see signs that Frederick feels remorse as he watches himself kill onscreen.


Why do Aldo, Donny and Omar pretend to be Italian at the premiere?

Omar, actually, doesn't speak any Italian at all.


Where are Marcel and the flammable film stock?

When the time comes, Marcel lights the film with a burning cigarette. But remember, kids: Smoking is not cool!


Whose voice is heard as the OSS officer with whom Landa negotiates?

Michael Parks, though also a Tarantino favorite, did not work on "Basterds."


In addition to immunity, his pension, and a medal of honor, what does Landa want from the U.S.?

Landa has apparently done his homework on desirable American real estate.


How does Adolf Hitler die?

Donowitz puts what seems like dozens of rounds into the Fuhrer.


When Aldo and Landa and their lieutenants reach the American front line, what happens?

The Basterds' signature is to leave their survivors permanently marked.


Which actor (infrequently) narrates the film?

He explains, for example, why nitrate film can be used as a weapon.


Out of 8 nominations, which Oscar did "Inglorious Basterds" win?

Waltz also won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival -- not too shabby!


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