How Much of a TV Addict Are You?

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Maybe you watch it on your computer, iPad or keep it old school, but with hundreds of channels, we're a TV watching world. Just how addicted to the medium are you?

Do you know what Stranger Things is?

Which online streaming service/services do you have?

If "Modern Television" were a Jeopardy category, of the six answers, how many would you get?

How many devices do you access TV on?

How large is your television set?

What are the odds you watch the Super Bowl?

If we listed 10 Netflix or Hulu series, how many would you have seen all or most of?

If you're watching shows on your laptop or tablet, are you really watching TV?

How many hours of TV do you think you watch in a day?

What do you think of swearing on TV?

How many of The Brady Bunch kids could you identify by sight?

Is MTV better or worse without music videos?

What percentage of your Google searches are about sports or entertainment?

When somebody says "I don't own a TV.", what do you think?

How many TV shows with doctors can you name to yourself in the next 30 seconds? Ready....go!

How many different channels did you watch during the US Presidential election results?

How often do you fall asleep with the TV on?

Satellite, Cable, or Streaming?

If you're out and your favorite show is on, what happens?

What do you think of people who have "The Big" cable or satellite package?

How many television sets do you own?

What percentage of your friends include "Did you see that show?" in your conversations?

Do you consider streaming services like Netflix as watching television?

How many premium channels like HBO or Showtime do you get?

How many days a week do you know what you're going to watch on television?

Did your parents have rules about the content of shows you could watch?

Do you know the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series prior to 2016?

How many remote controls do you need to control the devices facing your couch or favorite chair?

How many network or cable TV news anchors or reporters could you name?

Do you see television as educational?

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