How much of a Prankster are You?

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Let's face it, you've always been a little prankster. You were practically born winking and sporting a curious smirk. Since then you've played a couple of whoppers in your life and no one is immune. So, how much of a prankster are you? Take this quiz to find out.

Which of these pranks do you think is funny?

When you play one of your pranks, what do your victims do?

When do you consider one of your pranks a success?

How often do you pull a prank on people?

How old were you when you pulled your first prank?

What was your first prank?

What was the result of a prank gone wrong?

Have you ever posted a prank on social media?

Have your pranks ever gone viral on social media?

Do you have a website dedicated to your pranks?

Has your girlfriend or boyfriend broken up with you because of a prank?

Have you ever lost a friend due to a prank?

What are the limits of your pranks?

Do you already know the reaction you will get before performing a prank?

Who taught you how to prank?

Who do you prank most often?

Who gives you the best reaction to your pranks?

Why do you prank people?

Other than people, who do you prank?

How do you turn pranking into a career?

What is the worst thing to have happened to you since you started pranking?

How has pranking become part of our culture?

Do most people find humor in your pranks?

What is an emotional response you didn't expect from a prank?

Have you ever lost a job due to a prank?

What is the worst trouble you've gotten into from a prank?

Are you independent, or do you bring in friends?

Have you ever pranked someone who was pranking you?

How do you know when you have gone too far?

Can you go too far?

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