How Much of a Pessimist Are You Really?

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We all have different attitudes about life, and we all have coping mechanisms to get us through. Are you a pessimist, and if so, how much of one are you?

What do you think of life in general?

Do you worry about being poor?

You just met someone you love, what do you think will happen next?

Your car is making an odd sound, what do you do?

What do you think when you are in a long line?

You have an outdoor party planned but it is supposed to rain, what do you do?

You just wrote a book, what should you do with it?

Someone just looked at you in a bar and laughed, why?

Have you met the love of your life?

You just placed a bet on a horse, what are you thinking?

You are going for a hike up a big mountain, what are you thinking?

Do you feel lucky?

Do you often get envious of people who have more money than you?

You just got on a roller coaster, what are you thinking?

What kind of day are you having so far?

Are you going to wind up a pessimist on this quiz?

You have a crush on someone, what do you do?

Your favorite basketball team is supposed to be pretty bad this year, what do you think?

You haven't been feeling well and decide to go to the doctor, what do you think you will find out?

Your cat has been gone for a day, are you worried?

You just got laid off, how are you feeling?

Your teacher asks you to stay after class. Why?

Would you ever drive cross country solo?

You are down to your last 100 dollars, what do you do?

How trusting are you of people?

Do you freak out on planes?

Are you worried about war?

Your best friend has been hanging out with someone else a lot lately, how do you feel?

Your boyfriend says he wants to talk, what could it mean?

The glass is...

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