How much of a hipster are you?

Brian Whitney

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While some people think being a hipster is cool and others think of it as an insult, how many of us even know if we are one? Are you a hipster? You might be surprised.

Do you participate in Movember?

What does the word "lumbersexual" mean to you?

What is your favorite kind of shoes?

Where do you get your food?

Do you like craft beer?

What is your favorite mixed drink?

What does gentrification mean?

Do your parents still pay for some of your bills?

How often do you say that a band's early work was better?

How is your beard?

Do you ever wear a beanie?

Why do you ride a bike?

Do you wear a lot of flannel?

What do you think of "Portlandia"?

What was the last music festival you went to?

Do you like tattoos?

Are you into kale?

How many mason jars do you own?

Why do you make people mixtapes?

Man buns are?

What is cooler - Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

Ever find an item of your dad's clothes that you took to wear yourself?

What is your favorite sport?

Do you like talking about how radical you are politically?

How long have you had the political views you have now?

Pick an old school rapper.

Do you wear skinny jeans?

Will you get a trust fund?

What do you think of gluten?

Pick a political party.

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