How Much of a Harry Potter Fanatic Are You?

Kennita Leon

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Harry Potter may have come to an end, but to true fans, he'll never die. So are you a real fan or did you just jump on the bandwagon because of the hype? Take this quiz to find out.

How many Harry Potter books have you read?

How many times have you read each book?

When a new book was about to be released, you ...

How many movies have you seen?

Have you ever had a Harry Potter movie marathon?

Do you know what Hogwarts House you're in?

Which of the following is not a Hogwarts House ghost?

Have you ever cried over Harry Potter?

When is Harry Potter's birthday?

And on what day did Voldemort kill Harry's parents?

What was the name of the three-headed dog who guarded the Sorcerer's Stone?

Which plant cures the partial stare of a Basilisk?

What did Dumbledore leave Ron when he died?

Which was the first Horcruz to be destroyed?

What are the Deathly Hallows?

Do you know what your Patronus would be?

Have you ever tried any Harry Potter food?

How many Harry Potter quizzes have you taken?

Do you do more personality or trivia Harry Potter quizzes?

Have you ever written to J. K. Rowling?

What did you think about the end of the series?

Would you ever try to run through Platform 9 3/4?

Do you own a wand?

How do you act when people say Harry Potter is for kids?

Would you ever name your child after a Harry Potter character?

Have you ever dressed up as a Harry Potter character for Halloween?

Do you believe that Snape is good?

What do you think of Harry on a whole?

A true Harry Potter fan has....

Has Harry Potter changed your life?

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