How Much of a Grammar Nerd Are You Really?

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Do you think you have what it takes to be named Grammar Nerd Supreme? Regardless of your stance on how we started this sentence, we're going to put you to the ultimate in grammar tests. You don't have to study, but you do have to pay close attention to each possible response. Only the strong will survive this grammar challenge; only the weak will quit before it's done! Which one are you going to choose to be? 

Do you annoy your friends by proofreading their every social media post? Are you looking for grammatical errors in this very paragraph? If either of those questions sounds like you, there's a good chance that you are a total grammar nerd! While most of you remember all those pesky rules we learned back in school, some of us have let them fall by the wayside. The choices you make during this quiz will help you determine what grade you might have received in English 101 by letting you know exactly how nerdy you are! 

Put on your thinking cap, and grab a red pen. We don't suggest writing on the screen, but it may make you feel a little more like an editor as you quiz along. Ready to find out how much of a word nerd you are? 

Which of the following is NOT one of the four verb moods?

When you see them on social media, do you correct grammatical mistakes?

Which sentence is right?

Which of the following is NOT considered one of the parts of speech?

What do collective nouns describe?

Which is the pronoun in the following sentence? "They were happy about getting the contract."

Which interrogative pronoun do you use the least?

How big of a grammar nerd do you think you are?

Which adjective classification shows ownership?

What is the other name for past perfect tense?

Which sentence uses an interjection?

Which sentence uses a contraction?

Which of the following is a reflexive pronoun?

What are antecedents?

What does the term verbing mean?

Which sentence is incorrect?

Which sentence is correct?

What is the correct way to use the word peek?

Which incorrect sentence drives you the craziest?

Which of the following is an incomplete comparison?

Which sentence uses the word complement correctly?

Which sentence ends with a preposition?

Which word is spelled correctly?

What does a verb need to agree with?

Do you ever use irregardless?

What is your reaction when someone says "I could care less?"

Is it baited breath or bated breath?

How do you react when others correct your grammar?

Which sentence uses the semicolon correctly?

Which sentence utilizes the Oxford comma?

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