How Millennial Are You Truly?

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Generation Y, otherwise known as the millennial generation, consists of many young adults who are frugal with their money and determined to become successful in life. While their understanding of success is undoubtedly different from that of Generation X, it's difficult to argue how resourceful they are when it comes to technology. In fact, many millennials have learned how to generate revenue from blogging, vlogging and using affiliate marketing on their social media channels. And if a millennial "breaks the internet" with a viral video or post, then they might even earn a networking relationship with sponsors.

But aside from technology, many millennials are also accepting of people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. In fact, the rise of ethnic diversity has caused a change in many social and political causes as well. And we can't talk about millennials without discussing their love of trendy and gourmet foods. Healthy and organic ingredients are a must for this generation, which shows how much they care about their physical (and mental) health. Many of these types of foods, such as charcoal ice cream and rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches, are also heavily shared and marketed on social media platforms. So if you resonate with any of these aspects of Generation Y, then take our trendy quiz now!

Which of the following describes your current living situation?

Using our 1-10 scale, how much do you love avocado toast?

Texting versus calling — what's your preferred method of communication?

Do you believe that life is about experiences or materialistic items?

You can't imagine living without which of these social media apps?

Are you the type of person who responds well to criticism?

Is it more efficient to type complete sentences or just emojis?

One of these situations describes your childhood, but which one is it?

If you were shopping at Barnes & Noble, what would you buy for yourself?

Which of these bands would you love to see in concert?

How do you feel about food delivery apps like Postmates or DoorDash?

How would you describe your current employment situation?

What type of pizza flavor stands out to you the most?

For $100, you have to live without your smartphone for an entire week. Are you up for the challenge?

On a scale of beginner to expert, how would you rate your skill level when it comes to technology?

Which of these movies would you like to watch with some friends on a Saturday night?

The millennial generation has come up with many different phrases. Which one do you like the most?

Are you currently trying to promote your own type of personal brand?

How often do you binge-watch shows like "Game of Thrones" or "The Walking Dead?"

What are you looking forward to the most in your life?

Is it more fun to buy things online or walk into a store to browse around?

When you order a meal or a drink from a restaurant, do you have the urge to tell all of your followers about it?

Are you head over heels for matcha or is this a little too strong for you?

Is it important to voice your opinion about social or political issues?

If somebody was calling you on the phone right now, what would you do?

You're out traveling in Tokyo, Japan! What are you going to take a picture of?

Would you rather meet some new friends in person or online?

Your friend wants to meet you for dinner at a restaurant. Which of these places are you going to choose?

Uh oh! It looks like the Wi-Fi is down at your favorite cafe. What are you going to do now?

Do you believe that life is about following your dreams and passions?

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