How Metal Are You?

Brian Whitney

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When it comes to being metal, there are only two options: you either are or you aren't. So do you spend your day headbanging or at the library? How metal are you anyway?

Which metal band would you listen to?

What do "rules" mean to you?

What's your favorite type of movie?

How many black band tee shirts do you own?

Why do people like metal music?

Which song is your go to metal song when you're angry?

Have your parents ever worried about you because you were so into metal?

Do you like Death Metal?

Do you ever throw up devil horns?

Someone seems kind of scared of you because of your look, how does that make you feel?

Do you own the mosh pit?

People that go to the Warped Tour are...

Are you listening to metal right now?

Is David Lee Roth metal?

Do you have a black leather jacket?

What about a t-shirt with a devil on it?

Are fans of metal music mean people?

Has metal gone down hill?

Do you like Metallica?

What about Pantera?

Are you aggressive?

Have you ever played in a metal band?

Which drink would you have right now?

Why does your neck hurt?

Are hair bands metal?

Are you into rap metal?

Which metal singer do you like best?

Which metal guitarist would you pick?

Have you ever been dumped for being too metal?

Is there such a thing as being too metal?

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