How Many Redneck Tendencies Do You Actually Have?

Zoe Samuel

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Have you ever cut your grass and found a car? Do you think loading the dishwasher means getting your wife really drunk? Have you ever raked leaves out of your kitchen? If any of these things apply to you, then it is quite possible that you might have more than a little redneck in you.  You might think that it is an insult, but it really isn't. Being a redneck is as American as apple pie, if you make it with apples that you found on the ground that fell from your neighbor's tree.

If you find out that you are in fact a redneck after you take this quiz, or even if you are part of one, don't despair, it is all in fun after all. Being a redneck also can mean a lot of good things: that you are comfortable with nature, that you aren't pretentious and that you are family oriented. You know, all of that good stuff. So if you have ever bought your wife ammunition for Christmas or you have watched every single episode of Hee-Haw or you don't even know what we are talking about, the only way to know for sure how many redneck tendencies you have is by taking this quiz.

When do you put up Christmas lights?

When do you take them down?

Do you wear shoes at home?

What do you drive?

What pet do you have?

What sport do you watch?

What TV show do you watch?

What do you wear on a date?

What is "stock"?

How red is your neck, really?

How did you learn to swim?

Which season is best?

What fit are your jeans?

What would you spend on a bra?

What does diversity mean to you?

What are you drinking?

What's for dinner?

What's on the radio?

Do you smoke?

What comedian do you like?

What do you call a smallish river?

How do you feel about those city folk?

How do you feel about roadkill?

How often do you eat beef?

What Coke do you drink?

Tofu: food or not food?

How do you think we'll be powering our homes in 20 years?

Do you have a passport?

How many American flags are you wearing this precise second?

Do you have any furniture in your yard that really wasn't designed for the yard?

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