How many days should your next cruise be?

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With summer right around the corner, many of us are searching for the perfect getaway for our summer vacations. And what better choice than to go on a cruise? Take our quiz and find out how long your next cruise should be!

Who will be your traveling companion?

Choose a mixed drink?

When does your vacation truly start?

Which word best describes you?

Which climate is the best for traveling?

Which of these have you not done lately?

Which city matches your lifestyle?

If you had to work on a ship, which job would you want?

What are you most worried about when beginning to plan a trip?

What’s the most important thing about your experience on the ship?

Would you ever do a river cruise?

Which ship line has the best reputation, in your opinion?

What is the first thing you’re going to do when you get to your first destination?

Which of these on-board activities would you sign up for - no hesitation?

Which kind of show would you be most excited to see?

If you had to bunk off the boat for one night, where would you want to sleep?

Which word describes the experience you want to have on the cruise?

What’s your idea of a fun afternoon on the ship?

There are many restaurants on the ship, so which menu item would convince you to visit a particular restaurant?

For breakfast in the morning, how would you ask the crew to make your coffee?

When you go to the ship’s bar, what do you order to drink?

How are you planning to dress for most of the cruise?

Which of these shoes are definitely coming with you on the cruise?

What kind of passengers do you hope will be joining you?

Where is your ship going to?

How big is your boat?

How are you getting to the port where the ship is docked?

What kind of cabin will you take?

Why are you going on this cruise?

What is your budget like for this trip?

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