How Many Characters from the Original "Beverly Hills, 90210" Can You Name from an Image?

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Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates! Think you have what it takes to ace this quiz? Let’s head to the Peach Pit to find out…

Quick warning first, though. After taking this quiz, you will most likely head to your nearest television in search of old episodes; it’s just that fun! You see, we love "Beverly Hills, 90210," and we know you do too. We know you ogled over David Silver’s dance moves, and played the “Who’s cuter?” game with your friends. We know that Brandon won every time. Or wait, was it Dylan? Either way, we know you were on the couch every Wednesday night with all of your friends and no distractions... because that's how important it was. You could not miss a minute of this show. And at 8:59 p.m. when the credits rolled, you dreaded the fact that you had to wait an entire week to find out what happened next!

You see, we know how much you loved "Beverly Hills, 90210," so let’s see now if you remember all of the faces. From West Beverly to Cal U, from the beach apartment to Casa Walsh, take it back to the '90s with this ultimate character quiz. And one last thing... meet me at the After Dark when you're finished. Color Me Bad is performing tonight!

Brandon Walsh was portrayed by actor Jason Priestley. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Priestly starred on the show from 1990 - 2000. This included four years as the director of 15 episodes!

Shannen Doherty had the honor of playing Brandon's twin sister, Brenda Walsh. She appeared in the first episode on October 4, 1990, and exited the show on May 19, 2009. Following her departure, we were introduced to her replacement character, Valerie Malone.

Kelly Taylor was portrayed by actress Jennie Garth. Born in 1972 in Urbana, Illinois, Garth appeared in all 10 seasons of Beverly Hills 90210. By the end of the series, she was the owner of "Kelly Taylor Public Relations."

Party boy Steve Sanders was a staple character in "Beverly Hills, 90210." He was portrayed by actor Ian Ziering and remembered for his light-hearted and brash personality, along with his family's riches.

Andrea Zuckerman was the brains of the group! She was portrayed by actress Gabrielle Carteris, who is the current President of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists!

The one and only Dylan McKay, heart-throb and occasional loner, was portrayed by actor Luke Perry. Dylan had relationships with several women, including Brenda and Kelly. There was also Valerie, Gina, Toni... you understand!

Brian Austin Green had the pleasure of maturing on screen throughout his role as David Silver. He was just 17 years old when the show began, and as we know ...once in love with Donna, ALWAYS in love with Donna!

Scott Scanlon was portrayed by actor Douglas Emerson. He appeared as David Silver's nerdy best friend on the first and second seasons of Beverly Hills 90210, until his character was killed by an accidental self-inflicted gun shot.

Donna Martin, sweet and ditzy! She was portrayed by actress Tori Spelling who was the daughter of "Beverly Hills 90210 producer Aaron Spelling. Tori released an autobiography in 2009 entitled Stori Telling.

Cindy Walsh was the mother of Brandon and Brenda Walsh. Married to Jim, they humbly raised their twin teenagers in a modest home amid the trust funds and fancy cars of their peers!

Jim Walsh was portrayed by actor James Eckhouse. He appeared as a main character from seasons 1-5 and returned as a special guest in seasons 7 and 8.

Who knew this "Saved By The Bell" sweetheart would make her way to the "Beverly Hills, 90210" screen! Tiffani Thiessen portrayed Valerie Malone from seasons 5-9 and as a special guest in season 10. Her character's presence on set meant trouble was near!

Actor Mark Damon Espinoza appeared as Jesse Vasquez from 1993 - 1995. He was born in Beaumont, Texas, and has also appeared in "Married...with Children," "Private Practice," "House" and "Without a Trace."

Who could forget Joe E. Tata? Nat Bussichio was a former Hollywood actor who owned and operated the after-school hangout, the Peach Pit. He was not only Brandon's boss, but he also served as the voice of reason among the group of friends whenever trouble was looming!

Clare Arnold was portrayed by actress Kathleen Robertson and appeared in seasons 4 - 7 of "Beverly Hills, 90210." During her time on the show, she pursued Brandon Walsh, and had relationships with David Silver and Steve Sanders!

Jamie Walters was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Aside from his two-year stint as Donna Martin's boyfriend on "Beverly Hills, 90210," he is best known for his number one hit single, "How Do You Talk to an Angel."

Carly Reynolds was portrayed by Academy Award-winning Hillary Swank! Swank appeared in 16 episodes of "Beverly Hills, 90210" from 1997 - 1998. During this time, she had a relationship with Steve Sanders who adored her son as well.

Actor Vincent Young played the role of Noah Hunter. He was on the show from 1997 - 2000, after which he made appearances on "CSI: New York," "NCIS," and "JAG."

Janet Sosna was portrayed by actress Lindsay Price. She and Steve met at the Beverly Beat and though they got off to a rough start, they eventually married and became parents to baby Madeline!

Actor Daniel Cosgrove played one of Kelly's many boyfriends on "Beverly Hills, 90210." He appeared in 50 episodes as Matt Durning from 1998 - 2000. Throughout their relationship, Kelly just couldn't shake her original love, Dylan. Or was it Brandon!?

Gina Kincaid was a former ice skating champion with a bad attitude! She was Donna Martin's cousin, but as time would tell, she was actually Donna's half sister! She was portrayed by actress Vanessa Marcil.

Jackie Taylor is the mother of Kelly Taylor and Erin Silver and stepmother of David Silver. She married David's father, Mel, in the second season of the show, though divorced when Mel was caught cheating on her.

Emily Valentine was portrayed by actress Christine Elise. Elise was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1965 and along with her role as Emily, she is also remembered as Kyle in "Child's Play 2."

Nikki Witt was a girlfriend of Brandon's during season 3 of Beverly Hill's 90210. By the end of the season though, she was moving back to San Francisco, thus ending their relationship. She was portrayed by actress Dana Barron.

Stuart Carson was Brenda's wealthy, 20-something love interest whom she began dating shortly after entering college in season 4. Stuart actually proposed to Brenda but she later broke up with him after realizing he was more interested in pleasing her father than her!

Actor Cress Williams began his acting career in 1993 in 13 episodes of "Beverly Hills, 90210." He continues a successful career today and is best known for his role as Wyatt Mathewson in "Prison Break" and Ed Williams in "Close to Home."

John Sears was portrayed by actor Paul Johansson. Sears is introduced in the fourth season of "Beverly Hills, 90210" as a leader of Steve's KEG house fraternity. Let's just say the two of them don't get along.

An all-star quarterback at California University, Joe Bradley came to Donna's rescue in season 6 after Ray started abusing her. Though they dated for much of the season, by the end, he was moving back to Pennsylvania, without Donna.

"Toni" was portrayed by Rebecca Gayheart, aka the Noxzema girl! She was the daughter of Dylan's father's supposed killed, Tony Marchette. She and Dylan eventually married, though she was accidentally killed by the hitman whom her father hired to kill Dylan the day after their wedding.

Jason Wiles starred in season 6 of Beverly Hills 90120 as an artist, as well as Valerie's old boyfriend, and Kelly's new fling. He pulled Kelly into his cocaine habits, which landed her in rehab that season.

Susan Keats was the editor of The CU Condor. She was a feminist and caught the attention of Brandon in Season 6. She was portrayed by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" actress Emma Caulfield.

Tracy Gaylian was Brandon's co-host news anchor for the CU TV station. They dated for most of season 7 until he realized that his true feelings were still with Kelly.

Josie Davis not only starred as Camille Desmond in "Beverly Hills, 90210," she also starred as Sarah Powell in "Charles in Charge." Since then she has appeared in many TV shows and movies, including many for Hallmark and Lifetime.

Though Aaron Spelling was Tori's Dad, Michael Durrell played the role of John Martin, Donna Martin's dad. Durrell was born in 1943 in Brooklyn, New York. He appeared in seasons 3-10.

Felice Martin was portrayed by actress Katherine Cannon. She was a perfectionist, conservative, wealthy and a Beverly Hills socialite who wanted the exact same for her daughter. She often interfered with Donna's relationships...

Abby Malone appeared as a recurring character in seasons 7-9. She was portrayed by actress and singer Michelle Phillips, best known as the co-founder of The Mamas & the Papas.

Lucinda Nicholson was the married university anthropology professor with whom Brandon had romantic relations. Did we mention she also kissed Dylan McKay?

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