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Life in college isn't always easy, especially when you're living your life as a 'Scream Queen.' Test your knowledge of Season 1!

What is the name of the college in "Scream Queens?

"Scream Queens" follows the story of students on fictional campus, Wallace University.


What club/organization connects the girls at Wallace University?

The "Scream Queens" are all a part of a sorority at Wallace University.


What is the name of the sorority at Wallace University?

The sorority is the Kappa Kappa Tau led by president, Chanel Oberlin.


Which actress plays Chanel Oberlin?

Emma Robert stars as the lead in "Scream Queens" as Chanel Oberlin, Kappa Kappa Tau president.


Which character has plans to join Kappa Kappa Tau sorority?

In Episode 1, we see Grace Gardner come to Wallace University with plans to join Kappa Kappa Tau sorority.


Why does Grace want to join the sorority?

Grace goes to Wallace University with the intentions of joining KKT sorority because her mother was a former member.


How does Ms. Bean, the KKT's housemaid die?

When Chanel devises a deep fryer prank to scare the new pledges away, it ends up being fatal for M. Bean.


Whose closet does Grace find the Red Devil's costume?

During "Hell Week," Grace finds the Red Devil costume in Pete's closet before we see the Red Devil kill Shondell and slash Boone's throat.


Who does Chanel give a makeover to and dub as Chanel #6?

Hoping to get her minions back in order, Chanel gives Hester a makeover and refers to her as Chanel #6.


Who does Chanel #3 say her father is?

When another person dies, Chanel #3 tells Sam that her father is Charles Manson and they decide to team up in the house.


Who do we find out also dated Chad Radwell?

At the end of episode 1, we see Chanel #2 trying to leave Wallace University before she is stabbed to death by the Red Devil. Later when Grace finds blood in her bed, they travel to meet her parents who reveal that Chanel #2, or Sonya, also dated Chad.


What group is the Red Devil forced into fighting?

When The Dickie Dollar Scholars get ready to fight the Red Devil, they are surprised with two Red Devils, both with chainsaws.


Which sorority member does Denise think is responsible for the murders?

When Denise believes that there are two Red Devils, she believes one of them to be Zayday.


Who was the survivor of the bathtub incident?

Grace and Pete are able to track down the survivor of the bathtub incident, Mandy Greenwell, who reveals that Dean Munsch helped cover up the situation.


Which sorority member discovers the bodies at Shady Lane with Chad?

When Hester seduces Chad and they head to Shady Lane together, they discover the bodies of Ms. Bean, Chanel #2, Shondell, and Mandy.


Who used to live in the shack on Shady Lane?

When Grace finds out that "The Hag of Shady Lane" was taking care of the bathtub incident baby in 1995, she looks into the story. She later finds out that "the hag" is Gigi.


Who gets Chanel arrested for Ms. Bean's murder?

Hester, or Chanel #6, goes to the police and gets Chanel arrested for Ms. Bean's death. She then tells everyone that Chanel #5 is the member who went to the police.


At the pumpkin patch party, what does Zayday stab the Red Devil with to escape?

When the Red Devil attacks Zayday, she is able to escape by stabbing it in the hand with a fork.


When the Red Devil's lair is found, who uses the taser on him?

When Grace, Denise, Pete, Gigi, and Wes find the Red Devil's lair, Denise manages to taser him, but he is able to escape before they reveal his identity.


Which two sorority members tie for president?

When the sorority votes for president, Chanel and Zayday both tie, but Chanel ends up giving it to Zayday hoping it'll spare her life.


Who is dared to take a nap in the bathtub from the 1995 incident?

In a game of Truth or Dare, Sam reveals that Chanel #3's father is Charles Manson. Angry at Sam, Chanel #3 dares her to take a nap in the bathtub where she is killed by The Red Devil.


Who convinces the minions that Chanel's the actual killer?

When the Chanels speak to Chanel #2 through a Ouija board, she tells them that Chanel Oberlin is the killer which causes the minions to plot Chanel's death.


Who killed Dean Munsch's ex-husband?

When Cathy Munsch is arrested for the murder of her ex-husband, she gets Grace and Pete to help her. They then find evidence that Feather McCarthy killed him. After Feather is placed in an institution, it is revealed that Dean Munsch killed her ex-husband and framed Feather.


When Dean Munsch is attacked in the shower by three people, which Supreme Court Justice does one of them wear as a mask?

When Dean Munsch is attacked by three perpetrators, two of them being the Red Devil, the third is wearing an Antonin Scalia mask.


Who do the minions try to have prove that Zayday and Grace are the Red Devil?

Under the orders of Chanel, the minions are out to prove that Grace and Zayday are the killers. Meanwhile, Chanel has police detectives look into the pair as well.


Which of the KKT girls fake a pregnancy?

When Hester finds out that Chanel has been invited to Chad's for Thanksgiving, Hester fakes a pregnancy so Chad can admit he's been with her.


Who is Boone in love with?

Boone has the intentions of seducing Zayday but when she finds out that Boone was the Red Devil who attacked her, she rejects him. This leads to Boone stabbing Earl, who Zayday has feelings for.


Who pushes Hester down the Kappa staircase?

Since Chad thinks Hester is pregnant with his child, he decides that he should invite Hester to Thanksgiving instead. The minions are able to trick Hester into revealing that she faked her pregnancy which causes Chanel to push her down the stairs.


When the sorority sits down for Thanksgiving dinner, whose head do they find on the turkey platter?

Although earlier in Episode 10 we see the Red Devil and Gigi spending Thanksgiving together, at the end of the episode, Gigi's head is found in place of the turkey.


Who does Boone leave his possessions to?

After Boone dies, Chad reveals to Pete that Boone left him most of his possessions although they barely knew each other.


Who is almost poisoned and put in a cryogenic freezer when they are believed to be the killer?

When everyone assumes that Dean Munsch is the killer, Chanel decides that the best plan is to kill the Dean. They then try to poison her and freeze her to death, but she survives both attempts.


Who does Chanel attack with scissors thinking they are the Red Devil?

When Chanel attacks Melanie thinking she is the Red Devil, Grace and Zayday stop her and reveal that she is not the killer.


Who do Zayday and Grace reveal to be the last Red Devil?

In order to stop Chanel from killing Melanie, they reveal that Hester is the final Red Devil.


In the following year, who is KKT vice president?

In 2016, we see that KKT is lead by president Zayday, VP Grace, and treasurer Hester.


Who stabbed Hester in the eye with a stiletto?

When Hester is initially brought to the hospital, she says that Chanel #5 attacked her. We later find out that Hester injured herself on purpose before convincing Denise that Chanel and the rest of the minions were the killers. They are all sentences to life in an asylum.


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