How Long Would You Survive in the Wilderness?

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The wilderness is a very beautiful and awe-inspiring place, as long as you have some idea where you are going and what you are doing while you are in it.  If that isn't the case, then you are probably going to be absolutely terrified, It gets awfully dark in the wilderness at night, and when you hear a sound, you don't know if you are about to be attacked by a bear or if a totally adorable rabbit is looking at you wanting to be your friend.

Some people you could drop in the wilderness with nothing but a jug of water and a folding knife and you would come back 20 years later and they would have started a whole new civilization. Other people, you could drop off with a tent, a generator and a months worth of food and within two hours they would be running through the woods screaming at the top of their lungs. Where do you fall on the scale? Are you a hardcore survivalist waiting to take on the wilderness and all it has to offer, or are you the type of person who feels like an adventurer when you buy a flannel shirt at Patagonia? Take this quiz to find out.

What is the first thing you would do if in the wilderness alone?

How would you find a source of water?

Which food would you try to stockpile?

How will you keep warm?

Have you ever hunted before?

What is your favorite survivalist reality TV show?

How would you use animals to survive?

If heading into the wilderness for an extended period, which kind of books would you bring?

Which food and beverage would be your default while in the wilderness?

What is one thing you would bring with you into the wilderness?

Which form of technology would be useful in the wilderness?

What form of shelter will you use to survive?

How will you make a fire?

How will you obtain a protein source of food?

Why would you be in the wilderness alone?

If a bear attacks what will you do?

What is your biggest negative impact on the environment?

Have you ever been camping before?

How do you know which berries are safe or poisonous?

What will you do to pass the time?

Where will you go to the bathroom?

If lost in the wilderness, how will you get help?

If hiding in the wilderness, how will you stay hidden?

Can you swim?

Where would you build a shelter?

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Which is your favorite survival movie?

You come to a rushing river, what do you do?

Which is your favorite television station?

Which climate would you like to be lost in?

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