How Long Would You Survive on a Dessert Island?

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Desserts are the reason to eat other meals. You know what, you go ahead and eat dessert as your meal. If given a chance, would you eat dessert for every meal? For some, that's an easy and astounding yes, but for others, dessert is a treat eaten in moderation. No matter what your sweet style is, imagine being stuck on an island where the only things to eat are desserts. How long would you last? Maybe the real question is how long before you get so sick of sweets that you're just gulping ocean water for something other than sugar.

How did you get on this island? Maybe all those times you wished you could eat nothing but dessert finally became reality. Perhaps this is all just a dream. Either way, eating all the dessert in this quiz won't actually impact your life or health, so the sky is the limit! Dream up all of the confections you can think of and realistically think of how much of it you can eat. This could be a classic case of your eyes being bigger than your stomach, but if you really want to know how long you'd survive on a dessert island, take this quiz!

If you were on a dessert island, which one dessert would you want there to be the most of?

Have you ever tried to see how many desserts you can eat in one sitting?

When you go out to dinner, is there a certain dessert you'll order every single time?

Which dessert is worth buying over baking?

Do you consider fruit to be dessert?

Replace the sand on the island with one dessert from the list below. Which one are you choosing?

If you looked up and saw a dessert tree, what do you hope is growing on it?

When it's your birthday, which sweet treat do you want to eat without judgment?

Do you like to have dessert every night?

You're in charge of the bake sale! What are you calling dibs on?

What sweet treat do you crave the most?

If you could replace the green leaves of a palm tree with candy, which one would you choose?

You're at a dinner party and the dessert table looks way better than the buffet. What item are you sneaking?

After a super light dinner, which decadent dessert can you not wait to dive into?

You're going about your normal grocery shopping and you decide it's time to treat yourself. With anything you want at your fingertips, what do you pick up?

If you were hosting a few people and someone asks you what dessert to bring, what are you telling them?

Imagine it's your wedding day. Aside from cake, are you having any other desserts?

What are you hoping for, dessert-wise, when attending a kids birthday party?

As a kid, what was one dessert you always wanted but weren't allowed to have?

How many desserts do you think you could eat in one day?

On this dessert island, who would be there with you eating all the sweets?

Do you have a signature dessert that you're known for?

If you were feeling down in the dumps, which treat would you want someone to bring you to cheer you up?

What's the best dessert to pig out on after you've been dumped?

Let's say you're selling your home and want it to smell like baked goods to entice people. What's baking in your oven?

Which pie filling is at the top of your list?

If you had to pick one, which candy bar could you eat exclusively for the rest of your life?

Picture this dessert island. Is there a flavor theme?

Which dessert could you live without, if there is one?

Your time on the dessert island isn't over yet! Which dessert is your last on the day before you head off into dream land?

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