How Is Your Aura Affecting Your Love Life?

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Most people neglect aura care as a part of a good beauty regime. Many of them believe that just because no one will see their auras, they don't need to carefully tend to them, but the truth is that the aura can be the canary in the coalmine when it comes to many aspects of life, including one's love life.

One's happiness can have a major effect on one's medical health. As a result of this, it is important to maintain one's overall happiness, so as to avoid deleterious effects on one's health. While the term "wellness" does not have any legal or medical meaning when it comes to "health", it does refer to an emotional state of general happiness which may contribute to health, if you're lucky.

Has your love life been suffering? It may be down to your aura. A healthy love life contributes to happiness, which makes you healthier, so it is important that you consider treating your aura right. Due to aura examination being outside the remit of the medical profession, we have every right to call this test a scientific examination of your aura and its impact on your love life. Do you want to set things on the correct path and find Mr. or Ms. Right? Take this quiz as the first step.

What do you do when someone comments negatively about your aura?

Do you suddenly break out in accordance with the cycles of the moon?

How do you regularly maintain your aura's overall wellness?

Do you occasionally do something special to improve the overall health of your aura?

Does your aura ever seem to rub off onto your possessions?

When do you find most of your relationships come to an end?

What pressures are on your current relationship?

What is the age difference between you and your current partner?

Do you usually date people with compatible western zodiac signs?

How often do you get static shocks from the people you date?

How often do you find a meal with a date has suddenly gone off?

How often does the weather suddenly change for the worse after kissing a date?

How often do you find that you experience strange electrical disturbances when you're in a relationship, like streetlights guttering out as you walk past?

Do you get the sense that when you are close to people you date, your aura is attracting malevolent entities?

Has a Reiki practitioner diagnosed you as having aura fatigue?

Has your aura flashed any unusual colors recently?

How regularly do you engage in aura-damaging activities?

Have you gotten the impression that your aura has been distressed for a long time?

What is the usual age difference between you and your romantic partners?

Have you attempted to tamper with your aura, or asked someone else to do that?

Is the universe failing to respond to you in ways other than presenting you with adequate people to date?

Do you find your aura affects relationships outside of your romantic relationships?

Does the quality or number of your relationships with your family change when your romantic relationships suffer?

Do you find that many household appliances malfunction around the same time as you experience romantic trouble?

Have you found that animals react to you in aberrant ways at times you are going through a breakup?

Do you suddenly attract the evil eye at work when your romantic troubles arise?

Have you found that you suddenly develop an appetite for unusual foods when a relationship suddenly ends?

Do you typically date people of compatible Chinese zodiac signs?

Do you find that your platonic friendships suffer in concert with your romantic problems?

Do you find that an illness precedes the end of your romantic engagements?

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