How Irish Are You?

By: Steven Miller
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There's more to being Irish than drinking green beer and loving Bono. In fact, the reality is that the Irish generally aren't fans of either of those things.

While there are some unfair stereotypes of the Irish people, some of them are well-earned and beloved badges of honor for the culture. For example, those from the Emerald Isle do tend to be excellent storytellers, and it is pretty common for them to complain a bit about the weather. Although, you might do a little belly-aching too if it was as cold and rainy on a regular basis where you lived.

The Irish people have also earned the reputation for being extremely friendly and welcoming to visitors and guests. At the same time, while the Irish are known to enjoy an adult beverage now and again, they're not all drunks, and they're also not all hot-tempered jerks who lose their cool at the drop of a hat. It's true that there is a bit of melancholy in the songs and spirit of the Irish people, but they are also world-renowned for their ability to celebrate, at both weddings and funerals.

Despite having had to deal with the Viking, Roman, and English occupations of their homeland for centuries, the Irish spirit is resilient and filled with a great sense of humor and an artistic flair. Let's find out if you have what it takes to truly call yourself Irish.

Do you drink tea?

What is your favorite vegetable?

How would you describe your sense of humor?

Which beer do you prefer?

Which Irish folk song do you like the most?

Do you tend to complain?

How do you react when someone compliments you?

What do you think of U2's Bono?

How big is your family?

Do you swear a lot?

Would you consider yourself to be a friendly person?

How spiritual are you?

How many women named Bridget do you personally know?

How common is it for you to use the term "wee" when describing an amount of something?

What is "the craic"?

How do you feel about the weather?

Which meal sounds the most appealing to you?

How good are you at telling a story?

How frequently do you contemplate death?

Are you a procrastinator?

Would you prefer to live in the city or out in the country?

Would you consider yourself to be a bit of a poet?

How would you describe the atmosphere at funerals in your family?

When you lose something important to you, what's the first thing you do?

If you're upset with someone, how do you usually handle it?

How would you deal with being served food that was not good?

How close are you with your cousins?

Have you ever been an altar server?

Are you comfortable talking about feelings?

How do you react if you hear someone say, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"?

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