How Intuitive Are You Based on This Spirit Animal Test?

By: Tasha Moore
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Do you ever get an inexplicable sense of things? Take this spirit animal test to gauge how strong your sixth sense truly is. Spirit animals guide us through life. We take on the noble characteristics of these creatures either permanently or temporarily and depending on what we are experiencing.

If you are prepping to take on a long and arduous journey, the canine spirit may come to your aid. Trying times call for spirit animals that evoke light-heartedness, like the butterfly. Sometimes we are shown spirit animals in visions, dreams or by repetition as reflections of what we should change to live more meaningful lives. For example, the coyote is a playful creature, but when it's serious, the beast can become vicious and inflict tremendous harm to themselves and others around them.

Our spirit animal test presents real-life scenarios meant to stimulate your soul senses and exercise your intuitive skills. Carefully ponder the settings we provide so that we might most accurately assess your level of intuition. Certainly, there are no right or wrong answers. Your honest answers paint a personality portrait unique to you based on your life experiences. So whatever the outcome, be proud that you've cultivated such a sophisticated belief system.

Now move forward through this quiz and cultivate some awesome answers!

Can you detect the slightest danger, like a deer?

The horse relies on a flight response whenever it is uncomfortable in its surroundings. How do you react to foreign environments?

Most turtles that have flipped onto their shells will keep struggling, even unto death, to turn over upright. Have you ever failed at a very important task? If so, what was your immediate reaction?

The male platypus contains enough venom in its hind spurs to kill a menacing medium-sized dog that might underestimate the platypus's power. When others underestimate you, what is your response?

When an uncooperative baby prairie dog is being weaned, it throws a tantrum, which its mother ignores. How do you react when you are ignored?

Domesticated cats are more agreeable than felines that inhabit the wild. Do you maintain a consistent personality when at home and out in public?

The coyote can sense if another animal harbors malicious intentions. If someone jokes with you about stealing from you, would you laugh at the joke?

The lioness will coax her prey to succumb to the traps she's set. Are you a shameless manipulator?

Aggressive canines that are fighting will likely attack a human who tries to intervene. If you heard your neighbors arguing and throwing things around in the next apartment, what would you do?

Many worry-free foxes take over dens dug by other creatures. Do haunted houses frighten you?

Certain dog breeds are used as service animals to comfort people with high levels of anxiety. If you see that a family member or friend is upset, do you show them affection to cheer them up?

Atlantic salmon are born in freshwater and migrate to the ocean for food and to grow, then they return to freshwater to deposit eggs. How amenable are you to change?

Wolves are social creatures that prefer to hunt, live and travel together in packs. Do you prefer group settings or are you a loner type?

Did you know that the moth possesses hearing ability superior to that of most animals and even some humans? Do your friends consider you to be a good listener?

Female little brown bats are meticulous planners. They will store the males' semen all through the winter until spring when they ovulate. Do you plan for things well in advance or does life easily throw you off course?

It doesn't take long for the witty crow to figure out complex patterns and mazes. Scientists have suggested that crows are as smart as seven-year-old humans. How do you obtain your wisdom?

The word "parrot" is defined in the dictionary as "a tropical bird," as well as "the act of mechanical repetition." Do you repeat clever sayings to punctuate real-life scenarios?

Giant pandas are considered some of the laziest creatures on earth. When the fire alarm goes off in your building, do you linger idly like a panda or do you scurry out of there?

Most domestic goats will faint as a reaction to distress. If a stranger stops in front of you with arms and mouth wide open, abruptly interrupting your lonely stroll along a deserted street at night, what do you do?

Buzzards are infamous scavengers. If you discover someone has thrown away an antique set of fine, but soiled, crystal glassware in the trash, do you take ownership?

Pigs have a vile reputation for wallowing in dung-laced mire. If three $100 bills fall out of your pocket into a pile of "mystery" mud, what do you do?

Some elephants become hostile if they sense that humans are intimidated by them. If ever you get the sense that others are intimidated by you, how do you react?

Bonobo chimpanzees offer non-familial bonobos fruit, such as bananas and apples. If your family ever asked you to bring a homemade cake to a gathering, how do you handle the task?

Hens often bully other chickens in their coop for no apparent reason. If a co-worker randomly starts verbal altercations with other employees about trivial matters concerning the office, when is it a good time to duly notify the human resources department about these daily annoyances?

As a natural part of its digestive process, the cow chews on regurgitated cud. If your blind date "returns" a noticeable lump of chewed food to a dish that they say is "icky," do you go on a second date?

If a wolf gets its paw caught in a trap, it will gnaw at its paw in order to free itself. How persistent are you about improving difficult situations?

Venomous snakes are very aggressive when humans approach them. Are you aggressive when animals or insects linger near you?

Squirrels fatten up during the fall to brace for winter months. What snacks do you typically carry in your car or on your person just in case hunger strikes?

The paranoid California scrub jay constantly finds new places to hide their food. What's your level of paranoia?

Swans are so loyal that they will mate with the same partner for life. Are you devoted to one true love, or do you prefer to play the field?

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