How Hot Is Your Sex Life?

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According to at least one poll, around 64 percent of all the adults in America are currently in some kind of sexual relationship. And of course, in that 64 percent of people, there are varying degrees of activity that can be measured to a certain degree. After all, one person's idea of activity is another person's idea of boredom. It's really a matter of perspective. Sexy perspective!

Not everyone needs or wants the same kind of sexual relationship. On the other hand, not everyone needs or wants the kind of sexual relationship they currently have. You play the cards you're dealt, and sometimes that means the hottest of hot times while other times that means you're about as chilly as a polar bear in the freezer in mid-January. How you feel about yourself, how you feel about your partner and all kinds of other considerations and variables can have a strong effect on your sex life. Is it all you want it to be? More than you want it to be? Or is it something else entirely? Why not answer a few questions for us about yourself and we'll guess exactly how hot your sex life truly is.

When you get a little frisky with a partner, is it an all-night marathon or a few-minute excursion?

Has one of your partners ever had to take a break to get a drink of water?

Do you ever schedule sexy times with your partner?

How many times a week would you say you're getting busy?

Do you ever listen to sexy music to set the mood?

Rain isn't usually very warm, but would you ever get sexy in the rain?

What's your favorite place in the house to get a little nasty aside from the bedroom?

You need to keep up your energy when you're having sexy fun times. Have you ever included food in your fun?

Is the great outdoors ever a location in which you might get a little nasty?

Have any of your sexy adventures ever been caught on film?

At what time of day do you feel most into getting frisky?

How comfortable are you being nude around a partner?

Are you more into pleasing your partner or pleasing yourself?

Have you ever sent someone some dirty pics of yourself?

All work and no play makes us all a little dull. Have you ever gotten sexy in the middle of a workday?

They say three's a crowd, but have you ever enjoyed the company of a third person in the bedroom?

Numbers aren't everything, of course, but if we could talk about them for just a sec ... How many partners have you had in your life?

If your partner is at work or out of town and you get the urge, what are you going to do?

There's so much space in the backseat of the car. Have you ever done a little more than just sitting back there?

For some people, there needs to be a real connection with a partner, and for others, not so much. Have you ever had a one-night stand with a stranger?

Could you be in a relationship with someone that you had no sexual chemistry with?

Suppose someone were to walk in on you with your partner while you were right in the middle of some dirty fun. What would you do?

Are sexy outfits the sort of thing you have an interest in?

So, what's your opinion on toys?

Would you ever go to a club where couples get together to swap partners and put on shows for an audience?

Monogamy isn't for everyone, it seems. Have you ever cheated on a partner?

How often do you and your partner enjoy dirty movies together?

Have you ever been with someone who you found very physically attractive, but mentally you actually disliked?

Would you ever join the Mile High Club?

Have you mastered dirty talk?

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