How Hot Are Your Kisses?

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Unless you've found a way to make out with yourself, it's nearly impossible to gauge whether or not your kisses are passionate and steamy or slobbery and wild. Play on to find out just how hot your kisses are!

Do you have much kissing experience?

What's the most embarrassing thing you've practiced kissing on?

Has anyone ever complimented your kissing skills?

What's your tongue like?

Have you ever tried to tie a cherry stem into a knot using only your mouth?

Do teeth play any role in your make-out sesh?

What's your breath usually smell like?

Do you have allergies?

How do you deal with excess saliva during a steamy kiss?

Where are your hands usually at while you're kissing?

How long is your ideal first kiss with someone new?

Have you ever given someone a hickey?

How do you initiate a make out sesh?

When's the last time you had bad sex?

Does your nose ever get in the way of kissing?

Do you communicate with your partner about their kissing preferences?

Does your mind ever wander while you're kissing?

Do you respond well to constructive feedback about your sexual skills?

When was your first kiss?

What's your favorite part about kissing?

What's your least favorite part of kissing?

How often do you change things up with your kisses?

Do you feel like your kissing style meshes well with other people's?

What's the best spot for a hot make-out sesh?

How long does your average kiss last?

Have you ever accidentally injured a sexual partner while kissing?

What are your lips like?

How do you feel about groping?

What do you do with your eyes while you're kissing?

Have you ever given a sexual partner goosebumps from the hotness of your kissing?

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