How Honest Are You?

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While most of us claim to be honest, when it comes to telling the truth there is no doubt that some of us do it more than others. How important is being honest in your life?

You just cheated on your partner. Do you tell them?

You just saw someone drop 5 dollars. What do you do?

You just saw someone drop 500 dollars. What would you do?

Your best friend is making a fool of himself. Do you tell him?

Your friend's boyfriend is cheating on her. Do you tell her?

How often did you cheat in school?

You just got a present you don't like as a gift. What do you do?

Someone you don't want to talk to texts you and asks you to call them right away. What do you do?

The waiter asks how your meal was. It was awful. What do you say?

Someone you don't want to hang out with asks you to go out with them. What do you do?

Would you ever pretend you were more hurt than you were to get money from a car accident?

Have you ever stolen anything?

You are invited to a wedding.You are planning to break up with your significant other, but do you do it before the wedding, or after? If you do it before, you won't have a date.

Have you ever told someone you love them, but you didn't mean it?

Is it okay to tell a small lie, to get someone to do something you want them to do?

You get pulled over by the police after you have had three drinks. When the police officer asks how many you have had, what do you say?

Does this make my butt look fat?

You saw someone steal something from a store. What do you do?

Would you ever read your significant other's diary?

Do you think most other people are honest?

You just got back 10 dollars in change instead of 5. What do you do?

Do you believe in Karma?

Is it ever justified for a poor man to steal from a rich man?

Would you tell your 11-year-old to say she was 10, if 10 and under get in free?

Telling your partner you didn't love them anymore would make them sad. Would you do it?

You are driving a work vehicle and you scratch the car door by driving too close to something. No one saw what happened, so what do you do?

You overslept for a meeting. What do you say when you arrive?

How bad do you feel when you cheat on your partner?

Do you think people that get away with things are smarter than other people?

Your buddy asks you to be his alibi. What do you say?

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