How High Would You Rank in British Nobility?

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The British aristocracy managed to dominate an empire that in turn dominated much of the world. They grew wealthy in all sorts of endeavors, from discovering coal on their land to the wool trade to sugar to simply sucking up to the right monarch at the right time. Some of them are still rolling in it, and others are asset rich and cash poor (but still fearsomely posh).

The secret of the aristocracy is that getting a title isn't as complicated as it sounds. Sure, some people received their titles for great charitable deeds, heroic service to king and country, or for inventing something marvelous or achieving the pinnacle of their field. However, others came by their titles in far more revolting ways. Sometimes they got it for being governor of a colony and violently oppressing the people. 

Others made a substantial donation to a particular political party at the right moment. A few got it by either personally being the lover of the right person, or even more scandalously, by having their wife take on that role and getting a title to keep their mouth shut. Then a few people came by it in a somewhat more neutral manner: through marriage or inheritance.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get a title - and which one you'd get depends on how far you're willing to go. So take this quiz and let's see where you wind up!

Is any part of you self-made?

How do you feel about nepotism as a way to get what you want?

Do you have any friends who are not members of the upper class?

Did you choose your parents wisely?

How heavy is your coronet?

How Establishment are you?

Would you ever describe yourself as a philanthropist?

What's your idea of manual labor?

Is there any sort of company you wouldn't be willing to run in order to get filthy rich?

How do you feel about having a whole lot of staff in your house?

What's a nice way to spend a Saturday?

What social media platform are you on?

How much do you give to charity?

How much time do you spend doing charity in person?

How much do you know about farming?

What's your ideal home?

Do you want to change the system?

How well known are you in your community?

How do you feel about the patriarchy?

What sort of school will your kids attend?

Do you like the idea of running a family business?

Do you look good in ermine?

How inbred are you?

How old is your car?

How do you feel about Americans?

How out of touch are you willing to get?

How many courtesy titles is enough?

How do you want to get your title?

How much are the contents of your house worth, relative to the value of the house?

How many square feet is too many?

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