How Good with Money are You?

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As much as we all hate to admit it, money makes the world go around. Some of us are naturals when it comes to saving, while others are financial disasters, how good with money are you?

What do you do with your change?

How much money have you borrowed from your parents as an adult?

Have you ever borrowed money and not paid it back?

Do you ever not know how much is in your checking account?

Has your credit card ever been declined?

If you lost your job, how long could you live off savings?

Where do you go on vacation?

What is the value of your car?

How many accounts have you ever had in collections?

Has your spending ever caused problems in your relationship?

How many nights a month do you go out to lunch or dinner, or go have drinks?

Are you a good tipper?

You have plenty of shoes, but you see and want an expensive pair, what do you do?

Where you live?

What is your retirement plan?

Where do you keep most of your money?

Which word describes you best?

Have you ever been late on your taxes?

Have you ever had a car repair you could not afford to fix?

If you have to borrow money, who do you borrow it from?

How important is money?

Would you do a job you hated with a passion for million of dollars a year?

You live in the Northeast, and it is cold, but you are broke and want to go to Miami for a few days. Do you go?

You just got a large amount of money unexpectedly, what do you do?

What do you want most out of money?

Could you have a long term relationship with someone less financially stable than you?

How do you shop for food for the week?

How much do designer labels mean to you?

What is the most money that you spent this year just going out on a random night?

After you spent some money going out, could you still pay your rent?

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