How French Are You?

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Do you think being French is all about baguettes, berets, and wine? Well, it's not, although you may not be entirely off. The French are cultural, independent, and have a unique mix of old and new ideologies. How French are you? Take this quiz and find out.

Do you speak French?

Which is your favorite French food?

If you were going to prance around Paris for the day, what would you wear?

Which of these vices could you get into?

How do you get to work?

If you are riding a bike with a basket, what is inside the basket?

Which is your favorite cheese?

How do you prefer your eggs?

Who delivers chocolate eggs to French kids during Easter?

How do you say, "Hello, my name is..." in French?

Who is your favorite French writer?

When was the Eiffel Tower finished?

When is Bastille Day?

Which is your favorite style of art?

Where does your dinner usually come from?

Which expression of beauty is most appealing to you?

Which hat would you wear to the top of the Eiffal Tower?

How do you think you would represent French culture?

When you see a love scene on television. How do you react?

Which is your favorite French sport?

Which of these would be your favorite form of entertainment on the weekends?

How would you describe the typical Frenchman's personality?

How are you likely to die?

Which is the most beautiful season in Paris?

Which of these places is on your travel bucket list?

Which is your favorite French greeting?

If not French, what is the sexiest accent?

Who is your favorite French actor?

What are you able to cook in the kitchen?

Who do you spend your weekends with?

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