How far would you get in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

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Who Wants to be Millionaire is one of the most popular and long-running TV shows of all time, and with good reason. The show is ridiculously entertaining, and while it is difficult, it is not so hard that most of us don't think we could do okay on it. All of your friends agree you are a wealth of knowledge and one of the smartest people they know. If you went on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, you would totally kill it. But you know, as much as you have thought about going on the show, you have never gotten around to applying, life always gets in the way.

But if you did go on the show, how would you do? Would you be walking away with a million dollars, or would you be one of those people that blew one of the first few questions and were afraid to show their face at work the next day? There is only one way for you to find out, and that is to take this quiz. But we have to warn you, if you get stuck you aren't going to be able to phone a friend or ask the audience. It's all you. 

Did you do well in school?

Complete this phrase: As sick as a ______.

Do you have any really smart friends?

Which legal document states a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property after death?

Would you like being on TV?

Complete the title of the James Bond film: "The Man with the Golden ________."

Do you usually do well with trusting your instincts?

Which of these fruits shares its name with something superior or desirable?

Would you trust the audience to answer for you?

In which sport do two teams pull at the opposite ends of a rope?

Are you cool under pressure?

Where would a cowboy wear chaps?

What do you think of Regis Philbin?

Which of these zodiac signs is not represented by an animal that grows horns?

How much TV do you watch a week?

Sherpas and Gurkhas are native to which country?

Do you read a lot?

English Prime Minister Tony Blair was born in which country?

Are you good with trivia?

Whose autobiography has the title "A Long Walk to Freedom"?

Do you ever watch "Jeopardy"?

Duffel bags are named after a town in which country?

How shy are you?

Complete this stage instruction in Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale": "Exit, pursued by a ______."

How badly do you need money?

The young of which creature is known as a squab?

Are you good at acting excited?

Who is the patron saint of Spain?

Who do you like best?

Which king was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine?

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