How Experienced of a Cook are You?

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You might think you are ready for your "Iron Chef America" debut but are you? Now's your chance to find out just how much of an experienced a cook you are!

Which chef do you like most?

What kind of fish would you like to cook most?

Which cut of steak do you like to cook most?

Which condiment do you know how to make?

Which cuisine would you like to try cooking?

What is your favorite comfort food?

Which herb are you most likely to grow?

What vegetable makes the best side dish?

What kitchen appliance do you use most?

What is the best wine to serve with roast beef?

How would you describe your kitchen experience?

What is your least favorite thing to do in the kitchen?

Which dessert are you most likely to make?

Which cocktail can you make?

What ingredient would you add to homemade granola?

How often do you use the microwave?

Which grain do you cook with most?

What culinary city would you most like to visit?

What type of salad dressing can you make?

What vegetable do you cook with most?

What is your favorite TV food show?

What would you make for breakfast?

What is your favorite carnival food?

What delicacy would you like to try?

What is your favorite meat to cook?

What is your favorite condiment?

What would your friend say about your cooking?

What animal would you like to learn to butcher?

What salad topping do you like most?

What is the best taco filling?

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