How Easy Are You to Piss Off?

By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Do you have the kind of temper that flares over the smallest thing, or are you too laid back to get pissed off? Let's find out how easy to rile up you are!

How do you feel about slow drivers in the fast lane?

Who was the last person to piss you off?

How would your friends describe your temper?

Which thing makes you most angry?

How many times a week do you get angry?

Do you like to argue?

What would you do if the server brought you the wrong meal?

What drives you most insane in a movie theater?

Do you get angry when your team loses?

Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?

What do you do to relax?

Do you work out often?

Are you protective of your loved ones?

How many hour of sleep do you get per night?

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

How do you express your anger?

What do you think people like most about you?

Which actor do you like most?

Which hobby might you try?

Do you get anxious easily?

When you need to talk, who do you turn to?

How do you try to calm yourself when you are angry?

On a scale of 1 - 4, how angry are you right now?

How would you coworkers describe your work persona?

Which character from "The Big Bang Theory" are you most like?

How do you feel when you watch the news?

Which job might you have held in a former life?

Do you get angry when you drink?

What high school stereotype did you fall into?

Do you listen to the angel on your shoulder more than the devil?

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