How Do Your Adulting Skills Measure Up?

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"Adulting" is a  neologism that came about in the last decade to describe the various skill sets that go into functioning successfully in the adult world. While professional skills address how you make a living and personal or soft skills address your relationships, "adulting" covers the whole enchilada. If you pay your bills on time, eat five fruits and vegetables per day, visit your grandma, pay attention to your boo, keep your home clean and fit in three workouts or more every week, you're adulting. Indeed, if you do all that and you're an engaged member of your community, civic-minded, a friend who shows up for his or her friends and a good parent, you're adulting on a very high level indeed!

Of course, all of this depends on a certain degree of luck. If you're disabled, sick, poor, or facing mental health issues, the elements of adulting can be harder. Most people figure out workarounds and hacks that work for them, which is all the more impressive - and for the rest of us, of course, true adulting means knowing not to judge unwisely. We can only evaluate our own progress, goals and limits. Once we take those things into account, then we can truly say whether we're adulting well or not!

Ultimately, some people are great at adulting, and others are less so. Indeed, one of the things you learn, sometime between the ages of 5 and 15, is that absolutely nobody has it entirely together. Everyone lets things fall through the cracks and anyone who seems like they don't is probably outsourcing a lot of the work to babysitters, housekeepers, personal trainers, or agreeable relatives. Still, some of us get closer than others. Are you one of them? Let's find out!

When do you usually file taxes?

When did you last call your mom (or if she's not in your life, whoever is in the most comparable role) just to say hi?

What did you have for breakfast today?

How much is in your rainy day fund - that is, not the money you save for retirement but for emergency expenses?

Do you shop for health insurance or just take the first thing the boss or broker tells you to get?

Have you got an up-to-date passport and driver's license?

Do you read a proper legacy newspaper at least once a week?

If a person had to do surgery on someone on your kitchen countertops right now without prep time, how dangerous would it be?

Do you know your neighbors?

A button has come off. What do you do?

Whether or not you wear one for work, do you own a plain dark suit?

What's the current state of your bathroom?

If you had to go to a funeral tomorrow, do you have something appropriate that you could wear?

Do you volunteer?

There are 192 countries in the world. Roughly how many could you find on a map?

Civics means the government works, what positions are involved, how laws are passed, etc. Do you have a good grasp on it ?

How many of the following can you make: A cup of tea, boiled egg, healthy pasta dish, souffle?

If you needed to produce proof of residency at your current address, how long would it take you to locate the correct document?

Who pays your bills?

Do you have a will?

Have you been able to modify your relationship with your parents since you became an adult?

Are you paying any of your debts ahead of schedule?

How often are you late for work?

If you have a period or a partner who has periods, do you know when the next one is due and what items should probably be on hand ahead of it?

Do you have a first aid kit in the house?

Have you ever kept a plant, pet, or child alive for more than six months?

Do you get an annual checkup with a doctor?

How judgmental are you?

Do you put up with nonsense from people?

Are you good at letting things go that don't matter in the big scheme of things?

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